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Nintendo Reconfirms Online Level Sharing In Mario Maker For Wii U

Recently Nintendo execs have been teaming up with YouTubers to talk about their upcoming games to get some more publicity. Popular broadcaster iJustine recently got to speak to Mr Miyamoto in an exclusive interview in which he reconfirmed that you’ll be able to play other people’s course online in Mario Maker and rate them. There will be popularity rankings to determine the best creations, so you’ll know what’s hot and what’s not.

You’ll be able to see what happens when other people play your course, or when you play other peoples courses… there’ll be popularity rankings for the most popular courses and things like that… so there’s a lot on the community side [that you can use].

Thanks, Kyle

50 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms Online Level Sharing In Mario Maker For Wii U”

  1. Awesome! Imma need a few days so I can set up a channel, be a cute girl, and amass 2 million+ subscribers so I can talk to Miyamoto!!


    1. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

      Same, I was going to get it day one anyway, but this was just the cherry, on top of the cherry, on top of that delishous 2015 Wii U cake…

        1. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

          Correct. But wouldn’t a hot Sundae be counterproductive? You know, a Sundae being an Ice Cream and all??? Anyway, so hyped for this game…

    1. It’s going to be Nintendo’s version of Happy

      And are you sure there is no online co-op? (i didn’t watch the video yet)

      1. There won’t be any online multiplay or co-op which should have been applied to play custom levels with friends. Imagine designing a terribly difficult level and you wanted to invite a friend over to try out and have some frustrating laughs. lol

    2. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

      They could always add it in, New Super Mario Bros Wii/U style. Image doing 2 player Super Mario World style levels, at the same time…

      1. Not sure if that is in their cards but I do want it to happen. Most of Mario games had co-op except for Sunshine, Galaxy’s is rather stupid, Super Mario 3D Land and two Super Mario Land games from Gameboy.

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  3. Olrighty, one last thing though, to go on the side that online share play. PAPER MARIO ARTSTYLE Thanks Ninty and merry christmas:).

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