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Nintendo Details Hyrule Warriors Version 1.5.0

Nintendo has detailed the upcoming version 1.5.0 of Hyrule Warriors, which is due out on the same day as the Majora’s Mask Pack on February 5th. Version 1.5.0 will add several new features, including new mixing materials, new medals, new weapon skills, an updated Junk Store and an updated Adventure Mode information screen.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Details Hyrule Warriors Version 1.5.0”

        1. What if they bought the season pass and assumed Skull Kid was going to be in there instead of Tingle… And there was also a message by Aonuma who said that he was against putting Tingle in the game.

  1. Ha! I knew the Skull Kid costume was Lana’s. Her weapons totally fit. I could tell the other silhouettes were Impa and Sheik, but I didn’t expect them to be Classic style. Not bad.

    I wonder if the DLC is gonna have a marquee weapon like the other DLCs did? (Epona and Dominion Rod) I was predicting Great Fairy Sword for Impa.

    The update is pretty sweet too (increased level cap again?!), though I wonder what the new materials are. Are they monster drops too? Hm.

  2. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    Another fucking raise in the god damn level cap!? Oh for fuck sakes! That means the Majora’s Mask Adventure Mode Map is going to be even harder! I don’t even have all of my characters at level 100 yet! FUCK!!!

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