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Nintendo Network Maintenance Planned For Wii U & 3DS On August 5

Nintendo has scheduled network maintenance across the Wii U and 3DS, affecting online system functionality. The latest extended maintenance will be held just before Nintendo live-streams the Hyrule Warriors Direct – a possible coincidence, of course – meaning online play will be disrupted between the following times:

Europe : 2AM to 4AM
UK : 1AM to3AM
USA (East Coast) : 8PM to 10PM (Mon, Aug 4)
USA (West Coast) : 5PM to 7PM (Mon, Aug 4)
Japan : 9AM to 11AM

Though it’s merely speculation, extended maintenance tends to happen before a system update. Other than the system maintenance for both consoles tomorrow, Steel Diver: Sub Wars will receive the handyman treatment as well, with online boards and rankings unavailable in a similar timeslot during Wednesday, August 6.

Europe : 2.50AM to 4AM
UK : 1.50AM to3AM
USA (East Coast) : 8.50PM to 10PM (Tues, Aug 5)
USA (West Coast) : 5.50PM to 7PM (Tues, Aug 5)
Japan : 9.50AM to 11AM

25 thoughts on “Nintendo Network Maintenance Planned For Wii U & 3DS On August 5”

  1. becos nintendo cant even mantain theyre own online system properly HAHAHAH #xbox #thebestservice #forthegamers

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      *Cybernetic cough* Sonyan infiltration attacks on the PS3 and Abomination “laws” originally wanted on the Xbot console… *Cybernetic cough*

            1. Hey, when the slime from a piece of foot fungus considers your comment stupid, you know you’ve sunk low.
              Take that to bed with you tonight. Let it roll around in your head.

    2. Anything that updates online is going to effect the online of other things. Even your precious Xbox will lose some, if not all, online functionality when it’s being updated.

  2. I really hope they improve Mario Kart 8’s online. It’s so bad, you can’t even hit people in different countries.

    1. Halo is pretty great, The rest blow. Sunset Overdrive hasn’t been released yet, can’t judge that one but it looks okay, not great but OK.

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