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One Piece: Super Grand Battle Announced For The Nintendo 3DS


News has emerged from a Japanese publication that a brand new One Piece game has been revealed for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is titled One Piece: Super Grand Battle. The information needs translating, but let’s hope this one makes its way to the west.

15 thoughts on “One Piece: Super Grand Battle Announced For The Nintendo 3DS”

    1. It’s more like One Piece Gigant Battle 1 and 2 for Nintendo DS, not like Unlimited World Red.

      Gigant Battle games are basically Super Smash Bros but with One Piece characters… so you really CAN’T say they suck ( unless you don’t like One Piece, de gustibus )

  1. One Piece: Unlimited World Red was one of the finest 3rd party titles released this year for the 3DS family of consoles. It was the exact same content as the PS3/Vita/WiiU versions and had great graphics and game play to boot. You can even carry your save data across from the WiiU version to continue playing on 3DS and visa-versa, it even has dual analogue nub support.

    1. By carrying it over, do you need both 3ds and wii u versions of the game to do that or does it give you a downloadable version for the other system?

  2. I loved the DS gigant battle one piece game it was a fun brawler side scroller beat em up. Even though I played it through a flash cart. Hate me if you will but I hope they soon update the flash cart seeing as there are Japanese 3ds games I wanna play that have never come to the west

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