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Nintendo Indie Guy Dan Adelman Has Left Nintendo Of America

Dan Adelman, who is known for his work with independent developers at Nintendo of America, has announced that he is leaving the company. Adelman says he became frustrated because he couldn’t voice his own opinions and was continuously flagged down by Nintendo. Adelman says that he has decided to go indie.

“I think people were kind of on pins and needles about anything untoward I might say. And every once in a while, I’d give an answer that people didn’t like, and some people would freak out, so they tried to scale things back. First they had me do interviews with someone from PR or marketing. Later they just decided that I shouldn’t be in the press at all anymore.”

“I guess the short answer is that I’m going indie! As the indie games business matures, a real need for business expertise has started to develop. I’ve been working with the indie community for almost 9 years now, and one consistent theme I’ve noticed is this tension between developers following their passion to make the game they want to make and needing to be able to make a living doing it. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of business types who at best just don’t get what indies are trying to do, or at worst are pretty much unethical.”

“So even though a lot of indie development studios may really want to have someone helping them out with marketing, business development, strategy and all that, there’s really no one to turn to. I’ve given a lot of business advice to different developers over the years which I think has been helpful, but I think to do it right and really help the indie scene grow to its real potential, it needs to be a full time thing. So what I’m planning on doing is working directly with several indie game studios as their business guy – whatever that really means. In the same way that a core dev studio needs a programmer, designer, artist, and sound person, I think there’s also a need for a business person. It’s definitely a different kind of role than the other ones, but it can be really critical, since one smart business decision can cut your costs in half or double your sales – and vice versa.”

“Nintendo has been really supportive of this move. I think everyone there has known for a while that my passion has always really been about helping the indie community develop and thrive, so even though everyone was really surprised when I gave my 2-week notice, they all understood and wished me the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better sendoff.”

65 thoughts on “Nintendo Indie Guy Dan Adelman Has Left Nintendo Of America”

  1. The number if restrictions they put on the guy is ridiculous. It’s just a glimpse at how closed Nintendo is. People like Phil Spencer and Shuhei Yoshida constantly connect with their fans on sites like Twitter, and I don’t see either of their respective companies banning them from said sites. Just when Nintendo’s being friendly and actually making the EShop significant, the guy who had a large role in the change left because of Nintendo’s ducking attitude. Huge loss of talent for them.

    On another note, Nintendo indie guy Dan Adelman goes indie. :p

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        The only ones with zero self-esteem are those that have this immense problems with people that roleplay on the internet…

        Only incredibly stupid lifeforms appears as their actual persona on the web…

        1. No one is even talking about you. Stop making everything about yourself and if it’s bothering you that much then stop with the role playing. Seriously, no one will give a shit if you decide to keep the act or to stop just please stop trying to make yourself a victim.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Says the one that gets bothered by something that does no harm to anyone anywhere at all unless they are extremely recipient to butthurt…

            1. I really don’t care, really though it’s laughable that you’ve broken character to cry and complain then go back to pretending to be a higher being. It’s funny now that you’ve exposed your true self, a basic little crying bitch, and that “higher being” crap is just sad now. Carry on with your double life sir.

    1. Stop, damn it. I was going to use the “indie guy goes indie” line! :D

      If you don’t get a gravatar, it’s only a matter of time before someone accuses us of being the same person.

    2. You have never been in a corporate job before….there are tons of stuff you just can’t say, even if its legitimate.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    So basically, this former Nintendite didn’t agree with some decisions made by High Command so he felt the need to sometimes express his “feelings” on social networks to make them look bad…

    And of course he gets mad about it and blames High Command for his own misreable state of not making the empire look bad to the common people…

    Also, they probably thought that he wasn’t the best Ambassador for that particular situation where he gave interviews, atleast he didn’t get fired…

    And I’d like to know exactly what it is they denied him of saying or what it is about some Indie Tribes they don’t like, nothing in the article states that..

    1. You wanna know why they banned him from twitter? Someone was saying that Nintendo shouldn’t implement region lock, and the only thing Dan Adelman said was I FEEL FOR YOU TOO. That’s literally it. This is complete bull rap

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Why didn’t he say that then?…

        But seriously, all of these damn restrictions they have everywhere is starting to corrupt my system…

        It’s time for High Command to realise that atleast 50% of their people do not have the option of playing with people in the same room and that they are often adults…

  3. As much as I love Nintendo stories like these are what make me never, ever want to work for Nintendo. They are so closed up. Almost all the big names at Sony have a Twitter and respond to fans daily, even XBOX does that and their assholes.

    1. I’d work with almost anything as long as I get paid enough for it. But I guess sometimes you’d really want to do your own thing.

    2. Pretty much every corporation that is large is like this, I know from personal experience, there are just somethings you don’t speak out loud working at a company.

      Remember Microsoft has canned people on Twitter for talking about the always online thing with the Xbox One before it came out.

  4. Nintendo is hilarious, they have so many restrictions for indies . There going bankrupt and Sony will buy them! If you reply your rididng nintendo 24/7 lol NOOBS

  5. I for one freaking hate posers and Faggots alike, i hate Faggots because they a males with dicks but pose to be females with vaginas

    Even Faggots like Gay Commander i hate because they pose to be robots who a homo and are worshipers of a plastic white box

      1. Yea dude, a profit of 8 billion yen through their movie division is disastrous, they should totally get rid of it.

  6. So they basically say fuck you to the people that know how yo do there jobs, but keep losers who don’t know jack shit how to do things. Iwata and reggie, those talentless losers who ruin nintendo and are social reject icons, well there RUINING THE COMPANY RETARDS!!!!! Yet they get rid of the indie guy, just watch nintendo lose more and more indie support now.

    Nintendo sucks dick and are out of touch, stop defending this shit, so cry about it social rejects, this stuff is getting annoying.

    1. Yes, let’s focus on one frustrated guy’s tale of being silenced for the practice of downtalking their employer, and use that as a reason to ignore how open and even supportive they’ve been with Indies in general lately with all those free dev kits, not to mention how non-intrusive they’ve been by showing full support for keeping the mature content in games like Bayonetta and Devils Third.

      Look, Nintendo screwed up with how they treated Dan, but that’s not a good reason to spout bs like “Nintendo is completely closed-minded”.

        1. That was in the past, though.
          We need only look at how open they’ve been with third parties and the content they’re adding to their exclusives on the wii u as well as Nintendo’s willingness to let them experiment with first party franchises to know that Nintendo, while still needing work with some things, had un-clenched to a significant degree over the last few years.

          1. The Nintendo of a decade ago, after all, would never have allowed a game like Hyrule Warriors to come to be, let alone started giving out free console dev kits.

            1. You are right, but I wish they wouldn’t be so restrictive. There’d probably be a lot better support for Nintendo if they didn’t have such strict rules.

              1. You don’t become one of the most powerful video game companies without sticking to your guns and laying down strict rules to abide. They are what they are because of their high standards and restrictions. It’s not Microsoft where everything, terrible or not, gets the green light.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Personally I think that all of our laws is partially based on the Atarian doomsday prophecy which they do not want to allow to happen again…

                  1. . I can understand why Nintendo is scared that it could happen again but many of their rules we don’t need anymore like third party developers can’t make WIIU or 3DS games without Nintendo’s approval, release all of the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, NES, and SNES games for WiiU Virtual Console and add SNES games to the 3DS Virtual Console.

  7. ummmmm, in this case is hard to tell if he is not just butthurt or telling the complete truth. Not as big sympathizer of Nintendo after hearing this kind of thing. I guess is because Nintendo is extremely preserve and strict.

  8. “delman says he became frustrated because he couldn’t voice his own opinions and was continuously flagged down by Nintendo.”

    This is really somewhat how I feel on every fanboys/girls who thinks it’s okay to exclude or include things, such as “Dude, we don’t want Star Fox.”, but when it came, “Oh my gosh! Star Fox! I’m so happy!”

  9. Dan Adelman’s a cool guy, I think whatever he does it’s gonna be awesome. Indie developers need a guy like him. As for Nintendo’s attitude; I LOVE Nintendo, but it’s unfortunate because Adelman was THE reason they were becoming so indie friendly. (maybe he wasn’t, but not from what I heard). Without Adelman, I can really only hope they try and continue to be as indie friendly as they have become. I always think it’s great how Nintendo chooses to stray from the mainstream path of other companies, but this is one instance where I think it’s probably better to just do what’s right for indie debs. Maybe even outdoing the other companies.

  10. Just look how he conducts himself? What a loser, way to go burning bridges with Nintendo. Very smart. Hope it was worth it boy child.

  11. what a pity attitude from him, a really unprofessional attitude in my opinion..ok, nintendo did not make the better choices, but crying in the internet is pitiful ;)

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