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Analysts Say amiibo Sales Have Been ‘Somewhat Disappointing’

Some analysts have brought up concerns that Nintendo may not have a strong lineup of Wii U games for the current year and beyond, following last year’s releases of blockbusters like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario Kart 8. Analysts are also saying that sales of amiibo have been “somewhat disappointing,” despite Nintendo selling more than two million figures in under two months in the U.S. alone.

60 thoughts on “Analysts Say amiibo Sales Have Been ‘Somewhat Disappointing’”

    1. Some people just can not be pleased, no matter what Nintendo does or whenever Nintendo is doing well…
      Have the worldwide amiibo sales be released yet, or is it jst America’s sales figures that have been released and not other places???

  1. We all should know this analysis is pure BS. I’ve been hearing everywhere that Amiibo’s are a big hit worldwide. Obviously these idiots which possibly that idiot Michael Patcher himself, hates Amiibo’s and think they have no purpose other than being a collectable even though it has plenty of clever uses more than Skylanders and Infinity which all it does is install characters playing the same old “build it yourself” sandbox game, nothing else.

      1. I think you replied to my below? Or maybe you are another person. If you are the same person, I did not argue that Nintendo was failing to supply the product; I have no opinion either way. Rather, I was questioning whether there really are analysts saying Amiibo sales have been disappointing. The article linked above as proof actually links to a different article as proof, but that article does not offer proof. So it seems everything we are replying to above is based on an argument that was not made.

        1. Ohio is sold out except for Mario, Luigi, and the few we don’t give a shit about. The Amiibo availability is a joke.

          1. No. It’s that your ass ain’t asserting yourself to get one. lol I chose not to and wait because there’s one thing I learned about early releases: You’ll still get yours later on anyway.

  2. All these amiibos selling out they sure are selling horribly! And what’s that about not having a strong line up of games? Xenoblade x, Yoshi’s wooly world, splatoon, Zelda, Star Fox? That’s not including all the great Wii games they can now port over (Can’t wait for Metroid Prime trilogy thursday). Maybe if they could back their statements up I’d be more willingly to take what they say seriously.

    1. Because it wouldn’t be the game industry if people didn’t hate Nintendo for no reason. Kinda like how Epic Games’ Nintendo hate is so strong they’ll develop Unreal Engine 4 for Ouya and not the WiiU.

    2. As I point out in my reply below, the WSJ commentator linked to in the article above mentions an article supporting his assertion that analysts claim Amiibo sales have been disappointing. However, the article he linked to says no such thing. In fact, it simply details Nintendo’s strategy for rallying after disappointing Wii U sales, and was published in 9 May (before Amiibo was even released).

      1. so in other words…why the F is it on this site if it’s just bogus. I swear the supposed pro Nintendo sites are to blame for most of the media hate. They seek out negative articles just for click bait when said articles are totally bogus. This site is the very worst at this.

  3. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow xD they think that wow Wow ignoring how many times they’ve ran out of stock, yep, doing sooooooo terrible

  4. If this is bad imagine how high average sales would be lol. But seriously, how is selling faster than they can be made disappointing?

  5. Once again the community of this website fails to see the bigger picture. Yes, Amiibos are selling out worldwide, but at the same time most of the figures have had limited runs. That is what they are “somewhat” disappointing. If these limited figures were as widely produced as say the Mario Amiibo sales would probably have doubled.

  6. Well, technically YES, if Nintendo has produce more of the more demanded amiibo instead of just the ones they want to sell, the sales number would have been a lot more than 2.8 millions.

  7. “Despite all facts to the evidence, some troglodyte things amiibo sales are disappointing.” Why do you post shit like this?

  8. I fail to see how the wii U won’t be strong this year. We have zelda Wii U and a new Star Fox coming out, not to mention splatoon. And then who knows what they’ll unveil for the E3 Nintendo direct in a few months.

  9. Aha yeah because slaptoon, star fox wii u, zelda wii u, and fucking Xenoblade chronicles x isn’t a good lineup at all.

  10. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    I think by poor lineup they (somewhat) mean it lacks games that sell. Zelda usually sells 2 million if I’m not mistaken, and Yoshi, XCX, Splatoon, and Star Fox may only sell well among Nintendo’s core audience. Smash Bros and Mario Kart had a wider net. Personally, I’m more excited for XCX, Zelda, and Star Fox than I was for MK8 and Smash, but I honestly don’t think the former will sell more than the latter, but hey, I hope I’m wrong.

    If amiibo sales have been disappointing it’s due to their low supply.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      And 2 million games sold is good. But it’s not MKWii’s 35 million or Brawl’s 10 million, which is what I was implying.

    2. This person is implying that not very many games releasing this year will have amiibo functionality. However, not all games releasing this year have denied amiibo support. For example, they could use the Shulk amiibo in Xenoblade Chronicles X, (even though he isn’t even in the game,) and waiting to announce the amiibo support at a later date…

  11. It is because the Amiebos are toys, only the children like toys, and theres more grown people in the world than kids, so there you have it for those who are not smart…which is like all of you members of this website.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Video games are just glorified, highly expensive, high tech toys. All these stuck up gamers from Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo seem to happily ignore that little fact, but keep being delusional & continue thinking otherwise.

  12. tl;dr version:
    This is nonsense. It’s just the same spiel every time that you hear from these so-called “analysts”. They’re not analyzing anything–they’re just investors looking for a quick buck.

    Unlike most other companies out there, Nintendo has been doing everything it can to ensure it sticks around for the long-term, rather than just fire all their guns off, hoping that one of the bullets cut a straight path (which you very rarely see work in a corporation’s favor). You don’t think Nintendo knows a ton of people would buy their games (especially classic games from the NES and SNES era) on their iOS, Android, or Windows devices? I’m sorry to admit this (really, I am, as an owner of all 5th, 6th, and 7th gen systems, this 8th gen has been arguably the worst when comparing every other console to their second year on the market and portable to their third in each gen), but Nintendo is quite possibly the only developer that continues to bring their “A” game with the sheer amount of content they develop.

    In the case of Nintendo developing games for mobile platforms and PC gaming, it’s obvious that the product value of Nintendo as a whole (software and hardware) dwindles down vastly until their franchises get milked to non-existence. It happened to EA, Ubisoft, and Activision–and now it’s starting to happen to Microsoft with the Xbox One (hence why the only time it sold well was when it received a dramatic price cut Microsoft ‘lost’ money on each unit sold), and if Sony doesn’t watch it, the PlayStation brand will soon follow suit. Nintendo is finally using their head for once.

    Considering the fact that the Wii U was nowhere near the success of the Wii, Nintendo has to finally own up to the fact that appeasing that casual fanbase and ignoring their core potential with the Wii was what dug them into this hole in the first place with its investors. If they just brought a console that got rid of the “Wii” branding and started over anew that pulled in gamers from the very start, we wouldn’t be seeing this issue. So I also can’t blame these so-called “analysts” for being close-minded because Nintendo is the one that shot themselves in the foot with their Blue Ocean scheme.

    Now, the Nintendo 3DS? It’s a major success. Why? Because Nintendo actually got their shit right with that system in the first year after they saw how disappointing the launch was and how no games were coming out for the system because they launched with casual shit. Now, I’m not going to hate on the casual fanbase for their systems (it’s there, and it always will be), but by turning their entire back on the core audience that does love Nintendo for how kick-ass it used to be back in the day before the Wii and DS, Nintendo shot themselves twice in each foot, and it will take a long time for this wound to heal.

    The problem with the Wii U is that it had a great launch, but then it had nearly two consecutive years of nothing but a software drought. Then, come Spring 2014 at Mario Kart 8’s release, it started to see a drizzle, with it now pouring ever since the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in Late 2014 and all-year-round in 2015, provided if Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Party 10, Splatoon, Star Fox U, and Zelda U all launch this year.

  13. In truth the sales of amiibos still have yet to reach that of it’s competitors….Skylanders shot off like a rocket alongside the starting Spyro namesake, continuing to skyrocket with every following sequel. It may not seem like Skylanders sell more than amiibo with so much stock being in every store, but they are; it’s just Toys For Bob makes sure to heavily stock retailers more than Nintendo. I’m sure over time with future sets apart from the smash set, they’ll learn….I feel like the N3DS and improved amiibo stock can easily help amiibos skyrocket just as high as skylanders, but I think nintendo has to step up their A-game and start advertising like it’s 1999.

  14. So… I clicked on the WSJ blog linked to this post which mentions disappointing Amiibo sales. However, the article linked to as proof is from 9 May, which is before Amiibo was even released. More importantly, the article, also from WSJ, does not argue that these Nintendo figurines are not beneficial toward Nintendo. In fact, it does not seem to argue at all; rather, it is informational, and in that regard includes the reasoning by Iwata about how the figurines are a risky but brave step in the direction of using Nintendo characters as more than just software.

    That said, I am confused. Where is it argued by analysts that Amiibo sales are disappointing? The article author linking to his ‘proof’ said one thing, but the ‘proof’ was no such thing.

    Also, by ‘some analysts,’ do you mean the one author from the first article linked to in this post?

    1. They can’t even manufacture enough to meet demand.
      If sales data shows sales are low.. it’s b/c there is literally not enough product to meet demands and thus, the product cannot sale to it’s fullest potential.

  15. The 2 million in sales are excellent, but also occurred in the holiday season when Smash was released. It remains to be seen whether those sales numbers can continue and remain consistent when there aren’t any big games taking advantage of Amiibo gameplay that are coming out soon.
    I think if they combined their next Mario Party with their version of the Disney Infinity game, where you can use all of the Amiibo (instead of only have some games use just certain figures), it would definitely help.

    1. I think Nintendo is really onto something though. They are including a limited edition Mario with Mario Party 10. Meaning, if you want it, you have to buy the game. That should help move more games. Imagine the same thing will happen with future Star Fox, Zelda, Metroid, Yoshi, etc. as each game has a unique look for its character.

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  17. Nintendo has already been VERY successful with amiibo sales. But if Nintendo would “supply the demand”, they’d be selling a LOT more. I can’t figure out why Nintendo isn’t producing more shipments of all currently released amiibos? I can imagine how many people have e-mailed Nintendo and complained about this.

    The demand is very HIGH. I registered on the site “” so that I could be notified whenever a store gets more amiibo etc. in stock. But every freakin’ time I get an e-mail, the amiibo is already sold out by the time I make my attempt at purchasing it. People must stay on their computers 4/7. I’m always too late.

    1. It still is a gimmick aimed at children and skylanders sold a lot more than amiibo.
      I didn’t buy any as I see it as something for children and can’t find a purpose for it. I was also disappointed by the quality of it.

      For the time being I think mostly fans bought it and not children, while children should be the market.

  18. Nintendo didn’t expect the Amiibos to be this in-demand, hence quality control and supply were compromised. But if the initial supply are already sold out, doesn’t that mean any amiibo sold thereon will be profit? These anal-ist is getting their reports from their asses.

    This anal-ist is probably trying to make a name for him/her/themselves in the gaming industry like F-ter, and whose the numero uno target again for mass attention? Nintendo.

  19. You know, maybe if Nintendo hadn’t actually been waging a campaign of hysteria by announcing that certain amiibos would never be restocked, we wouldn’t have these poor sales.

  20. More unwise words from another fucking idiot. Amiibos have been selling like crazy there selling more than skylanders but no some dumb schmuck always has to be like this. Maybe we should all be game analyses because we would do a better job than these clowns.

    1. Unfortunately, that analyst at WSJ did not even do any analysis: he simply asserted that OTHER analysts claim that Amiibo sales have been disappointing. Even more, he had one source for that mere assertion, and that one source did not even support him, not even remotely. In other words, he made up the analysts.

  21. “Some analysts have brought up concerns that Nintendo may not have a strong lineup of Wii U games for the current year and beyond, following last year’s releases of blockbusters like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Mario Kart 8.”

    Yeah, they’re right… Zelda and Star Fox have never been major franchises. Ever. And Splatoon never created any hype either. They’re absolutely right in their thinking. Yup. Totally.

    1. And Xenoblade Chronicles? What’s THAT? No Japanese person I ever spoke to has heard of it!

      And Mario Party 10 and Kirby’s Rainbow Curse? From what obscure franchises are these upcoming releases from?

  22. – Amiibo sells out worldwide and many figures are fast becoming collectors items.
    Analysts: believe that Amiibo sales are somewhat disappointing

    – 2015 already had more confirmed 1st party Wii U exclusives confirmed than any previous year, since before the year even began, and more unannounced titles are now confirmed to be in development. Lineup is filled with highly-anticipated games in acclaimed franchises, like Zelda, Starfox, and Xenoblade.
    Analysts: concerned that 2015 lineup will not follow up the “blockbuster releases” of 2014.

    Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being disappointed, but why start voicing your concerns as soon as Nintendo actually achieves the very goals you’re concerned about?

  23. Skylanders sell 4,5M every month (Activision said “175M of pieces sold until May2014) and the Skylanders are not so popular as nintendo characters, so from a certain point of view sales are a bit disappointing

  24. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    If these idiots can be analysts, I guess everyone else that frequents this site can also be analysts. lol

    Considering how bad the supply is with some amiibo selling out in only a few hours & there still is high demand for them, I have to say they are selling pretty god damn well with all things considered.

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