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Ubisoft Announces Petz Beach and Petz Countryside For Nintendo 3DS In UK

Today, Ubisoft announced that Petz Beach and Petz Countryside, two new vibrant locales in the popular pet-simulation adventure game series for kids, will be available for Nintendo 3DS system on October 17, exclusively available through Amazon in the UK.

Just in time for the holidays, Petz fans will embark on the ultimate adventure in two new exciting environments, where players can care for a variety of dogs, complete quests to expand their village and connect with other Petz owners.

With a huge variety of more than 50 different types of animals in Petz Beach and Petz Countryside, there’s something for everyone. Not only does the village expand as players progress through the games but the environments also change with the seasons, so the adventure lasts all year long!

With the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass feature, both Petz games will also allow players to connect with other Petz owners to exchange exclusive items and photos of their pets. If a player has both Petz titles, they can even visit the other town with their pet and exchange exclusive items between the games. Players can also use the Nintendo 3DS facial recognition system for an even more interactive bonding experience with their pet, as well as the voice recognition system to teach their pet a variety of new tricks.

Players can learn while on the journey in Petz Beach and Petz Countryside. As kids care for their pets and complete missions, they’ll learn fun facts about animals, plants and insects!


53 thoughts on “Ubisoft Announces Petz Beach and Petz Countryside For Nintendo 3DS In UK”

  1. Remember the target audience for these types of games are 4-10. They’re not intended to sway gamers the likes of us. :}

    1. Nope. Guess what? I showed this to my 8 year old brother and my little girl cousins and they all said that this was garbage. You’re wrong, DeJ. XD

          1. Thanks, I have internet friends who stand up for me. To Hollow: Take that. XP

            I have more fun with this community than I should. :)

            1. You know I was only joking, right? Lol of course we aren’t the target audience. Some kids may get it. So yeah, you’re right. :) You’re always right. XP

              1. I know you’re only joking, I’m not your average hormonal, over emotional, drama queen of a girl here. But I did make you feel horrible, so mission complete! 😝

                Besides we could settle this in Smash or MK8 any day. ;P

                1. Yeah, sure. :P I would be cool with that, but I’m going to tell you that I’m not that good at Smash. I’m training to get better! I’m actually afraid to go online. XD I tried that once with Brawl and 3 people decided they want to only attack ME and they didn’t even hit each other. It was horrible! I don’t know how some people even get that good at Smash. Idk how good you are but I’m hoping I could at least match up to you! On MK8 I’d say I’m pretty good. You better watch out there. Lol. I can give you my 3DS code whenever you want me to and I’ll message it to you. BUT, you will need to actually read it this time, DeJ! You don’t ever come to Miiverse. :P

                  1. True, true. School is soooo busy for me, so I haven’t had time to really game. And right now I’m playing Xenoblade so I don’t actually see Miiverse notifications and stuff in Wii mode. With Smash well, I just need to turn my wifi on to play online. But you know as much as we are on here, just message me if you want to play – I’m on here every hour for crying out loud. And that goes for anyone, if I’m not in school I’m more than happy to battle or race anyone. But I’ll check Miiverse Hollow so send me your code. :P

                2. Also, I have no idea what you were getting at with that first part of your comment. Idk what hormones have to do with anything. Wut? Lol.

                  1. Hormones = Emotions/feelings. Guys like to say girls are emotional and crap so that’s why I said that. Don’t take anything I say on here seriously Hollow… XP

                    1. I still don’t know what that has to do with anything I just said. :P But glad to hear. I don’t generalize anyways because I already know not all girls are the same. Besides, I’m glad you aren’t like that. I’d prefer the DeJ I’m talking to right now rather than one that cries and whines all the time complaining about her personal problems. Too much stress for me. Lol. That’s why you are DeJtheGamer, not DeJtheComplainer. XD

                      1. Thanks Hollow. I sent/sending you my 3DS friend code as we speak so look for me on Miiverse. 😉

      1. They have been all this time but that’s alright. The jokes, in the long run, will be on them when Nintendo gets big again, they crawl back and it’ll be the fans turn to give them shit.

        1. You are correct. My sister, who was probably 5-7 years old back then, bought Catz for the GBA. She said it was complete dogshit… Ok not exactly in those words, somewhere along those lines.

          1. I can imagine, lmao. These kinda games are aimed for small children after all, so I guess developers don’t exactly put a lot of effort into them, probably going all like “they’re kids, they’ll play anything”.

            1. Besides this, I didn’t let her play any other types of these games back then. Maybe that’s the reason why she said it sucked. We used to play GTA San Andreas, Super Mario Sunshine, Pokemon Sapphire, and all the other good stuff lol

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                You did good Giygas. I’m kinda misty-eyed thinking about the amount of care you took to make sure your sibling grew up with good tastes in video games. Some parents just don’t get it…

                1. Thanks man. I tried my best. Over this past summer, her and her friends would come over and play MK8 almost everyday. I’m glad she still has gaming in her blood after all these years.

        1. If so, then why they keep making shit instead of something original and serious to earn that support back? Continue being blind at Ubishit intentionally making Nintendo fans look like an ass for not buying garbage.

          1. Earn what support back ? You do know it was Ubisoft “supporting” Nintendo, not Nintendo supporting Ubisoft, right ?
            Also, I’m not being blind to anything. I merely stated a fact, I didn’t say anything about wanting to buy Ubisoft’s games or something like that.

              1. I didn’t say anything about the quality of their support. No matter how good or bad the support it is, it’s still Ubisoft supporting Nintendo, not, as you have claimed, Nintendo supporting Ubisoft
                You try again.

                  1. Can’t believe your level of stupidity of failing to comprehend the simplest things. Nobody said anything about the quality of Ubisoft’s support, nobody expressed any kind of opinion towards the games Ubisoft brings to Nintendo platforms, nobody said anything about buying Ubisoft’s games. You needa stop fantasizing.
                    You said Nintendo was supporting Ubisoft, to which I have said it wasn’t so. That’s all. No deeper meaning to it, no hidden message, no secret subtext, nothing between the lines. I can’t believe you could make so much out of a single sentence, lmao. You need to calm down, really.

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