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The Latest Nintendo Minute Sees The Team Visit Capcom

The latest Nintendo Minute has been uploaded online and this particular episode sees the team visit the Capcom headquarters in Northern California. There isn’t any take over talk, but there’s plenty of discussion about the upcoming games that company has for Nintendo platforms, including Mega Man and Monster Hunter 4.

Thanks, fbt

71 thoughts on “The Latest Nintendo Minute Sees The Team Visit Capcom”

      1. MH is allready big In japan. If they released MH5 on WiiU in Japan it would make waaaaaaay more money than in the west. And would get a bundle. something I wish we could get with MH in the west at least a 3ds bundle next year for 4U

    1. Yeah. I actually played Mario Kart 64 recently with my dad and sister. While we sure had a good time, Mario Kart Wii, for example, is a lot more fun.

    2. did you finished megaman 2 on hard mode??? i never did and it still hunts my dreams lol. The word you are looking for is “Classic”, you can’t compare smb3 to 3d land, is like comparing mettal slug with call of duty they are just different ages and people who like retro games and play “Classic” games where the challenge was not to throw away the console jajajaj i failed in that challenge, thank God the console never broke. So yea, differente ages, different consoles, different tecnology. If you want to compare something compare like megaman 2 with mario bros 2 that is a nice topic of discusion. Cheers!!!

      1. Thanks man, that really made me feel better. I love you so much! In fact I’d rather caress your nose over N0$C0P1NG N00BT00B3RS. Once upon a time I came back from a grocery store with some food. My mother said to me, “Oh how nice! Thank you!”. So I pointed to my cheek and said, “Right here.” So she leaned in, and I turned my head quickly to kiss her on the lips. What I didn’t know was that her tongue was out.

  1. A friendly take over of Capcom would be nice, Nintendo. This way you can keep the good workers of Capcom. Oh & fire the people that put Capcom in this position in the first place! They should not be allowed to keep their board member status. Or at least heavily demote their asses if firing them seems too severe.

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  3. Oh PLEASE tell me Nintendo finally acquired Capcom? X3 It will be a dream come true and Nintendo’s 3rd party salvation. After that, they won’t need Ubiliars or Electronic Assholes anymore. Sega, Platinum, Atlus, Square Enix and even Activision is okay.

    1. No, they are not buying Capcom. It wouldn’t matter to me though because I’m not usually interested in their games.

        1. What are you talking about? I’ll have you know I beat the Resident Evil Revelations demo on easy in only half an hour and I only hid behind corners about 10 times and used up all my ammo on the first enemy before successfully knifing him. Lol. But seriously, horror games aren’t for me. I won’t even play Slender. And that’s free. Lol.

          1. Pathetic. You won’t survive long if the world ends & we have to fight hordes of zombies, demons, & other sorts of evil monsters in order to survive. You’ll use up all of the ammo in a gunshop in 3 days & be eaten alive within minutes after the last bit of ammo is fired. Then again, maybe your cowardice will help you survive longer than most. But it will ultimately lead to your demise as you panic & run off from the group you’re with & get picked off because predators will always go after the lone, weaker prey. And if you’re wounded, you might as well just commit Japanese seppuku, the act of disembowelment, & slit your own throat. With any luck, you’ll suffer from shock & not feel much pain. lol Or you might actually surprise yourself & become the nerd from Highschool of the Dead that became the gun wielding badass of the group & pawn any and everything from a safe distance.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Ahahahahahahaha oh dear, stop scaring the youngster…

              We’ll protect his little life…

              1. Sadly, I’ll most likely need a little protection myself. Least til I can find my place in the new, apocalyptic world. Maybe I will be that nerd that I mentioned in my previous comment & become a badass once I get a hold of some guns. Although, I’d prefer to become a badass once I get a hold of a blade weapon. Least I won’t run out of ammo with those if I’m gonna end up fighting zombies.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Finally someone who prefers blades than guns…

                  I would probably knife non Zombies aswell…

                  1. I have a few knives so I’ll most likely end up picking up a blade weapon long before I pick up a gun if by some we do have to deal with monsters as the world slowly comes to an end because of some invasion from Hell or something out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I would go Wesker on both Zombies and Humans…

                      Both are the same anyway…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          If you can figure out how I count cycles you’ll receive a cookie…

                                  1. ummmmm every cycle is a 2.5 revolutions so if the empire has 11.4 cycles times 2.5 revolution the commander has……WAAATH THE COMPUTER IS MALFUNCTIONING COMMANDER IM SORRY I WONT TRY TO FIGURE OUT YOUR SECRETS!!

                          1. That was a long time ago. I can play Zombi U in the dark by myself now with the volume up. So NO. Lol.

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                2. If Nintendo bought Capcom, they’d return Resident Evil to its former glory. They tend to respect other property’s roots when they get the chance. Hugs!

                  1. EA and Ubisoft? Yeah. You’re right. Capcom’s management is what do them in and Nintendo is still great and has its usual fault which aren’t as messed up.

                    Try again hater.

                    1. Your both right EA and Ubisoft are also bad. @Stranga Remember, I’m the guy who said the Xbone is one overheated brick of shit.

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