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Watch Dogs File Size Revealed Plus Screenshots Of Wii U Version

With Watch Dogs for Wii U just around the corner, Ubisoft has been awfully quiet about their upcoming action title. Thankfully, we’ve been given a few screenshots of the game in action as well as the download file size for those thinking about getting the game on the eShop. Watch Dogs will take up 17.7GB of hard drive space so you’ll certainly need to invest in an external hard-drive.

Thanks, Brandon and lord ghost : king of the federation

190 thoughts on “Watch Dogs File Size Revealed Plus Screenshots Of Wii U Version”

    1. Much like the original Assassin’s Creed, it has some good ideas that were executed poorly. I have hopes for the second game, but would have given this a 7/10. Worth checking out if you have nothing pressing to play.

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        Agreed, AC was redeemed in 2, Brotherhood was also great but it went south at Revelations, hopefully Ubisoft don’t eff this up as well and milk it to death.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          They already stated months ago that they want this to be an annual release franchise…

          And what’s with this civilian attitude lately?…

          It’s not that funny…

          1. Sony Commander Kratos

            Bleep blooop respond
            Watch dogs on the u is going to be utter escriment ubisonians should be ashamed


      2. Tough_Guy_Don't_Mess_With_Me

        I really appreciate you not acting like a 5 year-old and declaring this game to be “THE WORST THING EVER SCUM UBISOFT GAM SUX”. I by no means am the biggest fan of the game, but am not blinded by a childish lust for Nintendo to declare anything associated with ANYONE who’s ever done Nintendo wrong complete garbage.

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        I agree that treated us like mangy dogs, but when it comes to games they have some potential.

        I feel the same way about Hideki Kamiya, I think he is a nasty little imp but as a developer, he is talented so I bought Bayonetta 2 for that reason

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          The difference is, the Platinum High Commander might “insult” these civilian cattle but unlike the Ubisians, he puts 100% into his games while the Ubisian both insults our people, empire and gimped the games and then sells them at full retail price…

          1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

            Blasphemy, he insults us, Nintendo fans asking him questions, there is no defending his behavior,

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              If I had thousands of our Nintendolings asking and bothering me every time then I would probably also annihilate them for being an annoyance…

              1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

                If other developers like Junichi Masuda can handle it, I assume a “man” or what he qualifies as could do the same.

                Rather don’t answer fans if all he does is berate and demean them

      2. This was kind of a mediocre game, so if you’re not going to buy it, don’t buy it because it was a mediocre game. Don’t make your decision not to buy it because you’re holding a grudge against a company that gave us some of the best games on the console that weren’t made by Nintendo.

        Companies aren’t putting games on the Wii U, in part, because they’re not selling. So if Ubisoft makes a game like Watch Dogs and even bothers to port it to the Wii U and we don’t buy it strictly because we’re mad at them, then we shouldn’t expect them to ever release another game on the console again. It’s a business; if they don’t make money on the time they put into creating a Wii U version, they’re not just going to keep doing it in the future just because.

        1. Since they’ve already stated they’re not going to bother with future releases, even before the game goes on sale, I don’t think supporting them by purchasing will have any more a positive effect than not purchasing at this point.

          1. Exactly and these fucking braindead fools think buying this gimped crap at full price is gonna make a single lint of fucking difference. I swear, Sheeps like that is so pathetic.

            1. It’s propably your kind of people why third party left WiiU in first place. No use to port games to WiiU when noisy people in the internet is against their games even before they’re out.

              1. Actually a lot of people were for this game before it came out. Unfortunately for Wii U owners, it came out 6 months ago, but not for Wii U. Then they announced no updates or DLC, or any future games(“Mature” games that is), months after the game released for other consoles, and Wii U owners waited patiently. Their reward for waiting patiently was basically an announcement that they may be waiting for a potentially inferior version. The fact that people got noisy on the Internet means they really felt let down enough to vent. Had the Internet stayed quiet, then I’d probably agree that people really weren’t interested enough to begin with.

              2. No. EA left because they got butthurt when Nintendo turned down Origin from being a default online service for Wii U and thank god Nintendo said no to that one and guess what else? It could’ve been an optional thing like Uplay and be done with it.

                Ubisoft at first pissed off so many fans who were eager to buy Rayman Legends at Wii U launch, saying (which is utter BS) that “the sales won’t be great” when Wii U sold 3 million within its first 5 weeks so the numbers and hype was always there. They just made a sorry ass excuse to not give Nintendo an edge and by the time they released the game for the other systems they delayed a completed Wii U port for, those system owners went and bought GTA5 instead. That was Ubisoft shooting themselves TWICE in the face and they still blamed Nintendo fans for their own failures.

                Sniper Elite 2 is the pinnacle of the true 3rd party colors towards fans. They had the fucking high heaven nerve to strip 90% of the 2 year old game that was $20 at the time on PS3/360 and sell it at full price on Wii U. Now tell me that you also blame fans for not buying games like that? That game is the sole testiment of how 3rd parties treat Nintendo fans even before the damn system launched. I can keep going with Arkham Origins removing multiplayer/DLC, Assassin’s Creed 3/4 removing DLC and Watchdogs delayed and remove DLC at full price 6 months later while the other versions are $50 with DLC now but knowing stupid fucks like you who don’t listen to shit, I’m not wasting anymore time.

                Dont be stupid and feed me that bullshit again.

                1. Assassin’s Creed 4 is the one without DLC. It still has the multiplayer. Assassin’s Creed 3 has all of the DLC.

                2. Focus you anger at all of this with Nintendo. Nintendo’s decisions have put these developers and publishers in a position where it is no longer cost effective to spend the time developing for their ‘unique’ platform.

                  The controller requires extra work, the CPU requires extra work, the lack of storage requires extra work, the online system requires extra work, the console sold less than its competitors, and the audience tends to buy cartoon and casual games.

                  This is the reality, and these companies are BUSINESSES, not charities. This is why Sega died a death, as it was bad at doing good BUSINESS.

                  Get angry at Nintendo, as they’re the company who are taking the piss out of their customers.

                  1. What decisions? Making them lazy opportunist liars work harder on making a good quality game like they should since its their job to do? Look at the AAA 3rd party games this year on the so called “powerful” consoles. Its a fucking mess. Watchdogs lied about its visuals from 2012 & runs like shit on PC. Destiny lied about its single player offerings and launched with exploits and bugs. Battlefield 4 was an incomplete garbage done by EA trying to capitalize the bottom line from consumers. Adavanced Warfare launched with framerate issues. Assassin’s Creed Unity launched with so many glitches like that freaky ass facial one. DriverClub, Halo: Master Chief Collection, Arkham Origins, the list goes on. This is what happens when those fuckers take the easy way out with these tardy ass shortcuts to rush games to sucker your money just to find out and then stupidly and quickly forget that they conned your ass with broken games.

                    I can’t say the same for Wii U’s side because Sonic Boom falls in the same category but that is Sonic. He hasn’t had a good 3D game for over 10 years not counting Generations being a celebratory game with a bunch of old levels remastered.

                    IDK and IDC if your slow mind refuses or can’t comprehend this but 3rd parties are the norm of the video gaming market’s problems because they only care about cheating your money because they know you people are just as stupid as they are.

    2. People are pissed at Ubisoft, and so am I, but boycotting a game that we wanted from a third party isn’t going to do anything to prove that us Wii U owners are a worthwhile market to invest in. In fact, we started hurting ourselves during the original Wii days. I say buy it if you can afford it, I know I am ;-)

      1. And neither is buying their gimped garbage. Boycotting is like the only smart move left. Let the few other delusional idiots waste $60 on this shit and not Smash Bros. Just so they can keep learning the hard way of how right the majority of Nintendo fans are. Those kinds of fools are likely to buy Xbox DOne despite knowing DRM is still present like fools.

      1. Come on man if he has only wii u and want to play with it whats the problem.Either way this is the last AAA game from ubisoft on wii u.I m not buying it because i m not interest in these kind of games.

          1. Because there is no option of buying both SSB and Watch Dogs-
            Oh wait, there is !
            Also, ever thought of the possibility that there might be people not interested in SSB ? Or fighting games in general ? People can have different preferences than you.

            1. Except Smash Bros. isnt some typical fighting game. Besides, dont support the same jackasses who show little to no respect, regard and care to cater Nintendo gamers the right way and BTW, buying a gimped late port with no DLC at full price while others get it cheaper now only shows the full extent of you people’s stupidity being at an all time high. Nature of being a sheep.

              1. It doesn’t matter if it’s a typical fighting game or not, there are people who don’t enjoy the game, and there always will be. Nothing wrong about that.
                And believe it or not, there are people who buy things because they believe they will like the product, regardless of the morals of the company the game belongs to. And not everyone owns more than one console, so some people simply don’t have any other option to buy a game for a higher price than other people can.
                Also, it’s a little funny how you call others “sheep” when you seem to be one of the bigger ones yourself. But what would I know, huh.

                1. Its funny because I never seen or heard from one soul who doesn’t like Smash Bros. and its one of those games that’s actually played and enjoyed by millions for years. Maybe its just you trying to shoot me down on being ridiculous for not being stupid enough to buy gimped games. Come on. I’m too smart to fall for it. Can’t say the same for you.

                  1. It’s funny because I actually know a couple of people who don’t like it. Just because you don’t know any, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
                    And no, I’m not trying to shoot down anyone, you can buy and play whatever you wish to buy and play, it’s literally not even remotely any of my business. I’m just saying how things are, there will be people who will buy it and there is nothing you can do against it. Obviously, it’s not going to be a significant number of people who will buy it. But there will be some, those who don’t give a crap about what a company has done in the past or whatever. Honestly, if it was a game I’m interested in and had no chance of playing before, I probably would have bought it too. Not because I’d want to support the company, but because I’d be interested in the game, would literally be the only reason.

                  2. I have the Wii version of Smash Bros, and I’ve played Melee – I have no idea what’s even going on in those games.

                    I don’t know what the percentages mean, and I don’t know what to do beyond bashing buttons. I don’t enjoy them, and I’ll not be buying any new ones.

                    I was a massive MK and SF player in the 90s, however. So, your point?

    1. It should be “so you’ll certainly need to invest in an external hard-drive.” The original is still understandable, but I feel this is clearer in structure. If they’re trying to put the sentence in a past form they should just take out the certainly. I certainly did not come on here to be a grammar næi though. xD

      1. Tell me something: Are these images from another version of the game because if so, it’s misinformation and will get a few morons to think this is worth a dime unless they pop in that likely gimped game and realize it’s garbage but too late to return or sell it.

    1. Until they downgrade that shit in the last minute and laugh at us for buying this crap. Smash Bros. 4 and Bayonetta 2 is sitting right there and both of those games are far worth more than this POS. m

    1. Go lick it off queer. Wait until you pop that crap in and realize it looks like a 2005 Xbox launch game. Have fun with your gimped garbage and hope you feel proud of having Ubisoft laugh in your face.

      1. You’re like a angry child that was molested not only by his day but also by a man you considered homeless which really meant he was holeless until he found yours.

        Get a chill pill. It’s like your duty is to attack anyone and anything that doesn’t see your way.

  1. Oh hey! I just realized you can hack helicopters! Lol I’ve always wondered if you could do that…

    On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 9:17 AM, Jonathan Hickson wrote:

    > It looks great on the Wii U. Lol. > > On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 9:10 AM, My Nintendo News <

  2. One of the worst games this gen.

    Buy anything before you buy this trash

    Pikmin mario wonderful 101 hw Bayonetta tekken tag…

    1. you said watchdogs is dogshit compared to gta. you say you will be buying watcchdogs only to call it watchdogshit, you do not want to buy it… and you want to buy it -_-

  3. Lets be honest, Ubisoft made the same mistake pushing this back as they did with Rayman. Now there are tons of other big titles coming out this Christmas including a few big Nintendo games. The competition is going to be too high with Smash. I know they are completely different games, but realistically if you have a Wii U and can only buy one game this Christmas, which are you really going to buy? Especially if you didn’t already get Watch Dogs for another console? Not to mention Batman and COD as big competitors on other consoles. Bad sales move in my opinion.

    1. They delayed this crap on purpose to make people (only the biggest idiots) believe that Nintendo fans don’t buy 3rd party games. Wrong. We don’t buy or support garbage games and studios that fucked us over too many times.

  4. People come here to post that they don’t care about the game….. Then why? Comment? I believe everyone here complains about that on IGN yet they are here doing the same. Hypocrites at it’s finest.

      1. Says the no life who just comes here to criticize everything that’s not Nintendo made. Also the one who still thinks he has a blog but doesn’t. No one will want to read your blogs anyway so I understand why you don’t have one.

  5. Are those even REAL Wii U screenshots? If you plan on buying, WAIT for reviews. Or wait for the game to go on Sale. $60 is not worth it.

    1. I so doubt this is legit. Remember, 2012 version was a huge lie. I so doubt this crap looks any decent like those shots on Wii U. Ubishit hasn’t shown or said shit besides “Oh you ain’t getting DLC because we say so and wanna make a lie that Nintendo doesn’t support us even though we intentionally do everything stupid to make it happen but we don’t care because we want your fucking money”

      For the love of God, do not buy this crap.

      1. Does that mean people shouldn’t buy amiibos either ? Because what Ubisoft did concerning the change in visuals for Watch Dogs is basically the exact same thing Nintendo is doing with the amiibos, considering they very much seem to be advertising the figures with significantly better looking models than those that will be available for purchase later on.

        1. Comparing CGI graphics that can be static at best with no BS changes to mass produced physical figurines that’ll likely reduce quality because of high demand and nature of production? lol Ran out of excuses already?

          1. Are you sure it’s me who’s making up excuses ?
            Both situations are huge cases of false advertisement, and that means both things are a very wrong thing to do.
            Considering half of the reason for buying amiibos is to have them look nice on your shelf, it’s actually a pretty big deal that they look cheap af. If there was no possibility to make them look high quality, don’t advertise them as high quality, as easy as that.
            Same goes for Watch Dogs, if they can’t make the game look as good as they’d wish to, they don’t show it off like that.

            1. How can it be false in any sense for Amiibo’s? First off, its figurines being revealed of what it would look like. Its understandable that it could change slightly because of mass production due to it being a physical medium. Watchdogs on the other hand, thats false advertisement that shouldn’t have happened. They could’ve easily stick with that 2012 version and make a huge positive impression being the innovative game that could’ve been. But no. They needlessly gimped the fuck out of it, even on PC..fucking PC that can run that 2012 version without a problem and maybe PS4 with a few hiccups. That’s false advertisement. Now look at Destiny and all of their documentaries saying what the game would be like but didn’t in the final production finish. That’s false advertisement and you idiots still fell for it. Call of Duty Ghosts was false advertisement because it truned out to be pure garbage and it was never running “next gen” engine. lol

              All software production values can be static and if anything is missing from what was beingntold to be part of, its false advertisement. Amiibo’s isn’t on sale and never conned anyone’s money plus being slightly changed in detail to meet mass production and demand is understandable. Now, go find some other clever excuse that’s not from Youtube so you can freely try to outwit me again.

              1. Just because it’s a physical medium, doesn’t make the false advertisement okay. It’s never okay. The figures were advertised as high-quality, and that was one of the main reasons why people, including myself, got hyped for them. Getting super nice looking figures that can both look nice on your desk and be useful in games sounds great, no ? But if the figures look like super cheap McDonald’s toys in the end, I don’t see a point in making figures out of them, because I sure as hell wouldn’t put figures as hideous as them anywhere I can regularly see them. They might as well have went for little cards or chips or something of the sorts instead of figures – would have been equally useful and also cheaper, giving people a better chance of actually buying a larger number or even all of them.
                The fact that the figures would be mass-produced wasn’t a decision Nintendo made after presenting the figures, it was obvious from the very beginning. So there was absolutely no reason at all to show people better looking figures. Yes, it is true that the figures haven’t been sold to anyone yet, but I highly doubt Nintendo is going to change anything about them, they’re going to release in a couple of days, after all. But yea, we can’t know for sure, I suppose. I’m still hoping Nintendo will actually do something about them and that the figures won’t look as awful as they do on pictures we’ve seen. Especially Marth and Link, those two look terrible. So there’s actually still hope.
                And you don’t have to give me examples, they’re not going to change anything. As already said, false advertisement is never okay.
                And about the last part… Youtube ????
                I have no idea what you’re talking about. Everything I’ve said was my personal opinion about things, I didn’t get any ideas from videos of other random people complaining about stuff, if that was what you were getting at. In fact, I wasn’t even aware videos of people talking about amiibos even existed, so… ???

                1. I’m hearing that its possible the low quality phots may have sparked confusion on its detail because I’ve heard from some friends at NYC who has seen the figures in Nintendo World and showed me some HD pictures of them, said they look great, almost identical to the reveal version. Now before you start raging over some NFC toys, go see them for yourself.

  6. i was planning to buy that game for the gamepad function. I think I will wait a bit and see if the gamepad is well use on that game. If it’s worthless I just hack the PC version of this game and swtich on the extra feature which makes it look as good as the E3 demo.

  7. This isn’t a particularly bad game like the scrum of the internet would have you think. Was it way overhyped and potentially even marketed wrong? Probably. But it’s still a solid game. It isn’t without its fair share of flaws but if you’re looking for another open world game that has a unique twist on interactions and gameplay with TONS of content, I’d say give it a shot. All that said though, I expect this to do piss poor on Wii U. Everyone who wanted the game probably already has it, and it’s releasing around a busy time for gaming with some bigger, more important names releasing. Very bad job on Ubisoft’s part, and it wouldn’t surprise me if down the road we hear about Ubisoft complaining about low Wii U software sales. You really wonder why?

  8. After looking at the Wii U screenshots of Watch_Dogs, I would consider it a rental. Not worthy of a buy like Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Devil’s Third, and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    1. LEGO City Undercover is honestly one of the best Wii U games, hands down! That game has so much to do in it. And collecting everything takes ages which gives you your money’s worth! I have the guide too and the 3DS version. Obviously ain’t as good as the home console version but it’s pretty good!!


    Let this POS gimped garbage rot in hell AT FULL PRICE. Ubishit has pointlessly slapped us all in the face to help ruin Wii U’s image so skip this trash. Just go for Smash Bros. 4 and even Bayonetta 2 because those games have held up to most of their promises and shown hard work. Fuck this half assed late port and Ubisoft people.

      1. Now i’m just thinking why you should raise from ground and shoot all those innocent civilians around Tom Cruise (fan favorite for Aiden Pearce).

  10. This is going to look great on the Gamepad screen (not so sure it will look as good on a large screen TV, though). Regardless, as I always do with multiplatform games, I’ve already purchased the PC version, so I won’t spend my hard earned cash on this one. ;)

  11. … Wat?… It actually looks BETTER than the PS4 and XBox One versions…. and is it me or does it look like the 2012 version just slightly down graded?

  12. Bayonetta gave me everything it promised I loved the game want to play more, but college. Ubisoft not going to lie was intrested in ur game when u showed it off, but its a empty shell, of what u showed. U turn a cool idea into a GTA style game, with a terrible character, and story

  13. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I wish the 5-10 civilians that will buy this outdated, gimped pathetic and not even melee attacks included game to have fun with it…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Make fun of it then please…

        Then you’ll get even more viewers because of your “controversial” statements about this garbage…

        1. lol i am getting it of course. I plan on also buying all the amiibo. I know, im crazy! lol im a nintendo man and stuff like this does not come around every day. And these will be worth a lot later on for sure!

        1. Well, at least I’m glad to see you being reasonable. I don’t think I care about this game right now, but I’m not getting in the way and insulting other people that do want to play it. (Like Jester) I hope he has fun with the game.

          1. I will and if I don’t I will come to this exact same article and apologize to Commander and Stranga on how I shouldn’t have bought the game… But until then I shall stay positive :)

    1. why the fuck you want to buy it on wii u? you promised us you only had a true love and it was phil spencer. you told us the xbox 360 was better. please, explain yourself or buy the game for your xbox 360, the superior version. do it or we will kill the clown (expose the narutard)

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      If it at least had its price set to about 50% from retail price then I wouldn’t be bothered much by them…

  14. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis's Mom

    I’m not buying this for my son,I thought I would buy him Bayonetta 2 ,but decided not too because he doesn’t like girls.

  15. $60 for a game that is super late and will not receive the same support as the rest. It cost more than every other version currently out right now which you can get for $40 brand new at just about every retailer.

    Sounds reasonable.

    That is a pretty big shaft. People are entitled to like what they want but you have to draw a line somewhere since this is just wrong. I have to say I kind of agree with everyone saying don’t support this. Why support someone who is clearly trying to rip you off? Even if it were the best game in the world should anyone really support a company giving you the middle finger while trying to take all your money while they are at it?

    1. For not supporting games we have already lost Activision and SquareEnix. EA was lost before the console was out but i’m sure Mass Effect 3 and NFS sales had something to do also.

  16. Watch Dogs doesn’t even come close to Assassin’s Creed. My only complaint about the Assassin’s Creed games is the horribly boring real-time sequences. If Ubisoft could make the Assassin’s Creed games where the entire game is nothing but the Animus parts and leave out those god-awful real time parts, those games would be MUCH more awesome.

    1. So much this. Those parts are really lame. I wish AC didn’t even have to have the Animus. It takes away from the awesome Assassin gameplay and make you do puzzles or some crap. Lol. Good thing it only takes up like 2% of the game though.

      1. When playing A.C. III and IV, I felt like screaming every time it got back to the real-time sequences again. You’d think that Ubisoft would have learned how BORING those parts were.

        1. I don’t know. I think they had a reason why they keep those parts. I they’d remove them though because it kind of takes away from the experience. Like, you just killed this guy and a cutscene appears where they talk on some unknown looking place with no background. And then suddenly, BAM! Trees and blocks and stuff start flying everywhere and the world looks like it’s being built. LOL you cannot take the game seriously when it does that. I swore that was a glitch when it first happened.

      1. ^ Except Splintercell is from Ubisoft who you won’t buy any games from, so you can’t praise one of their games.

          1. Oh yeah? Well, I can easily counter that argument! Ha! Because 1: Splinter Cell came out after the Rayman Legends delay so you were probably already pissed at Ubisoft. 2: There has been no Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy that lets you demo rated M games that I know of. Wherever you played it must’ve obviously been the best store ever. Lmfao. Anyways, I can tell you are mad at Ubisoft but they haven’t always done this. They only started digging the grave after the Rayman delay. Look back at launch and we see Zombi U: A scary as fuck zombie game that I will never play because the demo scared the fuck out of me but it’s great for horror fans. And it’s a Wii U exclusive! XD Assassin’s Creed 3: Another one of their great games came to Wii U LAUNCH day and Wii U owners for to experience the thrill of being an Assassin and it offered the same experience the PS3 and 360 versions did and even got the DLC too. Then Rayman Legends… The Wii U exclusive that was so amazing that the demo alone at Gamestop convinced me to want a Wii U. It absolutely nailed the usage of the Gamepad and it was very beautiful and the music level was amazing. It got delayed to February and that was a shame, but people were still looking forward to it. Especially since Nintendo was lacking games back then for the system. Then it got delayed for SEVEN MONTHS. The delay was a pain in the ass, but the thing that really pissed Nintendo fans off was because it got delayed to be put ON OTHER SYSTEMS. The game that some people literally bought their brand new system got ported to old systems… Ubisoft had the chance to dominate with the Wii U! They were on top of their game! And they fucked it up all because they thought they weren’t gonna make enough money. As if Rayman was ever a multi million dollar selling game anyways. Lmao.That’s when all hell started to break lose. Pre orders getting cancelled everywhere. Tons of insults getting flung around. Lots of Ubisoft hate. And then, for the next game (Splinter Cell) they removed the local co-op. Saying that they wanted it to be fair to Nintendo fans that they should get the game at the same time. Even though that’s not what they did with the other games. They didn’t delay AC3 and wait until the Wii U launched to put out the game on PS3 and 360, so that excuse is really just bullshit. Then for Assassin’s Creed 4 they removed the DLC. And to make matters worse, that was not just some typical weapon pack or some skin DLC. That was a fucking single player story DLC Wii U owners missed out on. And that sucks ass. Despite all that though, Watch Dogs came and was announced for Wii U. And that ALMOST saved the relationship between Nintendo fans and Ubisoft. Nintendo fans were begging for that game because the E3 trailer made it look like oneof the best games ever made. And I’m sure Nintendo fans would’ve been SO disappointed if they didn’t get it. But then they delayed it once again on the Wii U and that was the last straw! Nintendo fans probably had a good laugh at the game though once they found out it was downgraded to hell and saw all the negative reviews about it. With all the delays and constant fuck ups that they did, Watch Dogs will probably suffer a terrible fate once it arrives on the Wii U. The Wii U’s fanbase is already small enough as it is, but the little bit of people that were actually going to get it don’t even give a fuck anymore. Ubisoft’s games sell well on the other platforms because those PS and XB1 owners don’t get fucked in the ass and ripped off. Ubisoft had better watch what they are doing over there too though because I’m pretty sure that AC Unity parity thing pissed off Playstation 4 owners. They sure as hell can’t afford to piss them off because they get the most money from those guys. LMAO!

            1. No. I gave them one last chance with Watchdogs and they fucked it up with no hint of regard for the fanbase. Watchdogs was the final straw for me. I over looked Rayman because I played the demo and it just left me questionable because they delayed it but gave exclusive content to make up for it so I wasnt THAT pissed off but was upset and even more so for laughing the game at a terrible time for the systems they delayed for which went for GTA5 instead, making the idea to delay the completed game even more stupidier than it was months before.

              1. What’s sad is that Rayman didn’t even really deserve that. It’s a really great game that could’ve been successful if it weren’t for Ubisoft’s poor decisions. Everybody could’ve all just had a fun time with the little guy back in February. But he got his ass severely kicked in September by GTA V. LOL Ubisoft should know better not to fuck with Rockstar. XD

                1. Its why Ubisoft sucks. It operated by a group of retards and Nintendo haters. Rayman wouldve done well as a timed Wii U exclsuive from the beginning and I would’ve bought it. Ubisoft fucked everything up and still blamed the Nintendo fanbase.

                      1. *big fan of Assassin’s Creed* If Ubisoft didn’t own AC, I wouldn’t have to deal with them at all.

                          1. And maybe if they didn’t own Far Cry… or The Crew… or Splinter Cell… or Rayman… Damn. Ubisoft sucks but they have so many great franchises. I wish they would at least stop putting DLC in every one of their games. Every game they’re about to bring out has a season pass. That’s crazy, man. I miss the old Ubisoft that didn’t do all this DRM and DLC stuff. They still can make some absolutely amazing games like Far Cry 3 even today though, but their business practices are messing them up. I don’t know what’s going on over there. Maybe they need a new leader or something. They just keep letting money go to their heads. *sigh*

                            1. See, Stranga. Hollow is a perfect example of why Ubisoft continues to pull it’s bullshit. If Nintendo was pulling the same shit Ubishit is pulling, people like me, you, & Quadraxis wouldn’t be going out to buy their games for Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc. like we do now. I love those franchises to death but I wouldn’t put up with Ubisoft/EA levels of bullshit. I’d gladly stop playing video games if Nintendo went the way of them.

                              1. Captain HollowGrapeJ

                                For the one millionth time, I have never bought a Ubisoft game in my entire life. Good grief I can’t believe I’m explaining this again. I don’t think I’ve told this to you yet though so you get a pass for now. I am interested in Ubisoft’s games. That doesn’t mean I buy them all the time. I can explain to you about all the Ubisoft games that I’ve played. Far Cry 2: My family had a PS3 back then and my cousins picked this game out when we were at Gamestop. I only played a bit of it but I didn’t really like it. Far Cry 3: I played this over my cousins house on their PS3. Assassin’s Creed 3: I got it as a gift. Splinter Cell (the original): I only played a few minutes of this over one of my friends house. Assassin’s Creed 1: Got it for free on PC back when I was signed up with Gamefly. So there you have it. I have literally never bought a Ubisoft game before. The only franchise I really like and would probably spend my money on from Ubisoft is Assassin’s Creed. I’m not too crazy about the rest of their games. I do think they have some very great games but the way they handle their business is what I don’t agree with. And although I do like Assassin’s Creed I am not going to lie, but those games are very glitchy. I really loved AC3 but it suffered from severe framerate issues. In fact, I almost actually gave up on it halfway through playing. I can’t stand that. Why do you think I’m always talking about PC and 60FPS? Because it’s the best way to play games. The second I saw the first cutscene in Assassin’s Creed 3, I instantly noticed the framerate drop. And I also see it’s an issue with Assassin’s Creed Unity too. As much as I love the series, that is absolutely unacceptable. The least they could do is get it running at a stable 30FPS. I don’t care how many people are in the crowds or how detailed my character looks if the game keeps lagging. And I’m probably going to avoid Ubisoft games in the future since they keep putting out terrible ports for both consoles and PC. After what they did to Watch Dogs, I really don’t trust them. I was really hyped for that game and it turned out to be one big lie. I’m happy it didn’t come to Wii U on time because I would’ve actually bought it back then and would’ve gotten severely disappointed. Thank god for that.

              1. It is. You don’t have to think or ask if it’s true. 6 months and all they did was shove a fucking map on the screen. They didn’t use the Gamepad for clever hacking mechanic. It’s all a fucking lie just like they lied about this game being anything like the 2012 version which was beyond amazing compare to this final version of this garbage.

              1. When it’s $15 USED in the next 5 months, I MIGHT think about renting this but I know it’s gonna be one big bore fest that makes me wish and pray to God that Rockstar ports GTA5 to Wii U someday.

                      1. Watch Dogs is not that bad. I’d say around the $20 area is where it’ll be worth it. It’ll be a very long time though because AC4 is still $30 and that was like a year ago.

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