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New Minecraft-Inspired ‘Stone Shire’ Planned For Wii U

A new title – which is heavily inspired by Minecraft – code-named Stone Shire could make its way onto the Wii U in the near future. Developed by two-man team Finger Gun Games, Stone Shire will lead its players straight into a voxel-based fantasy game with promises of many dwarves, elves, hobbits and goblins roaming the land. Players will be able to choose their class, from pointy ears to hardened feet, but you won’t be able to level your characters. Instead, you’ll seek just rewards from discovering new items, your individual creations, and world exploration.

Created in Unity, Stone Shire is planned for the Wii U, though Finger Gun Games may reach out to 3DS players if it garners enough success on the eShop. But the sandbox-style game will have to face off competition with the recently announced U Craft by Nexis Games, a straight up Minecraft clone. Various screenshots are available on the developer’s Facebook page, while the video embedded above shows some rough footage of the game. Let us know your thoughts on the fantasy-based Minecraft title in the comments below.

50 thoughts on “New Minecraft-Inspired ‘Stone Shire’ Planned For Wii U”

    1. I guess I’ll take this opportunity to mention that I was accepted as a wiiU developer a few days ago. I’m just a one man team though so my projects are limited

        1. Yea I was gonna submit my current project to steam so there won’t be much that’s unique about it. Future projects will be wii U only though and I have some ideas.

      1. Nice! Making all of the elements is going to be tricky, but you’ll learn quite a bit. Experiment and have fun, heropon!

    2. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      I really hope they do something cooler that differentiates it from minecraft. Like a wider variety of more intelligent mobs. And random hidden dungeons. Possibly a mode with a story with dialogue.

    1. The developers came to Microsoft with a offer, windows 10 well power all windows devices (PC, phone, Xbox) when that happens the windows store well be across all those devices. Minecraft probably seemed like the perfect game to go across all 3 platforms. It makes a lot of sense. And again it was majong that came to Microsoft with the offer

  1. “A heavily inspired Minecraft title”

    um.. you probably meant to say “a title heavily inspired by minecraft” right?

  2. This just sucks. Wii U EShop is exactly like the iOS/google play store now. It has its gems, but it’s also reached the pout where there’s starting to be clones and shovelware

      1. Dude i can literally create a close replica of it on my pc, it’s not hard it’s literally blocks e_e it’s so simple it’s sad

  3. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    I enjoy the enthusiasm but I am put off by the whole “games that are basically just Minecraft”
    As is the iTunes store is overly saturated with them we don’t need them polluting the Wii U…

  4. You know I think they are missing a huge opportunity here..

    Ok imagine minecraft that has more than one location. Imagine traveling to different worlds, with each world having different terrain and different enemies. Imagine space travel, traveling to moons and comets etc…

    I know it sounds ambitious, but man that would be one amazing game…

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