Splatoon Amiibo Three Pack Unboxing

Popular YouTuber GhostRobo has received Splatoon and the accompanying amiibo from Nintendo of America to showcase to the internet before they are officially released on May 29th. The video shows off the super colourful shooter as well as the incredibly lucrative Splatoon amiibo figures, which I’m sure quite a few of you are looking forward to getting your hands on.

Thanks, Jose M



  1. It’s nice that Nintendo makes sure the you tubers are supplied with amiibo to gleefully show off what will be scarcely available in stores for the buying Wii u owners

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    1. It’s like an aborted fetus… no one likes it… but enough about you, lets talk about how shit your channel is :D


  2. U get a life u blind gay fanboy u know I’m right just like all the dislikes on the commercial. Nintendo had to disable the comments lol face the facts faggit


    1. That’s cause fans of the game were mad at the commercial not the game. 99% of those dislikes were by people who liked the game and didn’t want crappy ads ruining sales.


  3. I’m ready for Splatoon to release already so maybe the Splatoon articles will come to an end. I’m honestly sick of hearing about this game.

    One bad thing about new Nintendo releases is that the Internet is flooded with videos, articles, and pictures of said new game. It takes all the mystery out of a new releases. By the time the game releases I honestly feel like I have already played it.

    I don’t understand this new trend of spoiling the shit out of a game before it releases. Nintendo is the worst about it. I guess I’m just to old school, but I hate it.

    I can’t blame MMN though. Nintendo honestly has nothing else to talk about other than Splatoon. 2013 was a better year for Nintendo fans honestly. It really was.

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    1. Back in the day we only had gamepro and EGM and other magazines to look at games, it’s easier now with the internet to see stuff. And the problem is that this is the only game nintendo has coming out anytime soon so it’s all we get articles and videos about so it’s even worse. If we had other games to look at then we wouldn’t have this issue. Honestly I feel like there are 5 splatoon articles a day just on this site. And so many articles have been about the voice chat, and literally caused a ton of fan wars. It’s just another week and this game will be out and then we will have no articles till E3 lol.

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    2. 1. you are right with the news
      2. Don’t be stupid all because they talk about one game for a while doesn’t mean that is the only thing to talk about lol I’m sure you know that
      3. Of course after e3 is when more games will be talked about and the process will keep going


  4. I love how people are complaining about articles regarding a Nintendo game, on a NINTENDO SPECIFIC news site, with a game that releases in a week. Of course there’s going to be a lot of news on it lol… Man, these comments always surprise me with how illogical they can be.

    Just don’t click the article, it’s REALLY as simple as that.

    Excited for the game!


  5. You know you can see the product through the box right? No surprises whatsoever. I mean you can already see everything that’s inside it! I don’t know which is more retarded, the one that records the video or the one that watches it. This decline in intelligence… this epidemic, it needs to end, it really does. You need to stop promoting these videos and stop spreading “the dumb”.

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  6. @Chunk&TheCollector

    Disagree, not everything can be spotted just by its outward appearence. At the beginning the first wave of amiibo launched, people wanted to know if you can still scan them in the box, the range of the NFC chip. There are also those who simply wants to view the quality of the build and design. I personally care about the build and design rather than buying into something with a blind eye to what I can see. Also no, a front view is not enough, I want to know what it looks like from all angles.


    1. I can see it just as good even in the casing without being opened. These unboxing videos are silly. Just give us a 30 second video of the amiibo already out of the box & spin it around.


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