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Ubisoft Unveil The Final Phase In The Just Dance Competition

Ubisoft and the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) today announced the list of qualified Just Dance players for the World Finals at Paris Games Week (October 30 to November 1, 2014).  The World Finals will take place on the central stage of the ESWC and will be live streamed on Twitch and Dailymotion. Here are the twenty finalists:

Finalists from World Dance Floor

Just Dance’s online multiplayer mode allowed players to compete against each other’s performances; here are the top performers:

1- Kelvin DA ROCHA SANTOS (Brazil)

2- Flavien ALONZO (France)

3- Alan FAUNDEZ (Chili)

4- Diego DOS SANTOS SILVA (Brazil)

5- Avery PRICE (United States)

6- Rosalia ROHWER (United States)


8- Linda HUANTE CABALLERO (Mexico)

9- Nyugent VILLANUEVA RUEDA (Peru)

10- Jochem ROMIJN (Netherlands)

Finalists from Just Dance TV

The qualifications were also open on Just Dance TV where players submitted their best performance on Just Dance 2014 through Autodanceoption.

11- Carrie SWIDECKI (USA)

12- Luis Fernando LOPEZ CORTEZ (Mexico)

13- Tulio FURST AKAR (Brazil)

14- Mario SANTORO (France)

 Finalists from ESWC Qualifier Events

Live Just Dance competitions took place in Canada, Australia, Russia and Denmark over the last couple of months. The last two finalists will be selected during the French Finals at Paris Games Week where the eight best French players will compete against each other.

15- Che TAN (Canada)

16- Denzal VAN UITREGT (Australia)

17- Dmitrii STEPANOV (Russia)

18- Stefania Daniela MARRAS (Denmark)

19- French finalist

20- French finalist

As the home of the ESWC, France will give a special welcome to their players and the eight best French dancers from online qualifications will be invited to compete live on Wednesday, October 29. The qualifier will take place on stage at Paris Games Week and two winners will qualify for the World Finals.

Agenda of the competition

  • Wednesday October 29, 12pm-3pm: French Finals
  • Thursday October 30, 12pm-3pm: World Finals, Groups A & B
  • Friday October 31, 12pm-3pm: World Finals, Groups C & D
  • Saturday November 1st, 12pm: World Finals, Group E
  • Saturday November 1st, 3pm: World Finals, ½ Finals et Grand Finals 

Rules and Jury Process

  1. Every session is a duel (1 versus 1) danced to one dedicated song
  2. The final game score is worth 50%
  3. The jury’s score is worth 50%
  4. In case of a draw, the audience watching online will vote

The Jury will give a score on artistic qualities of the players (choreography, emotion, energy, etc.) and will explain its decision. The Jury will be composed of:

  • Matthew Tomkinson : Game Director
  • Véronique Halbrey : Character Director
  • Mehdi Kerkouche : Choreographer

The players will play the latest installment of the game, Just Dance  2015.


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