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Smash Run In Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Won’t Support Online Play

It has been confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive 4 mode which includes, labyrinth-exploring, boost-collecting battle game in Super Smash Bros 3DS won’t feature online play. The news came from a tweet from Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai via Twitter.

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73 thoughts on “Smash Run In Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Won’t Support Online Play”

      1. That makes no damn sense. I wasn’t counting on playing that shit regardless but it would be tough for me to find other people with a 3DS and smash bros to play with locally. Realistically smash should just have 12 characters, final destination-like stages, and no items and that’s all you should be allowed to play so it’s not a huge deal, but then what’s the point of even adding this game mode.

            1. You should be ashamed then that PS4 with its low amount of shitty games outsold the Wii U and its grand titles like Lego City in less time.

              1. You should be ashamed that wii with its shit hardware outsold the ps3 with its grand hardware in less time. See, we can all make stupid observations like you. I’m games equaled success the dreamcast would’ve been one of the most successful systems in history.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Except your argument would be irrelevant considering we’re talking games and current gen, but I guess I could understand the Wii U/Wii confusion. Also, mind explaining how the PS4 is still outselling the Wii U considering it’s priced cheaper. If anything Nintendo should be more ashamed since their motto:
                  is usually the way they’ve gained the upper hand in history.

          1. Yeah same. I think we might have a really low chance of getting some type of patch that let’s you play this mode online, but don’t get your hopes up, it’s Nintendo.

  1. That’s…actually a major shame. I don’t know anyone else offline who’ll be getting the 3DS version, but I was going to get it to play this mode with people online. It was the major selling point of the 3DS version. Guess I won’t bother now.

  2. Wooow.
    That is extremely underwhelming… They are not able to set it up properly for online play, otherwise I can’t imagine one reason for them not to include online play.
    Wow, this actually sucks. I have no one to play with. I just can play it against CPUs, if Nintendo allows us to play it alone…

      1. Oddly enough even IGN reported this a couple months back multiple times, so I don’t know why this is just now being clarified. Someone at Nintendo should pay attention to that kind of stuff so people don’t get confused.

        I checked the direct again, he did say this during his Smash Run explanation at the end but I guess it doesn’t specifically apply to Smash Run. As maybe it was just a comparison to the regular match modes.

        “By the way I recommend using the random option fighter, too. Ultimately it’s way different than a simple online match”

        Although it could be interpreted as him saying it had online, but you should also use the random fighter option as well.

        Oh well, I just thought it would’ve been nice is all, a quick online mode that would keep it interesting after you get the Wii U version. Probably won’t play it much now after I get the Wii U version, unless I want to play Smash Bros. while I’m out somewhere.

          1. I was going to wait as well, but since I decided not to get Hyrule Warriors this month, I figured I might as well pick it up to play something in the meantime, while waiting for Bayonetta 2.

  3. This game will be awesome. I am going to buy this on the 3ds. Sometimes i wonder why I will ever buy a wii u. When you can have similar type of games on the 3ds

      1. Than tell me what is the different between mario kart 7 and 8 or super mario 3d world and 3d land. Yes THe wii u has a more advanced version, but the game-play is similar.

        THe 3ds is a strong factor why the wii u sales are not that good.

        1. Uhhhh, all of those games have local multiplayer on the Wii U, for one. My family has a blast playing [4 player] Mario Kart 8. Sure, we could go out and buy 4 3DSs and 4 copies of Mario Kart 7, but that’s both expensive and completely unnecessary. And also the graphics/content/ physics of the Wii U version of Smash Bros 4 will generally be better on the Wii U. They aren’t the same game and each version has its advantages, though.
          Without a doubt getting the Wii U version. Might get the 3ds version (hey- it’s cheaper! And if they bring that European deal to the Americas, a free game would be nice).

    1. You can’t get Super Mario 3D World, You can’t get Mario Kart 8, you can’t get Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, you can’t get Bayonetta 2, you can’t get Hyrule Warriors, you can’t get Splatoon, you can’t get Xenoblade Chronicles X, you can’t get Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, you can’t get The Legend of Zelda U, etc. There are games on the 3DS that are in the same series that I named like 3D World- 3D Land, but most, if not all of the Wii U iterations are better. And we are only 2 years into the life of this console, so many more are expected to come like Metroid. I love my 3DS, but you must be joking if you think Nintendo isn’t going to give the Wii U some great exclusives. LOL.

  4. They must have ran out of development time or some technical difficulty arose with how personalized characters were saved through all of the stats gained in Smash Run. It’s obvious Sakurai wanted the mode in the 3DS, or he wouldn’t have made that comment about how it was one of the few times that he hated a decision.

    Not just sad, sorry, or apologizing, but legitimate hate. He can see how either management, issues, and priority ultimately caused this mode to run out of time for development.

  5. I actually didn’t expect it to. Or rather I didn’t think about it because I don’t care either way, I won’t be playing Smash Run much.

  6. Maybe this was also used to make the 3DS version inferior. Of course the Wii U version will have online, giving it an edge over its portable counterpart.

    1. “Of course the Wii U version will have online, giving it an edge over its portable counterpart.”

      The 3DS and Wii U version have online, this is only for the exclusive Smash Run mode on the 3DS. The main match modes “For Glory/For Fun” can be played online in both versions.

      1. That’s true, but I meant more for the special modes the Wii U will have(hopefully). A portable Smash without online would barely be worth a purchase to most people. :P

        1. Well I only said that because as of now there isn’t anything like that for the Wii U version. It was how you had worded the last sentence that made it seem as if the 3DS version had no online at all, since there is nothing for the Wii U announced like Smash Run as of yet.

          I get what you’re saying now though…

          I hope it gets something better also, If not, would seem a bit weird the 3DS version gets an extra mode while the Wii U version doesn’t get one.

  7. Did he promise in the smash direct that it was gonna be online? I seem to recall something to that effect. I’m not trolling. Can someone confirm that. Anyway, this really sucks. They must have run out of development time. Maybe a free update is in order in the future…

    1. He said this at the end of the direct while talking about Smash Run but I think people just misinterpreted it. I’ll admit I thought the same as well.

      ““By the way I recommend using the random option fighter, too. Ultimately it’s way different than a simple online match”

      It could be taken both ways I suppose, that it had online, but you should also use the random fighter option or that he was just comparing Smash Run to the regular match modes.

      Which I guess it was the latter of the two.

      As I pointed out though in another comment IGN also said it had online, not just Famitsu. IGN made more than one article talking about this, saying that it did have both local and online.

    1. Pretty sure you can, don’t think they’d allow it not to. Lack of online (GOOD online) helped kill brawls audience among other things.

  8. SMH

    After ice climbers being cut and now this? This is strike 2.

    If there is no in game or at leastttt online lobby voice chat im not touching this smash everrrr.

  9. Why? It doesn’t make sense this games is anticipated for online play for god’s sake and Smash run is one of the key features of the 3DS version which by the way, which one is the Wii U’s?

      1. Its either that or somebody is misinforming people. And you’re calling me a hypocrite? I don’t see Nintendo repeating even less than half of the same BS EA and Ubishit does on a regular basis. I don’t see them promising one thing so they can delay it for 7-10 months down the road and then lie about their blame of a game’s sloppy sales since everyone else already has one months ago. Or pulling off Uplay and Origin on everyone’s ass or season passes or ripoff DLCs or even gimping games as future add ons at full price like yours truly, EA?

        Don’t even start that shit. lol

      2. It was Famistu who misled the online portion of the feature and I bet they did the same with Hyrule Warriors co-op being online too.

        You know what? I wouldn’t trust their resources again after they messed up twice and jeopardized Nintendo’s games.

  10. It’s like you 3Ds only owners bought a plane ticket knowing it wasn’t first class and get made at the attendents for not letting you on the ride with the people who paid hundreds more than you. Get over it the game is $39.99 but you want all the features of the $59.99 version.

    1. Many $40 games have online, so your point kind of fails to prove anything. There are even $40 games that are far better than some of the ones sold for $60.

      Also it was reported by both IGN and Famitsu that this mode would have online, so the situation you’re trying to use as an example doesn’t even apply.

      I could’ve swore even Sakurai said it was online at one time but I can’t say for sure.

      It would be more like actually buying a plane ticket that was first class, only to be told a couple weeks before, you won’t be able to ride first class even with the first class ticket you have.

  11. Mode is pointless now…. Nice job Sakurai. Well the Wii U version is the one I care most about anyway, so as long as all multiplayer modes in the Wii U version are online, then I’ll be fine.

    Let’s cross our fingers Sakurai doesn’t make the same mistake with Smash Bros 4 Wii U!

  12. You can fight with those stats with your friends via amiibo thats why smashrun is in it in the first place i know i, m getting a villager sonic and megaman amiibo, s :D

  13. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

    Either Famitsu is intentionally lying about the online stuff with SSB 4 3DS & Hyrule Warriors or Nintendo is still acting like the entire fucking world is the same as Japan. Nintendo! Our cities & towns & shit outside of Japan aren’t as connected as yours, guys. We can’t ride an underground train from one side of the country to the next, coming across people across the country. *facepalm*

    Like Stranga said, maybe we shouldn’t trust Famitsu anymore. This is the second time them saying one thing turned out to be false the next time we turned around. Maybe they are trying to fuck up the sales of certain Nintendo games outside of Japan. Anyway, that’s enough from my paranoid half.

    This is Ridley, flying off! xD *gives a middle finger to the haters & Famitsu, flying off like a bat out of hell*

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