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Wired Says New Nintendo 3DS “Underwhelms” At Tokyo Game Show

Wired magazine was one of a number of publications that got some quality time with the new Nintendo 3DS at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The publication says that the device is very similar to the one you possibly already own and that the recently introduced C-Stick feels “out of place in relation to where it sits next to the buttons.” You can read their detailed impressions, right here.

“The—stick? nub?—feels out of place, in relation to where it sits next to the buttons. The PlayStation 4 controller, the Xbox controller, even the PlayStation Vita all feel comfortable in my hands whether my thumb is resting on the right stick or the buttons. But with New 3DS, the nub isjust a bit too far out of the way to reach comfortably. (I tried the XL size of the new handheld, so the smaller size might end up feeling more comfortable.)”

“Yes, the right stick is a better camera controller than the virtual controls on the 3DS touch screen. But Monster Hunter, by design, already lets you “lock on” to targets and quickly center the camera on your prey. The extra shoulder buttons didn’t have any functions assigned to them. The improved 3-D was nice, but I’m not sure it’s nice enough to get me to switch back from playing all 3DS games in the 2-D mode.”

“Nintendo has announced that it will create software that will only function on the New 3DS, the first one being a port of the acclaimed Wii role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles. But at launch, if Monster Hunter is the big draw, then I’m not sold. If I were in the market for a 3DS, I’d go for the latest model. But as an early adopter who has already bought three different iterations of the 3DS hardware since it launched in 2011, New 3DS isn’t that attractive to me yet.”

104 thoughts on “Wired Says New Nintendo 3DS “Underwhelms” At Tokyo Game Show”

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          1. I’m not sure what mutual fund you tried to invest into, but that doesn’t sound right. Seriously, where’s the “mutual” part in that fund? A proper one shouldn’t have a figure that high and especially not if it’s one where a lot of people are donating together.

    1. It well be for the new games, and with the added controls this well allow for more 3D adventure games, RPG, and of course FPS.
      Players looking to upgrade to a XL well now have a better option then simply getting a bigger screen.
      For players that dont want to carry around a circle pad attachment or NFC reader, this well also be a good buy, especially for those buying amiibo toys.
      Personal I’m upgrading for the better online using the new CPU for online play, Netflix, miivers, web browser, eshop. As well I play 90% in 3D so the new screen and battery life also sell me pretty well.

      1. Agreed! I live near an Apple store though and it was pretty intense so see how determined everyone was. I went to walk my dog and they were still lined up around the block. Most of them had chairs and carpets on the ground like in the movies. It was pretty intense! I’ll just hang onto my crisp 2004 generic flip phone!

    1. The new games are good sure, but honestly I’m a power user, and the better speed for things like YouTube, the new HTML5 browser, miivers, online play, eshop. Those are big for me. The C-stick wont just be for a few games, buy it well allow for more 3D adventure and RPG games to be made, and also FPS games.
      The more stable 3D and longer batter life is great because I play in 3D 90% of the time.
      Also the NFC is nice because I well be using amiibo.

  1. I for one don’t believe the new 3DS is a waste of money at all. It’s better in every way. I’ll have a C-Stick for smash which for me is a must and who knows what other games will do with it. I don’t have to wait 1000 hours for my games, the ones I bye from the eshop, to finally download. I can fully use the 3D more often with out being stiff. That extra power for games is always nice. The EXTRA BATTERY. <<<
    I never played XenoBlade Chronicles, sadly, so guess what I'm going to be playing when it comes over here (Hopefully Nintendo). The face plates for the standard size look great. The extra L and R buttons are a welcome and no need to buy an Amiibo reader thingy.
    All in all it's a great package and Japan it's only $180 changed to US dollars. Idk how many Euro though.
    ALL of that for only $180??? Well my guess is that it will be $199.99 when it comes to the states BUT still. THAT'S AMAZING.

    1. Honestly, for those that bought the original iPad their are still no big reasons to upgrade to the current version, sure its “thinner” and kind of faster, but that literally all

  2. Nintendo fucking sucks now days. Just a bunch of cheap ass milking cash grabbers.

    Nintnendo is better off being ran by special ed kids than fagwata. Gagwata deserves to get hit in the head with a rock or something really hard but it will probably give that piece of shit more ways of ruining nintendo. Nintendo used to have magic, now they are a c list compnay that only magic it has is making money off of milking mario and shit to the bone. Making super shitty weak outdated bareboned consoles, and handhelds they can just keep upgrading to rip people off, when they could have made the 3ds not a weak system with analouge sticks in the first place. If they did that they couldn’t scam you wiitards who get mad when everybody says how they were better before the wii era. ACTUALLY GOOD!

    1. Oh yeah and nintendo sold out for casuals for $ and further ruined there reputation because of it. Look at how shitty wii u is? All because of wii’s success. Nintendo sold out and became garbage (make wii fucking music and many more over real good games) deal with the facts wiitards.

        1. No that’s what overweight manchildren wear who still have mario posters on there wall and wanting ammibos over games.

          *hands over diaper* here you go clown

            1. Nice try now doesn’t your mom have to change your diaper so you don’t get diaper rash like chris up there?

              Damn man children getting mad at facts. What do i expect from a bunch of losers who have the mental state of a child. You guys can’t learn so why should i try to teach you? You will just throw a fit, so just go get more sheltered by nintendo and go on babyverse (another really lame thing nintendo does) WHO NEEDS NLINE WHEN I CAN BE TREATED LIKE A CHILD!!!!

              You wiitards are the worst.

        2. How many months did you all have to wait for 1 fucking game!?!? lmao seriously now? 4 MONTHS FOR A DAMN GAME!!! Yeah and it’s dynasty warriors. Ps4 has had a dynasty warriors game on it for a while and wii u needs to have a 4 month drought just get one……

  3. (the owner of the site should censor some inappropriate comment)
    and in any case, move it (the stick C) a little to the right and you’re done…
    it would be so tragic!?
    I think that Nintendo can do it, without too much trouble

      1. As far as I can tell, he just posted a review of the New 3DS.
        Don’t blame Sickr for Nintendo’s strategy to release small, incremental updates to their systems.

        I’ll probably pick it up if there is a good Xenoblade bundle priced fair, but I’m not rushing to get one.

  4. im an original 3ds ambassador and I haven’t upgraded yet so I will gladly upgrade to this when it releases alongside xenoblade in the u.s. no xenoblade=no upgrade

      1. I actually bought it day one when it released and got halfway through. Never managed to complete it but I will on the new 3ds. Don’t assume things that you don’t know little one

      2. Do you just come here to bash on us because you can’t win an argument off of the Internet?

        Does someone talk down to you everyday? Feel the need to take it out on us, for whatever reason?

        WTF is your deal bro?

  5. The new 3ds is not gonna be much different from the original unless your playing some exclusive games for it. Thats like playing a Wii game on the Wii U, then saying the Wii U hasn’t improved at all! LOL, you wont see a difference until you play some new games designed for the system. Some people’s kids.

    1. NFC/Amiibo, second stick, two more shoulder buttons, boosted CPU, double RAM memory, improved battery, better 3D rendering/viewing comfort and changeable face plates, HTF is that “not so different” from old 3DS and XL?

      Ya so blind. lol

      1. I wasn’t talking about the new features. I’m talking about these people who write these articals about how the new 3ds “underwhelms”. They pick up the new 3ds and play 10 minutes of mh4u, and then go on to say they don’t notice a huge difference. That is why they are underwhelmed. Becouse they are ignorant to the upgrades. They wont notice any difference until they see a better looking game played on the system. An exclusive, like i said earlier. I for one love the new 3ds and cant wait for the release.

      1. Exclusives that actually appeal to me. I don’t really care for Xenoblade. Heck, I barely care for the one coming to Wii U. I’m talking about something like MM3D.

        1. Xenoblade was released more for the Japanese audience. While we will probably still get Xenoblade, I believe the west will launch with a few more exclusives geared toward our market. Remember we still have a year before it releases here, and i’m sure they will have more than just one exclusive by then. MM3d could easily be one.

            1. Since no one else here wants to help you with your obvious struggle with English, allow me to fix your sentence for you:

              “Not a whole year; it will, most likely, come out before the end of March.”

              Give that a try ariycon

  6. By the way I waited to play Xenoblade until way later in it’s life. So what, that doesn’t make me less of a fan. The game was hardly advertised and was never planned to release in the west. It took a campaign to get it here. I sense a little jealousy that nintendo has rights to the best rpg of all time….

  7. I can’t get over the fact they rather had given the 3Ds a redesign with more power and no physical change to the Wii U. That’s stupid. Oh and Smash Bros on the 3Ds is not all that it just made me want a Wii U version more to get a better feel.

    1. Sega, remember? On the portable side, hardware updates are more exceptional because its cheaper and have shorter life span. If PS or Nintendo even think about trying that, the consumers will get angry.

    2. Yeah and Sony has a new PS4 with more gjgs coming out. When will Wii U ever adjust to the current market? After all the 8gig did sell.

  8. I really doubt the new 3ds is more uncomfortable than the vita, that thing is the most uncomfortably awkward device I’ve ever held.

      1. Idk, I personally can’t hold it for more than 15 minutes before my fingers start cramping up and its just awkaward to hold which is weird because I can actually hold the gamepad more comfortably.

          1. I have a Wacom cause of it and an old mouse at work. They upgraded my computer to a canister thing, but I asked to keep my old mouse.

  9. Happy Birthday Nintendo. Wired magazine, another useless publication that shall be gone long before the NES7. Nintendo Xenoblade chronicles On the new 3DS shall be wonderful.

    1. I used to work for a magazine publication, and regardless how everyone feels about this article, you’re probably right. People consume information differently now.

  10. this coming from a publication that supported evey version of the freakin iphone… yeah Ill be getting this anyways so I really could care less.

  11. Well, IGN loved the New 3DS. I’m going to get the system just for the locked-in stabilized (head-tracking camera) 3D; it should have been a feature of the system from the very beginning. I’m a HUGE fan of 3D, but the way the current 3DS implements it makes me kind of cross-eyed.

  12. Monster Hunter 4 wasn’t made for the system, it was made for the original so no duh it doesn’t make full use of all the buttons and whatnot. The fact that it uses that stuff at all is a bonus for new 3DS users. If you wanna see it get used, wait for the games that are made exclusively for it, like any other unique hardware, exclusives make the hardware

  13. Do a search on “New 3DS Hands On” and read some reviews. Overwhelmingly positive. Wired is not a gaming-specific site, so I’m not surprised they don’t care about an update to what they would only see as dated hardware regardless.

  14. Meh. Whatever. Still getting one when it finally releases.

    Anyway… Happy 125th Birthday, Nintendo! Here’s to another 25 years! (It’s not their birthday my time but it is their time, so I’ll go by the fact it’s already September 23rd in Japan.)

  15. People who are ill informed about the current 3ds, will not notice much of a difference in the new 3ds. They are looking for better graphics mostly, and they will not get that unless they play an exclusive game with upgraded graphics. (none currently exist besides xenoblade) So then they write an article about how they are underwhelmed with the new 3ds, when in reality they are just ignorant about the details.

    I would not let these type of articles sway you from getting the new 3ds. I assure you there are much more positive reviews out there than negative ones. And I really don’t understand why they are only showing the negative 3ds articles on here, but that is beside the point…

  16. Its just a upgraded 3ds what do you expect? People to lose their shit over upgrades? If it was a new system then I would understand but like I said this this is just a upgraded model people.

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