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Berghammer Joins Nintendo Treehouse

Former video game journalist Billy Berghammer has announced via Twitter that he has officially joined Nintendo’s Treehouse. Berghammer will be taking the position of product development analyst for Nintendo’s Treehouse division. The Treehouse team help translate text, provide marketing, and make sure that the company’s games are as polished as they can be once they’re released in the US.


48 thoughts on “Berghammer Joins Nintendo Treehouse”

  1. AM A BEAST IN BLACK OP2 WII U. lol i have 13,000 kills 500 wins and my kd ratio is 0.61. i have put 275 hours into the game since july.

                      1. Well then you’re pretty much covered. You don’t need to sell it at all yet. Just play some other games and wait for the exclusive to come to Wii U. It will definitely be worth it in the future.

                        1. Ya I’m most likely not going to sell it but the thought of selling it has came by more than once. The games are coming for sure but there’s a wait. Holiday 2014 and 2015 should redeem the Wii U.

          1. I put over two hundred and fifty hours into MH3U. However that is between my Wii U and 3ds crossplay. I also put 90 hours into Xenoblade. Technically that is a Wii game, but I played it on my Wii U.

        1. are you trying to impress sickr?. well done sasori. you’ll have the heart of your special one :)
          sickr, what are you waiting for. sasori is all yours!

      1. If the Wii U only had one game, and if that one game was Xenoblade Chronicles X, it would be well worth owning. That game is gonna be the best rpg of this generation. Every other game is just a bonus.

            1. Lol no thank you. I gave up on the final stage a long time ago. You need some serious luck and determination to get past that one.

      2. While I’m happy for Billy, it shows the big problem with game journalism. See also Luke Smith, Adam Sezzler, and Ngai Croal. For me that the real #GamerGate.

      3. You people should know who he is. Planet GameCube for sure. And Nintendo world report is legit. No dumb kids on the comments section.

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