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New Dragon Quest Monsters Game Announced

Taichi Inuzuka, who is the producer of the Dragon Quest Monsters 2 remake and other Dragon Quest spin-offs, has announced that he is working on a brand new entry to the franchises. Inuzuka wouldn’t give any more details about the project or what platforms it will appear on. Hopefully we will hear something soonish.

“We’re working on a new Dragon Quest Monsters game, and its competitiveness will be as fun as always.”

11 thoughts on “New Dragon Quest Monsters Game Announced”

  1. If only the DQ games for 3DS would come to west….. such a sad thing that crappy FF games get all the time localized but DQ has to live in the shadows.

  2. Im back guys my mommy didnt want me on the Internet, how you sad Wii fans doing? Shame no 3rd party games has been hard for you noobs

    1. Your a tool, anyone using the word noobs, still gets lunch money from his mom. Go back to school tool bag!

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  4. With the advent of digital gaming, if Square Enix is worried about losing out on money by physically releasing them outside of Japan because they might not sell well, thus losing money on mass production, just release them as digital only games. Is it really that hard to do? Or if they don’t want to go digital only, just do a limited release outside of Japan. If there is demand for more, make more copies & ship them out.

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