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Super Smash Bros Wii U Will Feature More Trophies Than Any Game In The Series

Nintendo of America has today confirmed that Super Smash Bros for Wii U will feature more trophies than any previous Super Smash Bros game has ever contained. So, yup, there will be plenty of them for you to try to collect.

9 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Wii U Will Feature More Trophies Than Any Game In The Series”

  1. I wanted some more trophies to collect; I have nearly all of them on the 3DS and I like reading their info(even though they don’t really tell what game the trophy came from).

    1. yes they do go into your vault. select trophies then select gallery after that press R. there it tells you about the series every trophy came from. how do you not know this with almost all the trophies? you already have close to 684?

      1. I know that, but it doesn’t tell what game the character came from like in the previous Smash games. It will show that the Metal Box came from the Mario Series, but not that it came from Super Mario 64. And then the Other Series is pretty much a guessing game most of the time. No telling where Eddy comes from. :S

  2. My only complaint about the trophies is that the majority of them are far too easy to earn. Real trophies are only earned from hard work, dedication and skill. But in the Smash games, it’s like a church easter egg hunt, where all the eggs/trophies are just sitting there waiting to be grabbed.

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