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Sakurai Says Smash Bros Isn’t Finished Yet And Possible Smash Bros Wii U Nintendo Direct Coming

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed in his weekly column in Famitsu that work on the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros isn’t finished. However, Sakurai may have been talking about the fact that he will still have to continue working on both versions with regards to adding patches to address gameplay balance. Sakurai said that an announcement, or possibly a Nintendo Direct, will be made to showcase the difference between the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros and the Wii U version.

“When one fan asked him how it felt to be done with the development on Super Smash Bros., he replied, “I’m not done yet…”

“Game development is very hard.” Sakurai went on in his column in Weekly Famitsu. “You cannot get through it without sacrificing everything, including your own private life, and you often get hurt. However, I’m grateful that so many people have been involved, for the games that are completed, and all the people who play the games.”

“Sakura stated that an announcement – possibly a Nintendo Direct – highlighting the exclusive features of the Wii U version that will show the “true potential of Smash Bros.” was currently in the works and will be released soon.”

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67 thoughts on “Sakurai Says Smash Bros Isn’t Finished Yet And Possible Smash Bros Wii U Nintendo Direct Coming”

    1. Sakurai: “Making games is hard, my wife is dissatisfied, i never see my kids, my body ISNT READY!”

      Us: “Give us Mother 3 or NAWHHH”

  1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

    He must be under a lot of stress knowing the supposed release date is next month. Ganbatte, Sakurai-san.

  2. I would be very happy when the gane’s out on december 5th!!!


    On the other hand… I’m gonna miss these kind of things a lot! All this hype and all this speculation about the game. Listening to gameXplain’s dicussions everytime a bit of news comes out… It’s actually really sad :(…

    1. Maybe, but everyone coming together to beat the life out of one another online is something to look forward to!

  3. I would be very happy when the gane’s out on december 5th!!!


    On the other hand… I’m gonna miss these kind of things a lot! All this hype and all this speculation about the game. Listening to gameXplain’s dicussions everytime a bit of news comes out… It’s actually really sad it has to end :(…

  4. “True potential of Smash Bros”

    Wii U Smash as the true version confirmed. I’m even more hyped now that I know the 3DS version is pretty much obsolete. Of course he could just be talking about graphics, which truly hurts my expectations.

    1. Every single bit of hype I had is gone because of the 3DS version. I’m still glad about this and I will get it, but I’m not hyped for this anymore. I’m just gonna transfer my character data and play on the different stages I guess. I’m more hyped for Bayonetta 2 than this.

      1. You must not have a lot of local friends to play with. Me and some friends are going to do a marathon of this on release day. 3DS version is great, but it’s missing that classic local Smash experience completely. Plus the controls really are not great… at all. The Wii U version will truly be the next gen SSB.

      2. The 3DS version feels as full as Brawl maybe which is WAAAAY more than I expected in a handheld. Sakurai always pushes the hardware to the limit with each of these games, the Wii U version HAS to have more than stages to differentiate itself from the 3DS one. There must be a lot of exclusive stuff. It’s just hard to stay hyped when all you hear about is what got cut because of Sm4sh 3DS.

  5. About damn time, there’s only ~1 month left until the release and we still barely know anything about the game. They started revealing stuff about the 3DS months prior its release.
    Anyway, looking forward to that Direct, gonna be interesting.

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  7. Sakurai, has already released a master piece. In the Direct and the Adds for the WiiU version, he should and all Nintendo fronts as well, show the game cube controllers in action. In short show all control options and commercials that shall blow us all away.

  8. I am confident that this game would get 9 or more than 9/10 average rating. I am assuming that Sakurai would show a demo on the upcoming Smash Bros Direct and more. I like this game better than Bayonetta. Actually I don’t like such actions game like Bayonetta but I know that it is great for other gamers.

  9. Man I really feel bad for Sakurai being under this much pressure plus his injuries and private life taking its toll on him. :( He seriously needs a long vacation and bonus for his work after the game is finished.

        1. *ultra facepalm* Commander, look at my comment again. I said if this was a PS4 or Xbox game developer saying something like this. Also, you don’t know that at all. Everyone is a human being. You trying to say PS4 devs are invincible and they don’t get tired making games too?

            1. Speaking of system reboot, I still barely have any money saved for my PC. Lol the path to the Master Race is costly!

      1. Doesn’t matter which side a developer represents. If that dedicated person works so hard having to set aside their own private life and health to complete a game, then I would feel sorry and wish for that person to get rewarded well for his/her progress.

        1. Hm… I don’t believe you. Say something good about one of the Sony or Xbox members and I might be convinced.

          1. I had nothing bad to say about Sony other than them playing copycat for two generations straight and stop doing what made PS2 a phenomenal hit. PS3 was good but it cost Sony so much other than billions of dollars loss but some dedicated PS fans who are disappointed with Sony acting like they’re Microsoft and Nintendo at the same time. Xbox, there is nothing good about Xbox DOne period. As for 360, if they hadn’t charge for free online play plus doing that Paywall/DRM BS, I swear to god I would’ve chose 360 over PS3 hands down. Even though 360 doesn’t have any exclusive to its name, I did enjoy playing COD4 and even Gears of War very much.

            After Xbox DOne reveal, I lost all trust, respect and any hint of interest for Xbox in general not just because of the console itself looking like a 90s DVR with DRM cramped all over it only focusing on fucking TV shows but Microsoft’s selfish ego has reached over the top that even 75% of the fanbase realized what they’re going for and ran away to Sony and Nintendo. As for Sony, I’m kinda glad they’re learning from their mistakes with PS3 but what’s still annoying me is that they’re still acting like Microsoft instead of themselves which made them huge in the first place. They were about to do DRM at a point but was smart to keep it quiet until E3 to change their minds. Right now, I see nothing wrong with PS4 besides their BS PSNow service which makes me praise Nintendo for better support on backward compatibility with older games and accessories. You wanna doubt me because I sight the negative points of the other platforms you blindly worship to no end or sense. I’m being down to earth insightful on all subjects. You wanna disrespect or U friend me over this? I don’t give a single fuck about it. I stand my ground and principles for what’s sensible and true to me and should be for everyone else so they won’t look as stupid in public.

            1. Glad to see you explained your reasons, but what was that last part about? All I did was tell you to say something good. ._.

                1. Sure, I can understand that. You don’t like Xbox and I know. But the only thing I really don’t like is how you always say bad things about it. I’m the type of person that enjoys all three consoles regardless of whether I have them or not. I like to see gamers having discussions about all the latest games and how they like their consoles and stuff, but I don’t like it when someone puts down another console and has the need to tell everyone why they think it’s bad. Just look at it this way for example. You see how we’re friends now, right? Now suppose that I just happened to buy an Xbox One with a few games. Would you stop being my friend after that? Would you constantly make fun of me because of the decision I made? This is exactly the type of thing that worries me with gamers. There are a few things about Xbox and some games like Halo that I like, but I can never discuss them here without someone calling me an idiot or attacking me. I don’t think Xbox is perfect and it does indeed have its problems, but you should never attack the gamers themselves. That’s when it starts to get personal and people can get uncomfortable from that type of stuff.

                  1. What made Xbox a bad console of choice to me now is because of Microsoft and how poorly and greedy they’re handling it just to forsake the good will and trust of fans who has a functional brain to realize bad business when they see and hear it. You wanna like Xbox and Microsoft despite them using the EA playbook to cheat and use consumer trust for quick money, that’s your problem and eventual loss when they screw you very hard one day. I don’t hate a brand, I hate a selfish company behind it. Microsoft has been poisoning the gaming market since they came in and starting destroying Nintendo followed by corrupting Sony to mimic them.

                    1. You and me don’t view the situation the same way. When you think about Xbox, you probably think about DRM, Kinect, and Microsoft, right? When I think about Xbox, the thing stuff that pops up in my head is “Halo. Far Cry. Assassin’s Creed.” I usually think about the games and don’t really pay attention to anything else unless it gets in the way of my gaming. That’s why my only main issue with the Wii U is the third party. If Wii U had every third party game coming out, I wouldn’t really care about what it can’t do because I’d be too busy playing games. It’s better to have multiple platforms anyways because you’d never miss out. I’m sure that eventually there’s gonna be an Xbox One exclusive that might REALLY catch your eye, but it may not convince you to buy an XB1 with your feelings towards Microsoft. I understand how you feel, but I honestly don’t like to see gamers making themselves miss out like that. There’s no need to take sides when you can have the best gaming experience possible with all 3. :)

                      1. And that’s why you’ll be a sucker to their con policies if you just buy their shit not realizing they’re controlling your purchase and ownership of games. Halo, Far Cry & AC? Can get it on PC with free online play and visual improvement but the Ubishit games, I don’t care anymore. If Wii U had all of those games, high chances are 95% of them will be gimped as shit and I ain’t wasting a dime on lazy work.

                        Microsoft will never make or have a single decent exclusive that’ll catch my attention. If lame ass new Rare was as smart as the old and make a Conker sequel as good, fun and raw as the N64 game, it MIGHT change my mind but no, not gonna happen at all.

    1. I hope they don’t rush the final phase of development just to ma me that Nov 21st. Deadline. I’d rather have it delayed a month or so for it to be completed properly, instead of rushed out because there’s a release date.

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”-ShigeruMiyamoto.
      Sonic ’06 is proof of that.

        1. Stupid idiot, it isn’t spamming. Learn to tell the difference, not only have I been posting comments here, I’ve probably been a member from this site for even longer.

          And just in case you didn’t know, Tiger direct is a huge retail store ala Best Buy or office depot.

    2. Iwata is letting this BITCH sakurai work like a slave with no break

      This faggot is going to be finished when Smash Wii U is done

        1. They aren’t everything when people are acting as if HD was a miracle. The Wii U sucks. There is a reason games like Mario Kart 8 didn’t help it.

    3. I can’t wait for this game to come out and have much less spam on my nintendo news. God there is not a day where you don’t have 5 news on that bloody game!!!!! I was not that much bother about watch dog but with the over the top news of smash, I can wait to play this game and bayonetta

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