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Hyrule Warriors Sales Exceed Expectations Outside Japan

Koei Tecmo has revealed that sales for Hyrule Warriors have exceeded expectations in North America and Europe. Although it hasn’t shared specifics such as figures, the Japanese publisher says it is surprised by the hack-and-slash title’s performance outside its home country. Earlier this month, Nintendo attributed the Wii U console’s recent increase in sales partially to the game. Hyrule Warriors is available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

86 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Sales Exceed Expectations Outside Japan”

  1. great game! been playing the dlc pack, definitely a game worth checking out for anyone who doesn’t already have it.

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      Well I might have to check it out then. I’d been holding off until Bayonetta 2, but It’s always had my interest.

      1. You could learn a new language with that amount of time. Probably earn a few useful certificates and land a good job. If you spend more than 40 hours on a game, it’s time to move onto something else man.

        1. It’s ok. I used to be a workoholic as well. Then I realized there is no point to living if it’s just about working and collecting money I can’t spend in the afterlife.

          If wasting your life being a cog in a machine is fulfilling to you, then go and let us enjoy gaming.

        2. Yes because we all spend 40 hours on a game in one single sitting. Well… some people are stupid enough to do that but others actually do other things like work at a job (how else do you think some of them are even buying games,) go to school, take care of their kids, cook, clean, etc.

        3. Thats your opinion, and you are more than welcome to do what you want. Who are you to say when someone has devoted too much of their OWN time to something they enjoy. I say, leave ’em be.

    2. I agree. This game definitely deserves ALL the praise! I been playing the game for a month, most of that month I was playing the Adventure mode, I am only about 60% done with that. My sister and brother even played it, and enjoyed it. I JUST beat Legend mode (haven’t really been playing it), and with the DLC pack (I got the Season Pass), I still have so much to do and go. There is SO much content in this game. This is really how games should be made, lots of content, a store, purpose and motivation (leveling up, challenges, different modes, collectibles, etc.). This game has truly exceeded my expectations (not that I thought it would be a bad game), but it’s truly amazing.

    3. I been playing it nonstop, I bought bayonetta 2 and still haven’t touched it because of hw , great game. ..

      1. I dropped “Hyrule Warriors” about a week in, as I had picked up “Wonderful 101” in order to prep my soul for “Bayonetta 2”. “HyWa” is fairly fun, but “Bayo 2” is legitimately an all-time classic — right out of the box. Not entirely sure if I’ll get back to “Hyrule” before “Dragon Age” and “Smash” are out. The “MK8” DLC is on the horizon, as well.

        I’m swamped.

    4. It really is a good game, a little repetitive, but in a way, that’s what i like about it. Its fun to just come home and mow stuff over and use crazy attacks. If it wasn’t a dynasty warriors spin off I would have called the game “link smash” as a spin off from smash brothers. (btw they should totally make smash brothers spin off were the characters are focused on action and adventures)

  2. I’m so glad to hear this! I really enjoy Hyrule Warriors and would love to see more collaborations; hopefully this will convince for more!

  3. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

    Don’t underestimate the Zelda series. Spin-off or not, they’re comin’ for ya. Unless ofcourse… Skyward Sword. XD
    I was super hyped for it until they showed the Zelda U demo. Then I dropped the thing completely off of my to-do-list.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      Skyward Sword sold 3.4 million copies by the end of 2011 and holds a 93 on Metacritic.

      It’s my personal favorite Zelda game. (inb4haters)

        1. The boring overworld, limited ammount of side quests, and loftwing controls are the reasons why I dislike Skyward Sword. And the puzzles just didn’t seem as tough as other Zelda games. At least in OoT, LttP, and TP I found myself in a “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO” situation. It just didn’t seem as complex in the puzzle department. In the end, it just doesn’t hold it’s ground against the likes of Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Wind Waker, which just had so much to do.
          I do like the sword controls, art style, music, and Groose, though. Those were some redeeming qualities. But, it’s nowhere near my [personal] favorite Zelda game (but it might be on par with the ds Zeldas).

            1. That is the biggest mistake many people make sometimes with Zelda games: they compare them to others. When they do that, they can’t appreciate the Zelda games that try to do something different from past games. Skyward Sword’s biggest problem isn’t the game itself but the many Zelda “fans” that bitch because it isn’t another Twilight Princess.

              1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                When Skyward Sword was announced I was one of those who was disappointed with the art style and wanted Twilight Princess again. But when it came out, I beat it and then did the Hero Mode. Yeah, the Loftwing controls were wacky, it wasn’t a true open-world game, and there weren’t a lot of side quests, but the visuals and expressions were outstanding.

                I played Skyward Sword before Wind Waker (which I played on my Wii U), and when I played Wind Waker, I found the controls impossible. I got so hooked on the motion controls that I disliked WW’s traditional controls.

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

        I’m making the mistake of knocking the product before I’ve tried it. I made the exact same Mistake for Wind Waker before Twilight Princess. I’ll pick it up soon.

      2. Me too!!! Skyward sword is my personal favorite in the zelda a series and I have played almost every zelda game. I’m also a fan of Spirit tracks. Lol

        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          Spirit Tracks was my favorite Zelda game but it is a bit forgettable. That being said, it tried something different and I remember those difficult Phantom puzzles and the fun of conducting the train. It’s a great game.

          1. That final tower in Spirit Tracks was so complicating that I actually stopped playing and never returned. First time that happened in a Zelda game.

      3. Skyward Sword isn’t my favorite Zelda game, but it’s definitely one of the best. I really loved it. I’ve never understood the hate some people have for that game? It was SO fun! The Zelda in that game is quite possibly my favorite of all, because she seemed more human and down-to-earth. And Skyward Sword is the first game that showed a little romance between Link and Zelda. I hate when I REALLY love a certain Zelda game, and there’s never a direct sequel.

        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          My problem with Zelda’s other incarnations was that she’s a princess with no parents (?!?!) who, if there is romance hypothetically, is interested in a lowly citizen with a sword. It didn’t really make sense and was sort of cliché. Skyward Sword had them as best friends and their relationship was realistic. So yeah, I agree: I’m really bummed when a game I like doesn’t get a sequel. But WW and OoT got sequels at least.

          1. Well, I don’t really consider Majora’s Mask to be a sequel to Ocarina Of Time (even though it was). Mainly because it was so different that it didn’t even seem like the same Link that fought Ganon in OOT.

            1. In a way, Twilight Princess & Wind Waker was more of a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time than Majora’s Mask.

          2. Skyward Sword effectively explains why Zelda would always be drawn to Link & vice versa. But it probably doesn’t happen often with a Link & Zelda becoming a couple considering sometimes there are just better candidates for Link to hook up with. For example, in Twilight Princess, Link & Ilia is a much better idea for a couple than Link & Zelda.

  4. That’s good. Happy to hear it. I remember all the crying and disbelief when the game was first announced last year.

    Glad to see people really gave it a chance and saw how good it is.

    1. Who says they won’t?
      VgChartz says it sold 450k until October 11th and it is ONLY retail/disc version. And the game is still in the Top Ten of the eShop downloads.
      So once again: Who says it won’t sell 1 million copies?
      Finally: Koei Tecmo NEVER said something like this.

  5. I’m happy to read that. This games has brought me so much joy and fun, I’ve been playing it everyday since it was released.
    This game is worth every single cent.

    1. Yes, I am literally addicted to this game, I wake up and think about playing this game, and how long I have to play it everyday. lol.That’s how games should be.

        1. Or he’s referencing the original song that line was from. In fact, Nicki Minaj’s song Anaconda revolves around some of the lyrics from the original song.

  6. Just goes to show how many people love Zelda. I wonder if this sold more copies than other “Warriors” games?

    1. If this game by some chance outsells previous titles in the Warriors series, I will not be able to help but laugh. BUT I won’t hold my breathe on that happening.

  7. I just finished Legend Mode for the first time earlier. I didn’t even know I was at the end. While it was fun, the story felt rehashed or something. It didn’t excite or move me. Just another game of kicking Ganon’s butt. But it WAS fun. First time ever playing anything even remotely like this. Never have I seen so many enemies on screen at the same time.

    But I was disappointed in the lack of characters in Legend mode. Where the heck were they? I thought I’d see every character during this mode. I’m trying to play Adventure Mode now, but it’s seriously confusing the heck out of me. I can’t figure out what to do or which block on the map that I need to go to next (and what to do). I keep repeating the same exact battles because of not knowing what to do.

    1. There are certain items that you win in each “square” based on your rank (Getting a certain rank gives you the permission to unlock a new square). Some of these items include candles (burn down a tree), bombs (destroy a cracked wall), compasses (Which you can use to search for the target that needs a specific item), water bombs (destroy submerged rocks), power bracelets (move rocks), raft (cross lakes), goddess harp (calms a set of butterflies), and many more. This is what you normally have to do in order to unlock a new reward for things like new weapons, fighters, and heart containers depending on the square.

    2. Spoiler Alert, so read at own risk: Sadly, you did see every character in the game in Legend Mode. Every character they revealed to us that were in the game before release was all the characters they actually put into the game. So unfortunately, they didn’t leave any surprises for us to find in the game as far as characters are concerned.

      1. Seriously? I kept constantly hearing about one character after the other being announced before Hyrule Warriors was released. Man, this game wasn’t nearly as epic as I thought it would be. (- _ -)

  8. Great game! I thought it was harder than most people said. I guess I needed to be more aggressive. Instead of waiting for the easy minions to come to me I would have to go after them. I think I wasted too much time waiting for the minions to come to me and then I’d run out of time towards the end. They’d take over a crucial keep. I’ve been surprised how much fun this game is. Keep up the good work Nintendo!

    1. Yeah, it was real fun. But it made me so angry and frustrated at times that I nearly broke my pro controller.

    2. Yeah. The enemies rarely come to you unless you are close to them. They mostly go after the keeps & other characters as you most likely noticed while playing the game. Although, in Adventure Mode on certain stages, the bosses will DEFINITELY come straight for you once they spot you.

      1. the bosses will DEFINITELY come straight for you if you are the only one on the battlefield to the point that it’s downright annoying when you are trying to complete a certain task like wiping out a certain number of enemies.*

  9. Tecmo said they were hoping Hyrule Warriors would sale 1m. It doesn’t even sale half that (maybe with eshop sales?) and they say it did better than expected? Maybe they meant 1m lifetime.

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  13. Off the subject of Hyrule Warriors (but still about Zelda), is anyone else disgusted that both sequels to Wind Waker were on the DS? I’ll never stop being disgusted about that. It’s not too often that a Zelda game has a direct sequel. And the Wind Waker was AWESOME! I’ll never understand why Nintendo does that (puts sequels to console games on a handheld. Same with Luigi’s Mansion).

    That stylus control scheme in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks was HORRIBLE! My body ached every time I played them. SO uncomfortable. The play control makes those two Zelda games my least favorite.

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