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Here’s A Better Look At Secret Bases In Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire (Video)

The Pokemon Company has given fans an in-depth look at secret bases in a brand new trailer. Yesterday, we reported on the new mega-evolved form of Metagross with a trailer featuring Pikachu cosplay in Pokemon Amie and some footage on secret bases. Now, the Japanese trailer displays a thorough look at what players can expect to find and collect in their secret bases for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Pokemon plush dolls, interesting gym layouts, deceptive lighting tricks and other such furniture will be available to collect in-game, giving players unlimited customisation options. Plus, there are opportunities for players to visit friends’ secret bases via QR codes. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire launches November 21 for North America and November 28 in Europe.

35 thoughts on “Here’s A Better Look At Secret Bases In Pokemon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire (Video)”

          1. Yeah, I must be very famous amongst you people.
            Don’t know why seeing how I’m a normal gamer who respects all companies but mainly game on Nintendo consoles.

          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Seriously, create your proper account, otherwise there will be all these copycats and we’ll never know who you are…

  1. I see Flannery is still looking good as well.

    Such lovely ass…ets. Wait, that doesn’t really make it much better, does it.

  2. Customization? Check. Hoenn PKMN looking as badass? Check. Invite friends to kick ass? Check. Flannery looking fine as ever? Oooo Double check. ;3 Yup, this game has won the seal of approval and Game of the Year.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          I think the worst are gen 3, then gen 5, then gen 4, then gen 1, then gen 2 and then gen 6

        2. This.
          Gen 1 starters > gen 3 > gen 2 > gen 6 > gen 4 > gen 5
          Gen 5 is so low only because of the final forms of the starters. Their initial forms are the second best ones to me.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            I thought more people would like Gen 6 starters because the final forms look so badass

            My fav gen 1 starter-Charizard
            My fav gen 2 starter-Feralgatr
            My fav gen 3 starter-(I don’t really like them much but i’d have to say Blaziken)
            My fav gen 4 starter-Torterra
            My fav gen 5 starter- (also don’t really like them as much but i’d say Emboar)
            My fav gen 6 starter-Greninja

  3. So if I understood correctly, you can essentially make your own gym with secret bases. Will you actually be able to battle in them?

    1. If it works as in the originals, once you’ve shared data with another player, you secret base will appear on his game. In that secret base, your friend can battle and NPC that controls your Pokémon team.

  4. May get a 2ds with this or whatever it’s bundled with along with Pokemon Y.
    It would be genius to have a main-series game on Wii U with full voice acting. It’d make a ton of money and they could just copy/paste the cartoon’s voice overs.

    1. I have been hoping for a game like this on Wii U forever. But GameFreak has the final say-so if it can be done or not.

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  6. I’m kinda disappointed, looking at the size of the secret bases. They look roughly as small as the ones in the original games. The more room to use, the more awesome the improvised gyms can be.

  7. Man, I’ve read this site for years now and never commented but I feel like I’m obligated at this point. Please love me.

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