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Capcom Celebrates Monster Hunter’s 10th Anniversary With Golden Felyne Statue

monster_hunter_golden_statueCapcom’s hugely successful Monster Hunter series celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. Along with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in Japan, the Osaka-based company has released a series of goods and merchandise based around the 10-year-old franchise. Though most of Capcom’s merchandise is affordable – coloured t-shirts, jackets and so on – there is one release that won’t just break your bank, but will cloud your eyes due to its eye-watering price.

Joining with SGC, the Monster Hunter series celebrates its 10th birthday with a golden felyne statue. Made from 24 karat gold, the statue weighs approximately 120g and measures around 90mm in height, 55mm in width, and 125mm in depth. Plus, in keeping with the anniversary number only 10 statues will be made, with potential buyers forking over 2,990,000 yen plus tax (approximately £17,318 / $29,152).

The golden felyne statue was previously revealed at Japan’s Monster Hunter exhibition, but is now on sale to the general public. You can find out more information on Capcom’s official site, here.


8 thoughts on “Capcom Celebrates Monster Hunter’s 10th Anniversary With Golden Felyne Statue”

  1. May I get trampled by an Azure Rathian…that’s just close to $300,000 in gold… Probably a fraction of Capcom’s worth! xD

  2. “To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series you people carried and supported to where it’s stading today, we will be making 10 ridiculously overpriced statues only rich people will be able to buy. No DLC planned, it’s all yours. Thank you.” – Capcom

  3. O.O Holy fucking hell! That’s nice, Capcom. This shows just how desperate they are for money. If none of them sell, Capcom just dug their grave deeper especially if those are solid fucking gold.

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