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Fatal Frame Wii U Will Be Shown On Japanese Live Stream On Thursday

Koei Tecmo Games and Nintendo will be hosting a Fatal Frame live stream on Thursday via NicoNico. The stream will be about the Fatal Frame franchise and will also be a chance for the developer to show off the upcoming Wii U version. The Fatal Frame live stream will air on July 17th. Here’s the times:

  • Thursday, July 17 at 2:30 PM in Sydney
  • Thursday, July 17 at 5:30 AM in London
  • Thursday July 17 at 12:30 AM in New York
  • Wednesday July 16 at 9:30 PM in San Francisco

Thanks, Don Billbo and Retrogaminglord

145 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Wii U Will Be Shown On Japanese Live Stream On Thursday”

            1. Oh but it’s damn close to dieing. Especially once Sony starts pushing it as the PS4’s Gamepad knockoff.

      1. If that was the case then why is the Wii U selling well now?

        Also, no console is dead until the company announces that it is. People say the Vita is dead, and I would agree with them but it’s still a good console. The Dreamcast is a dead console yet it’s still getting games created for the system and they are fun so even “Dead” consoles are great to play.

      1. Spirit camera was a failure. You needed to be in a dark-ish room for the atmosphere but the 3DS sucks in low light. Go fucking figure.

  1. Can’t wait!
    Evil Within kind of disappointed me when I played it at E3, not really all that scarier.

  2. Down to watch. I hope it’s good. This is one of the few horror series that give me anxiety, the good kind.

      1. Nah, but I don’t care for Fatal Frame. A little too “hardcore” if you will. This won’t really impact Wii U sales either and they should just have announced Mario Strikers 3 or Mario Baseball 3.

  3. Hope this Fatal Frame gets a US release. & it’d be nice if the hype train brought the FF 2 port for Wii & FF 4 (also on Wii) to the US. Maybe bundle the 2 Wii FFs together & have both the Wii & Wii U logos on the cover.

    1. I have determined that video games are kinda stupid, some can be fun but only have a limited lifetime and/or playability, I personally like Nintendo though, as a company, they exceed the standards of what a video game company should (Not evil, sometimes stupid, but not evil)

      1. No, I really don’t want anything that has to do with horror. If I buy anything related to horror, it’d most likely be a zombie game. Something along the lines of Dying Light. More action than actual horror.

          1. No he isn’t, he is just some raging Nintendo fanboy using my name just to piss off innocent people.

            1. So you basically described yourself.
              I’m the actuall Stranga from TheEscapist forum and you basically copied my name.

            1. If I was a “Sony Pony” I wouldn’t own a Wii U.
              Do I own a PS4? Yes
              Do I own an Xbox One? Yes
              Do I own a Gaming PC? Yes
              But I only play on those two consoles for the exclusives and my Gaming PC for some of the third party games.

              But I mainly game on the Wii U because I find it a lot of fun so please, stop copying me you crazed Nintendo fanboy. I don’t want to start a fight.

  4. So, as someone who has only heard of the series (but never really got into horror games), how is this series?

    1. It’s pretty awesome, but not for everyone. Your only weapon is a camera, for starters, and the enemies are ghosts, which not everyone finds scary. The way the character controls is very different to other survival horror games as well: you use tank controls, but the protagonists of the series are much more slower than the protagonists of, say, Resident Evil. And speaking of it, it’s pretty close to Silent Hill on the horror department (psychological heavily rooted on japanese folklore).

  5. Fatal Frame just reminds me of a friend of mine who was obsessed with the game, and (rather unrelatedly, by the way) committed suicide.

  6. two little boys had two little rolf harris will be remembed when we remender the furst and second world war that happened a long time ago

        1. Completely disagree. Got Assassin’s Creed 3 today and enjoying it. Am going to buy the DLC and then Assassin’s Creed 4. And then Rayman Legends and Splintercell Blacklist with it’s DLC too.

          1. Ubisoft’s games appeal to me. Although, I don’t like how they keep treating Wii U owners, I like their games like Assassin’s Creed and Rayman Legends. I’m sad Unity and The Crew isn’t coming. :( I’ll just wait till I get a PS4 to get those and get a PS3 for the other games. And I can’t wait to play Watch Dogs! (I hope Wii U gets the DLC. I want that DLC. I want all of it!) And I just realized not too long ago I was bashing the life out of Ubisoft. Man, I really am a hypocrite. XD Anyways, from this day forth, my goal is to buy all the awesome 3rd party Wii U Ubisoft games. Cuz, I know you guys won’t buy them. Lol. I may as well take one for the team. :3 I’m gonna have to buy Watch Dogs first before any other Nintendo game I like so I can try to get Wii U’s third party support back. If Wii U eventually does get 3rd party again, remember to give me a GREAT BIG HUG for sacrificing my beloved Nintendo games to take a chance with the other games. :O Again, I really REALLY like the type of games Ubisoft makes, so I’ll be more than happy to buy em so we can get more games. :D

            1. Keep playing the games you want. Don’t let morons ever deter you from enjoying games that they stupidly reject because they feel like these companies owe them. Ubisoft kept going out of its way to give us games knowing full well that they’re risking a loss, I for one buy a lot of 3rd Party games just to show my support to them.

              1. You are officially one of my favorite people on this website. I like good, non-bias gamers like you. We’d probably be good friends if we met irl.

              2. Yes. We can’t let Ubisoft down for their “support” of the Wii U. It’s not like they are damaging it’s reputation by delaying games like they did with Rayman Legends by giving a big ass gap in games during those months of 2013 where the game would have made a killing but wanted to make it for the other consoles even though Rayman Legends for Wii U was finished & ready to go. It’s not like they did it again with Watch_Dogs & we now have to wait for September to get another game for the Wii U. It’s not like Assassin’s Creed 3 was ported to the Wii U with glitches running rampant for some copies. It’s not like Splinter Cell Blacklist was gimped & lacked certain features like online play. It’s not like Assassin’s Creed 4 was released without any of the DLC for the Wii U for people that would have gladly bought it to further support Ubisoft for giving us the game of Assassin’s Creed 4. Wow! Look at all of that awesome, great, unmatched support that Ubisoft gave us Wii U owners! They really are the best 3rd party for Nintendo, aren’t they!? Oh wait a minute! They did do all of those things! *just stares blankly* Your a dipshit & a sheep. Enjoy getting beaten by your significant other while he/she claims to love you while hugging & kissing you only to go right back to abusing you like the little idiot you are later on because you really thought he/she would stop because of all the love & support you gave him/her after the beating.

                1. Ridley, the glitches in Assassin’s Creed 3 are on all platforms. Even my cousin’s PS3 version. And to be fair, they’re actually fucking hilarious. Lol. They ain’t game breaking or anything. But I have a small problem. The framerate is absolute horrendous shit. I swear it dropped to like 15FPS on the first cutscene. Not really a big deal early in the game, but later on during bigger battles and stuff, that shit can get pretty fucking annoying. I’m glad we got the game to begin with, but what the fuck? I would’ve appreciated a patch at the very least. Damn, it makes me wish I had a gaming PC…

                  1. Oh right. The glitches themselves of Assassin’s Creed 3 shouldn’t be my issue. My issue should be with the fact Ubishit didn’t even try to patch the fucking problems. ESPECIALLY THAT GOD DAMN 2ND GUN HOLSTER GLITCH!!!

                    1. Haha. I wish they’d have put a patch. Besides the inconsistent frame rate for the U version, I’d say it’s still a game worth playing. Relatively cheap too. $20 or less now. Seems to be that Ubisoft has trouble trying to get all the glitches out of the bigger open world games. Wouldn’t be surprised if Watched Dogs came chock full of glitches up it’s ass as well. Lol. But considering that they are spending fucking months on our version, they sure as hell better not be there. XD

                    2. They better not even fucking dare! I will go & burn my copies of Assassin’s Creed 3 & 4 & delete every bit of data of anything Ubisoft related. In fact, I’ll roast Red Steel 2 as well for good fucking measure! And I’ll do all of this for symbolism! I don’t event want the fucking money I could get from these games by taking them to Gamestop! Nor would I curse anyone with the chance of buying them only to find out Ubisoft is just going to take a huge dump in their mouths because they’ll have to buy a different fucking console in order to enjoy the future games in these series.

                      1. 1: That’s taking it a bit too far. That won’t prove anything, you’ll just have a burned game. 2: Ubisoft has lots of money and millions of fans. If you leave and stop supporting them, they’ll keep making money from the other fans and find someone else to replace you. 3: You need to express your feelings to Ubisoft and what the problem is. They don’t know who you are and why you hate them. Standing on the side and just hoping they give you more games is a bad idea. You gotta do something about it or they won’t care, Ridley. XD

                      2. You don’t get it, I see. If they don’t care enough about us to actually give us the best game possible, then I don’t care enough to even bother trying to get them to stay. And they can replace me but principles are principles, even if they can replace me with someone that’s too stupid to realize Ubisoft is using them.

                      3. So I will still do as I said I’ll do & burn all the copies of I have from ubisoft. Unlike that little bitch sasori, I actually do have the balls to take something I hate & destroy it.

                        1. But that’s still taking it to far. I love all my video games no matter what. No fucking way in hell will I ever burn my games. You still have to understand that that is not the solution to the problem. Wii U owners gave to all come together and tell Ubisoft about this issue and let them know we are tired of the shit. Nintendo fans have never really given Ubisoft a big profit on their games in the first place so they couldn’t care less if we just stopped buying their shit. Actually, they probably prefer if you did just that so they can stop making Wii U versions and go after the ones that give them maximum profit. Ok now, let’s view the situation like this. My cousin owns a PS3. Ok. He likes to play Ubisoft games on it. He’s never had any Nintendo system before besides a DS. And he has gotten Assassin’s Creed 3 with DLC and Assassin’s Creed 4 both on launch day. These are the kind of people Ubi are going after. They aren’t trying to go after Nintendo fans that aren’t interested in their games. We are like an afterthought to them. We get the games depending on how well the last or the last frw games have sold. PS3 gets them regardless because Ubisoft knows they will sell. Hell, even I’m part of the problem. I had no Wii U Ubisoft games until I got AC3 like a week ago. And even then it was $20 new so I doubt that even did shit. XD Sad that they’re leaving, but they gotta make money after all. I’ll just get their games on PS3 anyways. Oh and just a small tip: Don’t let the developers of the game affect your decision on buying the games because you will eventually regret that. I hated the shit out of EA in 2013 but I bought NFSMWU and it’s one of the best fucking racing games I’ve ever played. Sucks that EA has good franchises under them but won’t give us many games.

                2. I didn’t hate Ubisoft for a while for downgrading Watch_Dogs and dropping support for the Wii U but I have to say they still develop amazing games.

                  1. “I don’t hate Ubisoft”… “develop amazing games”… Yeah, I don’t think you’re the real Stranga. XD

                  2. Yes. They do make great games… but that doesn’t mean we should let them continue with their bullshit. Fuck them & anyone that tells me to support their bullshit. The “best for business” cop out can kiss my ass. These corporations that like shitting on the minorities can all go burn in the deep pits of hell as demons rape them with massive spiked metal rods into oblivion.

                3. Don’t you dare sacrifice Nintendo games that you want for Ubisoft games in a vane attempt to keep them “supporting” the Wii U. They are most likely on their way out the door of the Wii U’s life, anyway. And I hope it nails them right in the ass on their way out right off a damn cliff.

        2. Using the Gamepad as the famous camera of the series, hell yes the Gamepad would be perfect for this game as we can use the Gamepad as a pseudo camera. This is why we need a Pokemon Snap 2!

      1. Between Fatal Frame, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Devil’s Third, and Xenoblade Chronicles X, Nintendo is doing a good job of balancing their usual family-friendly games with more mature titles. This is great.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And as usual, the corrupted forces are ignoring it and keeps their Nintendo hatred agenda going…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Well obviously…

              Our empire has existed for about 12.4 cycles and will be around for atleast another 12.2…

          1. They only pay attention to what is convenient for them. All these mature games being released on Wii U contradicts their claims about Nintendo being kiddie, so they conveniently ignore the news about them. But just wait until an article about Yoshi’s Wooly World or Captain Toad is posted..the trolls will come out of hiding and continue to mindlessly bash Nintendo. Sigh…

                1. I think it’s epic. And the graphics on Wii U look awesome even though it’s 2 years old now. It’s fun fiding hordes of armies with my sword. I am an assassin! :D Also, forgot to mention, the game sometimes has dumb glitches like brooms floating in the air when I’m entering rooms, soldiers twitching ferociously when killed, shotguns floating in mid-air when I through a weapon down, etc. I find it hilarious, so I don’t mind. But jesus christ, the framerate is really screwing it up. I instantly noticed the FPS drop to like 15 or something in the beginning cutscene. Idk if it’s the Wii U or the game itself. I’ve heard my friend say frames is pretty weird on his 360 version too, so maybe it’s just Ubisoft being a lazy slob with all versions. XD Anyways, get it.. It’s like I’m re-learning a history lesson, but much more fun. Because I’m playing it. American revolution! :)

                  1. Yeah, that’s my favorite thing about the AC series; being able to experience histories’ greatest events. And, LOL, the way you described those glitches… They honestly do sound hilarious. I think it adds to the games’ enjoyment. Floating brooms and twitching corpses are too funny.

                    1. Yeah, haha. Glitches are too funny. I killed one soldier and the guy’s legs were crossed and his arm starting raising up in the air as if he was reaching for the sky. And he just stayed like that. LOL.

                        1. LMAO GTA Online glitches are so dumb! It’s funny though because of the physics of the characters and stuff. They already flop around enough as it is, but when you combine that with explosions, getting hit by cars, falling off your motorcycle, etc, it’s just ridiculous. Glitches are amazing. XD As long as they aren’t game breaking glitches, then I’m ok with em!

      2. I like how this game is designed perfectly to use the gamepad without looking gimmicky. This perfect for playing at night.

      3. finally a good horror game that hopefully makes it here…getting tired of the new resident evil games….i love resident evil…but the last games gameplays seem the same..the stories are good…capcom even stated they want to change the gameplay

      4. i have a feeling this wont be localized but its nintendo one chance to redeem themselves or should i say make the wii u make a comeback by localizing and will get people to cream themselves, especially the investors once they see wii u gets some sales. this will boost its sales along with bayonetta 2 and smash bros

      5. If it’s localized, I might give this a chance. That is, unless it’s a first-person game. I’ve been wanting a good survival-horror game ever since I played the awesome Resident Evil 4.

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