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Here’s The Hyrule Warriors Trailer For The Master Quest DLC Which Is Out Today, Plus Update

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have released a new video to celebrate the launch of the Master Quest downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors which goes on sale today in Europe. The DLC costs £6.99 and contains the following:

  • 2 new costumes for Lana / Cia,New weapon for Link (Epona)
  • Brand new map for Adventure Mode (with some new 8-bit weapons and alt. color costumes to unlock)
  • New Legend Mode battles

A software update is also available for Hyrule Warriors and is version 1.3.0. The description says that the new update introduces new features and adjustments to enhance the overall experience.

  • Adds ability to access the content in the Master Quest Pack
  • Adds three new playable characters: Cia, Volga and Wizzro
    Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment

Thanks, Omega

33 thoughts on “Here’s The Hyrule Warriors Trailer For The Master Quest DLC Which Is Out Today, Plus Update”

            1. Oh wait, this isn’t free as well.

              Some games get patches that add things, like Blops 2 just put a new map on the Wii U, and sometimes games get new content with patches. So did Ghosts and so do many other games. This isn’t “Nintendo only” thing.

                  1. Nah. I think the DLC is over priced, I dont blame Nintendo because its not made by Nintendo, all this dlc choces are from a 3rd party, now i like MK8 because you get a lot more from it compare to spending the same price on character DLC for littlebigplanet on my vita\ps3

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            Normally, I don’t bother with DLC until after I finish a game, but even then, after I beat a game I usually stop caring. The MK8 DLC on the other hand, is the first I’ve been genuinely interested in. I hope I helped.

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                That’s because I’m in charge of maintaining positive social relations within the MNN community. While it’s true, I did grow up on Nintendo, There are places where I feel changes need to be made. No gaming company is perfect.

            1. Mariokart Dlc in my opinion is one of the best things to happen for nintendo fans this year. We all love mariokart but it dies too early because of the lack of new content, and eventually the tracks get repetitive. But now with the dlc I’m hoping they just continue releasing more and more of this kind of content because when done right it makes the games we play better!

          1. “I don’t think you know me enough.”

            Yet you call me a “fan” of yours for making a video of the truth about yourself and make a sarcastic reply to make yourself not sound butthurt. So keep using that wall of sarcasm and Moot Point if you want to eat, I’m already satisfied.

      1. In my opinion I think most companies do DLC right so no issues here! Anyone know how to upload gifs on laptop or phone?

        1. I think DLC in itself is bad. If it was done, it should be done in terms of big expansions and be 1-2 DLCs, not 20 of 5$ ones that you have to buy to have the full experience.

  1. The Master Quest adventure map has Loads of additional Costumes and Weapons. ive seen an NPC Zelda using an 8 Bit Sword, so i think every character now has an 8 bit weapon version to unlock

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  3. God, I love this game. Can’t wait to get my DLC tonight!

    Also, I’ll send this in, but my 3DS theme reverts to default after I play Smash. When Smash resets the system, it turns my themes off. :/

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. Hmm, I’m on mobile and having trouble finding the submit comment button-thingy…

      Anyway, Sickr. If you have a 3DS, you may want to try it. Could solicits a Smash patch as it sucks to set my theme back every time I play Smash. :/

  4. Omg there’s a Hilda costume for Zelda.
    Is this also out in NA?

    I paid like $19.99 for DLC on this game, is this what I paid for? I don’t remember

    1. Lol! “is this what I paid for”, Um to be honest i’m not sure how much of this is included in the other one but the three characters are a free update.

    2. you’ll have to unlock it in the new adventure mode map (master quest)

      but yes, that is what you paid for, costumes, epona as a weapon for link, 5 new “Legend mode” missions for the villians that you get for free and a new adventure mode map. 8~bit weapons as well, but again, you’ll have to unlock it. What you paid for is basically a season pass. All 4 (i believe?) Of the dlc will be yours. The next dlc comes out around december if i’m right.

  5. I hope the next DLC pack actually gives us alternate outfits. I’m tired of palette swaps being passed off as alternate outfits. Like what Sakurai did with Samus, giving her basic power suit just colors of the Fusion Suit, Dark Suit, Light Suit, & Dark Samus.

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