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Yokai Watch 2 Headliner Has Over 230,000 Pre-Orders In Japan

Japanese Nintendo 3DS success story Yokai Watch 2 shows no sign of slowing down in Japan. Sales tracker Media Create has revealed that Yokai Watch 2: Headliner currently has 231,000 pre-orders. It managed to achieve this figure in just two weeks. Yokai Watch 2 looks well on its way to sell a staggering 3 million copies in Japan.

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16 thoughts on “Yokai Watch 2 Headliner Has Over 230,000 Pre-Orders In Japan”

  1. Quick, also bring it to the other parts of the world. Look how tomodachi life turned out!! Don’t let the 3DS just die out like most of your consoles Nintendo!

    1. “Don’t let the 3DS just die out like most of your consoles Nintendo!”

      What? 3DS isn’t going die out for years lol

    2. None of Nintendo’s consoles ever “died out”, except maybe the Virtual Boy. Every console had a good, normal lifespan before the succeeding consoles came out. Unless you compare them to the Atari 2600, which lasted 14 years before being officially retired in 1992. But that’s a different story.

      1. I mean that they just bring lesser and leader games to their consoles. Still great games but they should learn to keep making a steady amount of games throughout the consoles lifetime. Giving your old consoles two games a year is only OK when the follow up of that console is released… Not the year before that new one is out…

  2. Nintendo is making so much money off of thier 3ds. All they have is hit after hit after hit. It’s amazing to think that people actually thought Nintendo was “going under”, when in fact they are probably more successful than the other big two. The only reason they posted losses in the first place was becouse there was no way to keep up with the staggering success of the Wii and Ds. Of course sales were going to tank for a while. Add to that all the construction costs of new headquarters and new platforms…. Nintendo is growing.

    1. Indeed, Nintendo is making money on all fronts. Imagine the amount of money they are going to make with Amiibo. The 3DS has hit after hit, the WiiU shall have greatness like Bayonetta 2 in November and December with Smash bros. and Captain Toad’s Treasure tracker. WiiU is having the holidays at its mercy, and our wallets.


    2. As a whole company I would say nintendo is probably doing better than sony. Microsoft obviously beats bother combined easily but I mean come on. Also I would say Japan is probably picking up most of the slack. America seems to be doing OK, could be better but Europe seems to be going slow

      1. MIcrosoft and Sony have so much more going on, you can almost hardly compare all three unless you only look at the gaming aspect, which for the other two, is hard to do.

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