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Primal Reversion Groudon And Kyogre Will Feature In Pokemon Film Due 2015

The latest edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro has revealed that both Primal Reversion forms of the legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre will appear in the new Pokemon movie due in 2015. The magazine says the movie has already been greenlit and will be hitting Japanese theatres sometime next year.

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29 thoughts on “Primal Reversion Groudon And Kyogre Will Feature In Pokemon Film Due 2015”

  1. Uhh ders gooing 2 be a mowie?!?! I cunt Wayt fur it now oh em gee am sooo heppy riyt now bcaz am hapi bcaz am new movi wit both kyoge an grewdon!

  2. “The movie has already been greenlit and will be hitting Japanese theatres sometime next year”.
    I know it’s anime, but it says a lot about the production of these movies.

      1. You’d be surprised.
        The Diancie movie debuted as the number one most popular movie that weekend when it was released in Japanese cinemas.

        1. I suppose, but if I wanted to get a pokemon movie nostalgia fix, I would watch one of the ones I remember from when I was a kid. Too bad they’re too cringe-worthy to watch.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Yeah but all of those are already on the Internet. Nintendo won’t make any money off of them. This way they can make more money and make their older stuff newer.

      2. Pokemon is a cultural icon in japan and as a brand it’s one of the most popular.. Going by the improvements in the animation and the recent movies.. I’m sure they have no problems making a profit with it :/

    1. It’s already out in Japan. Just go to the movie and you’ll receive the in-movie distribution…oh you mean in the west..? Sorry bud, you’ll have to either keep waiting or use the 3DS powersaves thing.

  3. I don’t really care about Pokemon. :| I always thought it was overrated. I’ve started playing the games with the 6th gen (X) and it was great. Mega Evolutions are pretty cool, especially Charizard X. And I’m definitely getting Omega Ruby. I played a tiny bit of 3rd gen on my aunt’s GBA (or whatever platform it was on :p) and I liked the hot springs. XD

  4. 1) This is news from like over a week ago
    2) There is no actual confirmation that Primal Groudon/Kyogre will be starring in the movie. The Japanese theater promo at the end of the Arceus movie showed Ho-Oh and Lugia, and the next movie was about Shiny Raikou/Entei/Suicune, Celebi, and Zoroark, no Ho-Oh or Lugia.
    3) Not related to this news, but “This game is not appearing on Nintendo consoles” is NOT “Nintendo news”. “[Company] has announced [game] for every platform, excluding Nintendo ones. We’ll keep on reporting news for this game and how it’s not on Nintendo consoles, like it’s even remotely relevant to the name of this website.”

    You don’t see PlayStation websites reporting on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem not being a PlayStation console game, because it was never PlayStation news to begin with.

  5. Hurry up & make a movie for Ho-Oh, god damn it! The god damn anime has been teasing Ash & Ho-Oh since the damn thing started! If they are saving it for when Pokemon is on it’s last legs, hah! That will be the fucking day! That’s like waiting for the best Power Rangers movie EVER with every living actor & actress from previous seasons in one movie as the series is finally being canned on television to make the series go out with a huge fucking bang!

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