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Hyrule Warriors Only Moved 57% Of Its Stock In Japan

Online gaming publication Siliconera is reporting that the recently released Hyrule Warriors only moved 57.33% of its stock in Japan. However, as we saw from the Media Create sales on Wednesday, Wii U hardware sales rose from 13K the previous week to 18K. Hopefully sales of the console will remain steady next week.

110 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Only Moved 57% Of Its Stock In Japan”

  1. only? thats more than half so i call that pretty nice :) what do they expect it to sell 5 million copies in 1 country.

    1. Exactly! And we’re talking about percentages here, not real numbers. How many copies does 57% represent? And what about digital sales? The numbers are looking pretty good for me!

    2. Suport Platinum games. Buy Bayonetta 2 if you’re a Nintendo fan, please buy Bayonetta 2.



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      1. Same here. I won’t buy it till I know what game modes it has. I want something challenging, and since I know the game will probably not be challenging by itself, some sort of online leaderboards will do. Anything that will provide a challenge.

        1. You could always increase the difficulty if you wanted. But idk. I’ve played Dynasty Warriors before and those guys will obliterate you if you put it on hard. Lol and just look at how many enemies there are on screen. You sure you wanna do that? XD

          1. based on GameXplain’s gameplay, it seems that you unlock some impossibly hard mode after you beat the game the first time, there are at least 3 levels of difficulty it looks like. Also, it is obvious Koei Tecmo will be heavily supporting this game with new updates and game modes (characters too?) so it is worth it in the long run.

          1. If it had online co-op, you and me could slash through enemies together. Missed opportunity there. Lol. But IDK bout you, but I’m gonna be playing this game with my brother in local co-op. He may only be 8 and not very good at games, but It’s still gonna be loads of fun. XD

            1. I’m gonna be playing this game with my brother in local co-op. He may only be 26 and not very good at games, but It’s still gonna be loads of fun. XD

          2. Did you ever play the Samurai Warriors / Dynasty Warriors games? I played the one for the 3DS and loved it.

            If you like that game, then a Zelda re-skin is going to be amazing… If someone does not like that game, thennnn… *shrugs* hard to say.

            And online coop would have been epic. ;.;

              1. Samurai Warriors Chronicles is one of the best 3DS games i have bought. I wish there was a homeconsole version of Warriors game where i could move multiple characters around the map how i want and switch between them.

                  1. You can probably pick it up used and cheap somewhere. A good test drive. If you don’t like it, then it would be good to tread careful as to whether to pick up Hyrule warriors (Although HW will be in HD and be a bit more cleaned up.)

    1. What a troll fail. You should be doing the math. 57 percent increase from one game is better than nothing at all and from 7-8K to 18K in one week is a good thing. So nice try on damaging Wii U’s moment when you don’t even know half of the shit that’s going on and what you’re slow ass hater mind is thinking. XD I almost feel pitiful of your role in life by wasting it.

      1. It really isn’t though…think of Pokemon, MK8 and Monster Hunter, if it isn’t fantastic in the first day or week, you know its lifetime sales will be bad :/

        1. Warriors games continue selling for a long time. I saw Pirate Warriors 2 on the charts a while back and it came out a year ago.

    2. Last I checked your beloved Call of Duty didn’t even sell 20% in one month, Hyrule Warriors sold 50% in less than a week! Your critical thinking is horrible, oh so is your ego!

  3. Pretty much expected when you combine the Wii U’s low install base in Japan plus the fact that they’re not into Zelda as much as the West.

    The American/European sales will be a lot more telling.

    1. Yeah, but Japan loves the Warriors games like the West loves COD, so this not selling at least 2/3 it’s inventory is kinda a disappointment, I’m sure. I mean, they may have just overstocked, but we’ll see I guess. I’d like some hard numbers. If they didn’t break 100,000 in the first week it’s kinda screwed over there, though

      1. Hyrule warriors is still going to sell for a loooong time, that other 43% should be wiped out in about a month or so



        1. I’m aware of that. I was just saying that was more likely the reason than “Japan getting tired of button mashers”.

  4. Not sure if this is good thing or bad thing? Oh I wish Nintendo would be smarter.. They need good 3rd party support and stop relying on their franchises otherwise they’re going to milk them out.. Just look at Mario games, not that they are bad or anything but its Nintendo’s only stronghold that will run out of juice eventually.

    1. Well, Koei Tecmo were the ones who wanted the Warriors-style Zelda game in the first place, so it’s not like Nintendo was begging them.


      the richest company in gaming needs to go third party

      the only company reating ACTUAL NEXT GEN DEVICES needs to go third party

      the only company with advanced motion dual screens and a 3d pointer mouse needs to go third party

      dude shut up and play on your 4 gen old dualshock IDIOT

  5. Nah, it wont run out of juice. They still got Galaxy 3, Zelda U, Metroid Prime, Star Fox, and F-Zero. Could you imagime F-Zero in hd? Not to mention all the new I.P.’s they are sure to churn out and you got yourself a winning console…
    but…. some third party games to fill the gaps would be nice..

    1. Please no more Galaxy… 2 was more than enough. Let the man adventure somewhere else this time- although, with all the Rosalina love, there will probably be another and another and another…

    2. Hell yeah F-Zero in HD, I sure hope this happens! They better include some heavy metal-ish music like the N64 release had

  6. The article makes the sales sound bad, but 57% is actually really great in Japan which has a declining home console user base and a rising smart phone user base.

    As someone on another forum pointed out, 57% means that at some stores, the game was sold out which means people may have missed out on buying the game. Had the shipment been larger, more people would have had the opportunity to buy the game, but it would also have lowered the percentage of the stock.

  7. Love how this website is just troll bait and more click bait with that “ONLY” there in the title, who are they to say it’s bad news when it isn’t? You want it to sell 2 million like Yokai Watch in 2 days or it’s bad? IT ONLY SOLD HALF OF THE COPIES! THAT’S TERRIBLE! IT HAD TO SELL EVERY COPY IN THE DAMN COUNTRY!

    Seriously, this website tries too hard to make bad news so it gets more comments, clicks, and trolls.

  8. It’s because sickr has other preferences. Sickr is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Everything sickr posts is coated in prejudice and bias. Present facts! I don’t come here for your convoluted opinions. Can’t even do your job correctly? How pathetic.

        1. Wai, wuuuu? Bu, your ALT, HollowGrapeJSlut, it only seemed reasonable… Never mind I’m not going to break my head thinking bout this

  9. I like how SICKR is the one who usually posts “_______ isn’t coming to Wii U” and “Wii U has ONLY done this” blah blah blah even when it’s a good thing……. SICKR is like the typical bad guy lol

  10. Yeah I didn’t see the need to say “only” when that’s over half the games in stock. Did you think they would buy 75% within the first couple days? A lot of people like waiting to hear from others to see if they will buy it. Stop throwing a negative spin on everything. Its always this doom and gloom type articles or titles we see on this site.

    1. A fact mixed with opinion changes it into an opinion. Sickr posts opinions that were once facts. For instance, “only 77 people died in the last two weeks from Ebola” vs. “Ebola killed 77 in the past two weeks”. Another: “Hitler only killed a few million Jews”. Too bad I have to explain all of this to you. Some people are slower than others…

  11. Of course on this site %57 is a bad thing. -___-
    For a Wii U game that’s not being developed by Nintendo and doesn’t have E for Everone written all over it, this is a Good thing.
    Oh yeah- the game’s been out for all of 5 minutes. Come on…

  12. ‘Only’ That’s not bad at all! O_o over half their stock has been wiped from the face of the earth! Wow!

  13. It’s incredible that an article is created to create a negative story after a game has been barely out for a week with claims of ONLY 57% stock sold? Especially since the game was released in the middle of the summer holidays when sales are naturally lower.

    What would happen if they sold out? “NEWS FLASH” – Nintendo doesn’t produce enough stock for demand…bad Nintendo.

    Why would any company try to create too few copies of a game so it sells out in a week? That would be plain stupidity.

  14. ONLY? Siliconera didn’t use that on their headline and so does the other site. I understand some negative posts being posted here, but adjusting the headline to make it sound negative is just wrong.

    A deliberate click bait for both Nintendo Fans and trolls. Just tell it as it is please.

  15. Hyrule Warriors “only” debuted @ # 2 in the Japanese sales-charts.

    It “only” topped Mario Kart 8 by two spots.




  17. Only…. as if it was meant to sell out. Has any game sold out recently? (excluding special editions that are limited to begin with) 57% for a game on a system that hasn’t been selling worth crap is pretty good in my eyes.

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  19. >.< That's sickr for you, guys. We all know he's one of the trolls on this site. I bet one of the next articles I see from him will be about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare & it won't even be relevant Nintendo news.

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