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Nintendo Europe Announces New In-Store Digital Software Distribution Service Across Various Retailers

Nintendo of Europe has given consumers a new and more convenient opportunity to purchase downloadable versions of Wii U and 3DS games at retail stores. Across the UK, Ireland and Germany, Nintendo has developed a distribution platform to revitalize game sales at retail outlets, which will allow consumers to purchase digital games via a tablet-based system. It’s similar to the DLCSoft digital distribution system established earlier this year for independent game retailers.

The new system will give consumers ease of access to a vast number of Wii U and 3DS games, some of which may not be on display in retail stores, such as download-only titles and add-on content for retail games. Consumers will be issued with a print-out code, which can then be redeemed on a Wii U or 3DS device from the Nintendo eShop.

According to the press release, the new system is already in place at LEGOLAND in Germany, along with launching earlier this month in Smyths Toys Superstore’s Reading Branch. Additionally, Nintendo has stated that the tablet-based system will be rolled out to other European countries in due time.

17 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Announces New In-Store Digital Software Distribution Service Across Various Retailers”

    1. Because not everybody has a credit card? People could also just want to buy that specific dlc, and not have wasted money just sitting on the eshop. Thought that was obvious.

      1. 1.) You don’t have to have money sitting on the eShop. You can just pay the amount you are purchasing for… I thought that was obvious.

        2.) I hope your attempts to boost your self-esteem by being an asshole were successful. Looks like you need it.

          1. I didn’t bother acknowledging his point about the credit card on purpose. I think everyone knows you can’t shove paper money into the SD slot. :)

    2. This. They should have you enter your NNID and password in store, then let your Wii U (at least I know that one is capable of doing so) automatically download it.

      Though a reason to do it in store is being able to pay with cash, not having to buy (possible) more eShop credit than the game is worth, or not having to own a creditcard to avoid the previous issue (paying exactly what the game is worth), I suppose.

      1. You can already pay exactly what the game is worth in the eShop. The only reason (your first point) is so people without a check or credit card can pay with cash.

  1. Not sure why they’re doing this instead of making Dark Samus playable, but the service could be cool if… uh… your internet is unstable?

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Sakurai Sir has nothing to do with this and High Command has no direct command over what Sakurai Sir adds or not…

  2. I thought they already let you purchase digital Nintendo games in stores? I did read the article, but please tell me if I might have read it wrong or missed something because it sounds like what we’ve already got…

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