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Nielsen Says One-Third Of PlayStation 4 Owners Switched From Wii Or Xbox 360

Analytics firm Nielson has produced a new report that suggests that one-third of PlayStation 4 owners switched from the original Wii console and the Xbox 360. The survey was conducted by 1,200 active gamers from North America aged 7 to 54. The flaw in the survey was that participants were asked which console they currently owned at the time of the survey, not what they had owned in the past. This means that those who sold their PlayStation 3 or Wii would have been listed as non console owners. We already heard earlier this week that Sony were surprised at the success of the PlayStation 4 and were undecided why it’s been such a run away success.

68 thoughts on “Nielsen Says One-Third Of PlayStation 4 Owners Switched From Wii Or Xbox 360”

    1. This stuff is not that true. Also a lot of these system owners end up buying a second system, so a lot of these buyers may get a Wii U or other system, but this year they most likely spent money on one already. Wii U has some strong games next year, and with word of a remake and of course those secret in development games, or random indie stuff it should be a strong year

    1. Who cares who wins this stupid wars the gaming media made just to profit from gamers, gamers getting nothing out of sony, micro, or ninty winning

    2. blackbonerz: “Playstation 4 is the clear winner of the next generation…”

      Very presumptious considering next gen platforms haven’t even been announced yet. Hel, it’s still too early to tell who will win the 8th gen. Even last gen, it took several yrs. for PS3 sales to surpass Xbox 360. Then there’s DS & 3DS’ launch sales, which painted some dire pictures for their futures, yet DS sales exploded after a few months, & 3DS after a yr. Que será, será…

  1. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

    i really give up. this is really want this website has become. i will share the petition link and awareness video somewhere else. hey sickr keep on posting ps4 on you website that has know relationship to the wii u. you want people be butthurt over news like this to get the clicks and views. suddenly bad news is more relevant to you than a petition that can save the wii u. it’s funny ever since april that you have desperate to post negative new especially in more often in e3. you made a bad news on article on call of duty not coming to the wii u since its bad new and you will get more attention for making that article.
    whatever man its your own website, i can’t force you to make any article i want you to make. you can keep on making all those bad news articles all you want. peace out :'(

    1. Now you’re talking crap about sickr because he doesn’t want to post your petition…bad narutard…bad bad bad

      1. They can kiss our asses to high heaven. They still won’t touch anything Nintendo so they can shove Mario into GTA or some stupid shit like that or worse, turn Nintendo into today’s Rare and suck out all of their creative souls and bury their franchises with stupid ass empty sandbox games like Nuts & Bolts…

    2. Sasori why don’t you take your Playstation, Xbox, and COD and go stick it up your ass. COD will do nothing for Nintendo. Nintendo is for the good type of games. Not for little kids who suck on their thumb all day while playing COD…

  2. Sony was involved in the creation of the Snes, nintendo’s last true gaming console, which was both a powerful console with its mode 7 Graphics rendering capabilities and its Super FX chip,Sony created the Soundfx chip on the Snes,then when time came for a CD rom add on, Nintendo’s greedy tyrannical attitude came into the forefront,they wanted to own the rights to something Sony created and when we refused, they went and partnered with Philips and released the worst zelda games ever on the Philips Cd-i, and its funny how just recently Philips sued nintendo Hahahahahahahaha.

    Wii U will sell 8million to 9 million life time sales, ps4 will sell 60 to 70 million and counting

    1. This guy speaks the truth. Yes Nintendo is greedy and it’s great to see them roll in the dirt for the evil they did.

    2. You know one thing came from nintendo NES, SNES days is third parties weren’t complete Dicks. Now I’m not saying this because of wii u, but in general, third parties have gotten a little cocky over the years. They get microsoft and sony to buy ther “exclusive content”. The “console war” bs is how they bank on gamers. Not saying all third party companies are bad(my favorite one is platinum games getting a xbox one just to play scalebound). And bragging or mocking about console sales, or game sales (unless its a terrible game from ios) that your not part of company in anyway is actually kinda sad.I want all three companies to do great, but they do act stupid from time to time which is common, even valve is kinda going full retard with those steam boxes

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Exactly, why did valve release so many damn steam boxes? How about just one steam box with a fair price and hardware within it that is actually worth it or a good deal, instead of composed of mixed bullshit of fairly priced and overpriced crap.

    3. “Snes was their last true gaming console?” It was only their second home console to begin with. I’ll admit that the snes had a great selection of JRPGs and amazing platformer a (FF6, Yoshi’s Island, and Kirby Superstar are in my top 20 for video games easily). But the 64 had so many great titles.

      N64: Goldeneye, Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda OoT, Zelda MM, Bomberman 64, Paper Mario, Ogre Quest, F-Zero 64, Star Fox 64, DK 64, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Mario Party 1-3, Michief Makers, Pilotwings, Mario Kart 64, and tons more. Those are just the ones I can name off the top of my head.

      8-9 million lifetime sales? You’re beginning to sound more on the troll side, opposed to being a delusional fanboy. The Wii U is already at 7 million sales imao…

    4. Actually the story goes, that IF Nintendo agreed to Sony, sony would own a lot of Nintendo.

      So they refused, naturally.

    5. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Look at the last few articles and you will see that you comment was proven false, because we all know you failed to research anything.

    6. The Wii U is already at 6 million and counting. Plus a great deal of big hitters have yet to be released so I highly doubt those numbers.

    7. And did Phillips win the war? I don’t think so… Your opinion on how Playstation 4 will reach 70 million is completely pathetic and makes me sick… Wii U already has way more than 9 million and will be getting more later this year… Why don’t you look up your fucking facts before posting on here asswhole.

    8. Hahahahahahaha

      Go back to school and redo your maths because you obviously can’t count. In five years time and at current rates the PS4 will hit around 42 million with the Wii U just over half that.

      The trolls on here must be getting desperate because they keep coming out with complete gibberish.

  3. The PS4 is doing so well because Microsoft fucked up and thought that they could get away with screwing over gamers and Nintendo fucked up and thought that they could have the same success as the Wii with another underpowered gimmicky console.

    1. gimmick is not define as bad, just say a gamepad thats almost never used or something, because every console has gimmick

      1. PS4 and Xbox One have gimmicks, but they don’t require you to use them if you don’t want to (Microsoft was late to the party on that one with the Kinect, but they’ve now made it optional, thankfully) – whereas I HAVE to have a gamepad, at minimum, connected to turn on the machine even if I want to just use the Pro Controller. A gimmick certainly can be innovative, but I don’t think the gamepad fits that description yet. The best use I can see so far for it, which Nintendo really hasn’t jumped on to market it as such, is that you can switch from the tv directly to the pad to play games, or even play a Wii U on the go if you find a power outlet.

        1. pretty much what I think, the gimmick hasn’t worked up yet, but it probably won’t be a standard like L and R buttons, analog

    2. Anonymous: Wii U didn’t fuck up just let… Don’t forget they got Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros. Wii U, and more later this year. And whats Playstation gonna have? Another COD and Assassins Creed? Don’t make me burst into laughter.

      1. PS4 is gonna have Infamous FL, LBP3, Destiny, alien isolation, the evil within, the crew, dragon age, drive club, far cry 4, guilty gear Xrd, and AC Unity .
        Wiiu is getting hyrule warriors, smash bros, bayonetta 2, sonic boom, and captain toad.
        Lol Only AC and COD? Don’t make me burst into laughter

        1. To be honest, I am looking forward to the Wii U games more than any other console at the moment. The quantity of games coming out is just right at this point, but I don’t even think I can buy them all. It’s going to be impossible trying to spend my money on both Wii U and 3DS, so I’m going Wii U the rest of this year! And I have to save up for a PC too along with Amiibos! I’m gonna try and get just one Amiibos, but I’m not sure if I can resist. Lol.

        2. How many of those PS4 games are exclusive? While Wii U might be excluded from them, most aren’t exactly PS4-sellers, especially if some are also releasing on last gen platforms. Main rason to get a platform is games, right? & unless those games are exclusive or super-special on a single platform, why brag about ’em? I think exclusives trump multiplats, even compensating for their comparitively lower amount.

          I will concede that PS4 has games & Wii U needs more, but PS4 is hardly the only platform offering most of those games. A small amount of exclusives, graphically better multiplats, & proof of adulthood or being another member of the cool crowd? I know there are legitamate reasons to own a PS4 over an X1 & PC, but why don’t you offer more than a few exclusives & a buncha multiplats.

    3. There are a few other reasons but agreed this is the main one. Both Microsoft and Nintendo messed up big time while Sony, with their proven brand and product, simply released an upgraded version.

      I don’t believe the Wii U is gimmicky or that it’s slow start is do with the product itself. It was more the marketing and branding along with their arrogance and piss poor launch titles.

  4. Seems highly flawed to the point they should have revised their survey and re-fielded. Such a flaw makes the numbers untrustworthy and only serves to damage.

    If I currently own a Wii and a ps4 then I get marked as switching from Wii to PS4? What if I own a Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and sold my ps3 to get a ps4 and plan to buy an Xbox one in a month? Does that show as a switch to PS4 from all above mentioned systems?

  5. Nintendo commander Quadraxis slut

    I am not even sure this SICKR guy is even a real nintendo fan everything this guy postes is nothing but how bad Nintendo is and how this type game isn’t coming to wiiu we don’t care the only reason he posted this type of news so he can get more views the true is this will only make you lose your fan base

    1. sasori obi the puppet master, COD wii u player #wiiuneedscodplayers

      he owns a ps4 and xbox one, also a ps3, psvita and xbox 360. he uses bad articles to buy games for other consoles he owns.

        1. Shut the fuck up, there are people on this website that have been trying to find out where this kid lives. Doing a little research on somebody isn’t stalking you dumb fuck.

  6. Nintendo commander Quadraxis slut

    Aso the whole console war thing is lame who really cares what syestem is better let’s just all enjoy gameing not compare which console has the better graphics and which is more powerful its getting old and childless

    1. I know you are a trolling imposter with awful grammar, but I like what you said. It’s a very naive thought, but hopefully in the future, there isn’t all of the unreasonable anger and side taking that we have with the big 4 systems. Here’s hoping, right?

  7. LOL a 3rd?LOL
    How about out of the 160 million PS2 users over 45 PERCENT switched to a Wii!!!!
    How about that the PS4 for the last 14 weeks in Japan has not sold over 10k a week?
    The ONLY reason the PS4 has sold so many was that they targeted USA first and announced it would be 100 dollars cheaper than the Xbox One!
    Japan has already gave up on the PS4 just like they have already gave up on the Vita!!

    1. The Vita is the second best selling console in Japan behind the 3DS, with plenty of Japanese games coming to it. Japan has in no way given up on it, now for the rest of the world, that’s a different story…
      The Ps4 will pick up steam in Japan when more Japanese games come out for it like FF15, KH3, Disgaea 5, etc. They haven’t just given up on it yet.

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