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The Vamps Star In New Tomodachi Life Advertising Campaign

Top indie pop band The Vamps are set to star in an upcoming advertising campaign for Nintendo UK to promote Tomodachi Life, available now on Nintendo 3DS & 2DS. The adverts will see the band enter the crazy world of Tomodachi Life and fans will be also able to get up close and personal with the boys via official QR Codes which will allow them to import Mii characters of the band into their game for free.

Tomodachi Life allows you to create a crazy and fun-packed world, populated with Mii characters based on absolutely anyone you know; such as your friends, family and now even The Vamps. Your Mii characters will live on their own island together, and you can customise their lives with a variety of cool clothes and décor for their flat, as well as enjoy a host of different food from around the world. Each of your Mii characters can speak, sing, and act with their own individual personality, so watch them form surprising friendships, fall in love, and funny situations unfold. Become the director of their lives as your Mii characters star in your very own soap opera – you’ll want to share every wacky moment as it happens – and at any time you can capture screenshots. These can be shared via the Nintendo 3DS Image Share tool to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr with your real-life friends and family so they can see what’s happening on your island. The sky’s the limit in Tomodachi Life – Your friends. Your stories. Your life.

“We’re really excited to be working with Nintendo on this campaign, Tomodachi Life is such a hilarious game and we loved creating Mii characters of ourselves. We always take our Nintendo 3DS consoles with us on tour to help with the long journeys and we haven’t stopped having a laugh with it since we started playing. The musical aspects of the game are a particular favourite and we have loved writing the lyrics to songs for our Mii characters to perform together in the Concert Hall, and giving our Mii characters phrases – Connor’s Mii character now says ‘yeeeee alright!’ when he’s happy. Plus we discovered that Tristan and Connor’s Mii characters have a ‘Chalk & Cheese’ friendship rating on the Compatibility Tester! We can’t wait to hear from fans about what we get up to on their Tomodachi Life islands!”

Connor, Brad, James and Tristan will come alive as Mii characters, with a voice and a personality of their own, in Tomodachi Life. Fans will be able add the band’s Mii characters to their game’s own islands via QR Codes to see what happens and watch the fun unfold. Peek inside Brad’s dreams, take to the stage with James to perform a rap, go for a coffee with Tristan or become Connor’s new best-friend; it’s all possible in the fun-packed Tomodachi Life.

The partnership kicks off in August 2014 with an integrated advertising campaign, including a brand new campaign page, that will tell you all you’ll need to know about The Vamps and their experience with Tomodachi Life

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