Bravely Second Info To Be Revealed During Live Japanese broadcast

Square Enix is planning to hold a live Japanese broadcast which will focus on the forthcoming Bravely Second. The event will showcase new footage and will also give the developers a chance to talk about the game.  The event will be broadcast next Monday at 9PM JST.

  • Europe: 2PM
  • UK: 1PM
  • USA (East Coast): 8AM
  • USA (West Coast): 5AM
  • Japan: 9PM

Thanks, Kyle


  1. WHO GIVES A THING? I want a Direct announcement, not THIS. Hurry the fluck up, Iwata. You’re not sick anymore! Or did you CANCEL THE DIRECTS?!

  2. A sequel to one of the most complex RPGs I’ve played, this game is only for calculative smart people like myself. I have a video of the team set up I use and you people need to watch it now.

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