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Splatoon Features On The Cover Of Edge Magazine

splatoon_edge_coverArtwork from Splatoon is the main image on the cover of the latest issue of Edge magazine. Also featured is a cover line alluding to a piece that explains “how Nintendo is reinventing the multiplayer shooter” genre with its upcoming third-person shooter game for Wii U. The issue also includes a review of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, which was awarded an 8 out of 10 by the publication. Pre-orders for Splatoon recently went up on the Nintendo UK store.

67 thoughts on “Splatoon Features On The Cover Of Edge Magazine”

  1. im kinda looking forward to this, i might want to buy this even though all my money is going torwed amiibos

    1. I’d say that’s already an improvement. Who really wants to listen to other people babble on and on during a game anyways.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>And you never know what kind of deluded ape is on the other side maybe recording your voice and using it for their own perverted agendas>>>

        1. CATTLE COMMANDER at it again!

          You have issues bro. Now, tell me to make an appointment to chat with your sister about how dumb that comment is. Seriously what nut case worries about people recording them while playing a video game.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Intelligent ones that knows how you deluded evil apes function in your pathetic existence but be my guest and do just like everyone else do, ipso facto ignorant cattle>>>

      2. The game doesn’t NEED voice chat, but it could make you and your team more cohesive. This game revolves around teamwork- there HAVE to be ways to communicate with your teammates, but so far we know of nothing in-game to communicate with. No voice chat, no button commands, in-game dialogue, nothing. And that won’t make for strong teamwork.

        1. I’m sorry, but Nintendo needs to get with the times. How can you reinvent the online shooter genre when you have no voice chat?

            1. Turn off the option. And if you’re playing with your friends, then wouldn’t that be nice? And I think you can choose to have only your team turned on if I’m correct in most voice chat games so you don’t have to hear the 13-21 year olds.

      3. This is worst, overused excuse. Any game that has voice chat has a MUTE function that is incredibly simple to utilize. It doesn’t seem most Nintendo fans seem to know this, though. They’ll instead resort to complaining how mics are exclusively used for children badmouthing on Call of Duty.

        Voice chat is not a useful function at all. It especially shouldn’t be used for a game focused on team coordination!

        1. They have to say things like that. They must know that gaming is better when you can communicate with your friends. Unless they actually don’t have any friends. Then I guess they wouldn’t know. Which is a legitimate reason. It explains why they just don’t seem to be able to comprehend this … novice argument.

          1. I’m starting to think it’s just that, most Nintendo fans (younger ones I’m assuming especially) have little to no friends. As a long time gamer from the NES era, it’s long overdue. Nintendo been fighting online gaming since GameCube. They have slowly gotten there but it’s still far behind everyone else.

        2. Seriously, so tired of these selfish players thinking nobody should have options that they themselves don’t like. Sure there are lots of annoying kids, but there are also cool people out there. If the people are cool, leave it on. If they are annoying as shit, turn it off. Fuck all the people supporting the lack of options. It’s just that, an OPTION.

      4. Maybe people who wanna play with their friends. And I hate having to constantly say this, but there would be the OFF OPTION. Why are you anti-voice chat people so selfish thinking nobody should have the option cause you don’t want it?

    1. Voice chat isn’t everything. In the end if your game is bad, your games bad voice chat doesn’t make it better. I know some people want it but its pretty much a done deal for splatoon right now. Who knows maybe this new account system Nintendo is working on may fix that…Maybe.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        But having voice chat for a horrible game might make the horrible game more tolerable because then everyone could have fun making snide remarks at the shitty gameplay. A lot of comedic ramblings from everyone getting pissed at the lag or whatever would definitely make me less annoyed by the lag & glitches.

  2. Funny how retards who never use voice chat (too pussy to talk online, or too poor to buy a proper headset?) bitch about missing voice chat.

  3. I don’t know why everyone is so excited about this game. It looks OK at most. but thats just my opinion and I could be wrong. Im more excited about Yoshis Wooly World though.

    1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

      I know. I’m more excited for Project Ukelele even though I know barely anything about it?

      1. Yea that game has me more excited than most things announced for any system. It’s up there with Zelda maybe even more in some ways, cause it’s been so long a long time since the original Banjo games.

  4. Well, I MAY get this game. Initially I wasn’t interested, but now I’m finding myself wanting to play it.

    It’ll be something to tide me over until Lucas returns to Smash.

        1. Wow, I didn’t even catch that one… Nice spotting, guys.

          Oh, and I preordered it this afternoon, so now I’m DEFINITELY getting it.

          1. Very nice lol I think I’m gonna get it, none of my friends are gonna get it though that I know of, but they may change their minds. I’m sure I’ll end up getting it anyway though. Enjoy your copy either way :P

            1. It honestly does look interesting and fun; the only thing I have against it pre-launch is the lack of communication between teammates, as this is supposed to be a teamwork-heavy game. Other than that, this looks like it could be a gem.

              1. Yea that is the way I feel about it. The lack of communication really hurts but it does look fun. I’m just tired of Nintendo slacking with things like voice chat especially after they bragged about how the gamepad had a built in mic for voice chat.

  5. If anybody comes across a link to the EDGE magazine Splatoon scans can they please post them here? Thanks.

      1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

        Why do we need online. I have seen the meh destiny, titanfail and evolve, talk about trash hahaha. Continue.


        1. So you list a few games that apparently had bad online, so Star Fox is assumed to automatically have bad online? No game NEEDS online. Then again, no game is NEEDED period. But they are nice to have, and online with friends is nice too.

      2. Honestly… Star Fox shouldnt have online cause its star fox and its always been a single player experience…now if it DID have online then fine thats just a bit more to do

      3. The last one was, though it was crap- if a player dropped out of a full game of four, the whole match ended.

  6. I think its funny that some people say, ” oh who needs voice chat, all you hear is “PEOPLE RECORDING YOU” and kids cursing, it makes the game worse” its like they’re opinion automatically trumps the people who obviously feel its better to be able to have the ability to team chat or whatever. Personally, I feel there’s no excuse for no chat in team based games, not in this day and age of gaming.

    1. Nintendo has the reason. The same reason for mario kart and smash that has to only be used before a game starts which is to keep the connection more secure. Which goes to show Nintendo’s online is horrible compared to others. Voice chat should have been a given along with a mute button so complainers won’t have to use it.
      It looks like nintendo missed again on this one.

      1. The BIGGEST FUCKING REASON OF ALL why all the people saying voice chat isn’t needed are retarded, and why Nintendo is full of shit, is because they spent E3 a few years back BRAGGING about how the gamepad had the mic built in so you could voice chat without a headset. Yet they don’t use it for any of their games. And sorry but I’m not sitting in a lobby between races or matches for ten minutes if I’m gaming. Nobody is. You get straight to the next match/race. And THAT’s when you wanna chat, so you can laugh at your friends as you nail them with a green shell followed up by a star and knocking them off the course and screwing their whole race. When you’re having an epic match in smash, and you pull off some crazy shit, THAT’S when I wanna chat so I can laugh at my friends or be laughed at.

    2. I agree there should seriously just be a mute button. Nintendo could even make the game tell you that there is a mute button everytime you put voice chat on so no kid who’s playing the game would be confused on how to mute

    3. Thank you for acting like a mature, unselfish adult who gets it. Anyone who complains is selfish, end of story. Turn off the chat if you don’t like it, problem solved. Oh but since Nintendo didn’t include it, that means voice chat is stupid and ruins games they. Can’t stand fanboys. And can’t stand ignorance.

  7. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

    EDGE magazine does a wonderful piece on a Nintendo exclusive, that is not a sheep driven COD and people that willingly bought Assassins creed unity and evolve cry. Firstly how stupid does one have to be to buy evolve and unity? lol. Splatoon is intuitive and dynamic like all nintendo games. Casuals will always leave their nests at n4g and come to a Nintendo centric website and hate lol. Who are the losers again? The nintendo fans on a site aptly MY NINTENDO NEWS, or Sony drones, Microsoft ( we really don’t have first party franchises worth seasalt) xthots?


    1. There’s Nintendo fans here probably much older than you who are complaining about the lack of voice chat. Cause we’ve been gaming since the 80s, some the 70s, and it’s DAMN time we had voice chat. We’ve been playing for decades and although Nintendo still makes great games, any LONG TIME fan, knows Nintendo fucks up on the daily for everything awesome they do.

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  9. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    They are reinventing it all right… by taking away a feature that has become important to the online side of the game.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Oh well. I lost interest in Splatoon a month or two before this news was even known.

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