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Zelda Wii U, Star Fox Wii U, And Xenoblade Chronicles X, Still On Track For 2015 Release In US

You’ll be pleased to know that Wii U hard hitters The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Kirby The Rainbow Curse are still on track to release on the console in the US next year. We heard earlier today that Splatoon, Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World and Project Guard have been dated for the first half of 2015. The only game that has yet to be dated in Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem which is currently listed as to be determined.

81 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U, Star Fox Wii U, And Xenoblade Chronicles X, Still On Track For 2015 Release In US”

      1. It says in the article, but it’s Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. It’s a crossover Strategy RPG for the Wii U.
        Judging how good Fire Emblem Awakening was, I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it’s out (late) next year.

  1. Yeah, that is a great slate of games… For me it is three in the first half and these three for the second half… damn. 6 games that need to be bought for this system

    1. I’m just imagining what games that are going to be revealed, next year. Could it be Pokemon Snap? Or F Zero? Diddy Kong Racing? A classic Metroid? A 3D Metroid? New series?

      Personally, I would be hyped beyond campare is there was a gritty, incredibly tough, Mischief Makers reboot.
      Or a new Final Fantasy Tactics for the 3ds. Seeing that Square and Nintendo are working together more and more, there’s a decent chance for this game.

  2. I’ll definitely be saving my money for Mario Maker, Splatoon, Xenoblade, Zelda, Star Fox, Project Cars and SMT X FE. The only non-Nintendo games I’m really digging is Metal Gear Solid and Indie stuff… Not bad, Nintendo…

    I love Yoshi Story and Yoshi’s Island, but I don’t know what to think about Yarn Yoshi. And honestly, Project Guard/ Project Robot/ Captain Toad all seemed like cheap 2nd thoughts. I’ll be avoiding those 4.

    I mean, I can’t wait for Smash Bros, but this year’s ~4 great games is easily trumped by next year’s 7+.

      1. Jeez, dude. Next time you make a mistake, I’ll be sure to meet you with a similar disrespect.
        You obviously have never met anyone who is learning disabled. Kid, you don’t understand how offensive you are being by saying that. Grow up.

        And I find it super ironic that you misspelled “wool” (whool).

        1. Haha! I was just kidding! XD But I actually do kind of get annoyed when people say Yarn Yoshi instead of Wool. Also yeah I feel stupid for spelling wool wrong! lol XD btw I’m 15 :)

          1. Well it is tough to decipher sarcasm on the Internet.

            But in all seriousness, don’t call people “retards”. Jokes are fun, but there are people out there with learning disabled siblings/friends/family who would are really hurt when they hear a kid say something like that. Alright?

    1. Have you not seen the trailer for Captain Toad? To me it looks superb – every bit as lovable as Super Mario 3D World. I also reserve judgement on Yoshi’s Woolly World though. The art style is simply phenomenal, but we’ll have to see whether the game matches up to that.

      For me the thing on the top of the agenda is The Legend of Zelda. I’m glad they’re still saying a 2015 release date. We can only hope, but for me that games matters ten times as much as the rest of the list put together (though I’m certainly very excited about Splatoon, X and Project Cars).

      1. Yeah, the art style for Yoshi Wooly World is pretty good. The Yoshi games have always been really painterly, and this new one is neat, to say the least. But, it just looks a little bit slow paced. But, yeah, we’ll wait and see.

        As for Captain Toad, I’ve just been a little bit disappointed in the last few Mario games. 3D world was heaps better than NSMBU, but it didn’t really leave the sense of wonder that SM64 and Galaxy left. Nowadays I prefer the RPG spinoffs (Paper Mario/ Mario&Luigi), so I suppose it’s just a matter of taste.

        Zelda- and it’s open world, no less. I too am looking forward to it.

  3. Just Metroid and maybe, just maybe like this might be waay too much to ask but I would really like to see another Last Story game, I think it is copyrighted by Nintendo.

  4. It’s gonna be huge for Wii U owners, Zelda’s mah jam and I’m waiting for this episode like it was the holy grail. Only lacks Metroid Wii U and my life would be complete.

  5. Nintendo is gonna send me to the poor house next year, there’s too many great games coming for the Wii U next year

  6. Splatoon, Mario maker, Xenoblade chronicles, Starfox, and the cherry on top of the next wii u console year Zelda wii u! I can’t believe this next year could actually be better than a year where we got the fantastic DKTF game, Addicting MK 8, and soon to be legendary Smash for wii u!

          1. Well all we saw was pre alpha footage plus Vanhalla Games said that they will have the graphics looking way better than what they do now. Remember what a lot of people was saying about Bayonetta 2 and Super Mario 3D World in how neither game looked that impressive visually when both games were early in development? Exactly so let’s give Devil’s Third some time before we try to prejudge it, ok?

  7. everything looks pretty cool, but Devil’s third is my most anticipated game. I love Zelda but I know what I’m getting with Zelda and devil third just looks ridiculously fun

  8. Zelda is all I want. And unfortunately, that’ll probably be a holiday 2015 game. I hope Nintendo has more games other than these. Where’s Mario Party 10?

  9. All it took was watching a few minutes of Fire Emblem Awakening on a YouTube video for me to hate the entire series and wonder why the heck people loves it so much. It looked SO incredibly boring. I doubt I could EVER like it.

        1. No. I just can’t stop laughing. That comment is worth three facepalms. You watched a few minutes on Youtube and you hate the whole series? LMAO.

          1. Yes, if that’s how the entire series is. It’s nothing like I thought Fire Emblem was. I used to think it was an RPG series, similar to Dragon Quest etc. So you should understand why I’m so dumbfounded by the type of game it really is. Sure, I know I shouldn’t judge the game unless I’ve played it. But it’s the type of game I’d never even care about TRYING to play. And if it really is fun, then I guess I’ll never know.

            1. its a strategy rpg kinda thing. Its fun for people who like that stuff. and plenty do. I would give it a chance and not judge things by how they look too much. an old me would have thought the same as you but not anymore. I used to think chess was boring as well when I was small(and I still think it is when I am not playing with someone else).

              1. If only you were like my older brother. All he has to see is a video of game to determine whether he likes it or not. I’m trying to explain to him that he should do that but he’s way too stubborn to understand. There was one time where I found out about Skies Of Arcadia Legends (the game released when I was a baby so I was new to it) and I was like “Hey man check this game out! It’s awesome!!!” (He’s a big fan of JRPGs like me) He checked it out with me then said “Vyse looks stupid. I’m not playing this game.” I was like ready to die right there when he said that. He literally missed out on a game as amazing as Skies of Arcadia JUST because he didn’t like how the main character looked…(and Vyse looks fucking awesome)

            1. But sometimes a person can tell when they won’t like a game just by seeing a video. Like, if I see that a game is a first-person shooter (or has ANY first-person camera angles) I KNOW I’ll hate it. Because I despise first-person games.

                1. I’ve only sampled a lot of them. The only ones that come to mind is Turok, Doom 64, Goldeneye etc. And several on Gamecube, but I can’t remember anything specific. But the fact is, not only do I not like first-person camera angles, but these kind of games always make me extremely motion sick. I nearly threw up when playing Doom 64 all those years ago. My eyes can’t handle all of the crazy rotating of the camera. Especially if the game’s graphics are dark and hard to see (like Doom).

                  1. That’s because of the frame rate. FPS games are usually much better because they lose that notion blur when they get around 60 frames per second. The ones you played were probably somewhere around 30 and trust me, that crap hurts my eyes sometimes. CoD is usually 60FPS, but I doubt you really care for that game. The stories of FPS games are pretty much non-existent now. There’s always Bioshock if you ever want to try that but yeah, that game will probably give you the same issues. The whole motion sickness thing. ..

  10. 1st and personally I don’t care about the release of this game for the US market. I just want to know when Zelda and xenoblade will be available in Europe.

    2nd, it does not seems we will have them for the first half of 2015 as I expected.

    3rd and final, It seems we will have some games in the first half of 2015. I really though we will get nothing until September

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  12. And all I ever wanted was a full fat Pilotwings on the Wii U, not some dumbed down Mii version, or the super short 3DS game. Come on Nintendo, with F-Zero and Pilotwings, the holy grail of Nintendo games will once again be together on a single console! :)

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