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Check Out This Super Smash Bros Brawl Mod With Dragonball Z

There’s been many mods of the super popular Super Smash Bros. games, but one of the coolest and well done has to be this mod of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl, modded to feature Dragonball Z characters. The videos have been uploaded to YouTube Channel インD MARK-2. They’re not just re-skins, each characters has their own attacks and moves taken straight from Dragonball Z. It could be a real made Super Smash Bros./Dragonball Z mash up! Although this and many other mods may never be made for real, it’s close enough. What other games or worlds would you like to make a Super Smash Bros. game from?

Thanks, Josh S

81 thoughts on “Check Out This Super Smash Bros Brawl Mod With Dragonball Z”

  1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

    Wow I sent one of these Dragon Ball Z mods to Sickr bout a week ago, week ago
    And he didn’t post it…… Freakin piece of trash.

    1. Look at how shitty this is… maybe there’s a reason why he didn’t post it… instead jackyanne did.

    2. Cause that shit was cOLD!!!!!!! I have been useing these mods for like a year as well as many others, levels, sounds, items, charterers, menus, my own music, etc. It is called brawl vault and you use BrawlBox to edit.

  2. Looks cool, but I still didn’t change my mind on letting a Dragon Ball Z character to the Smash Bros roster. Let’s be serious here, there is no way that Sangoku can come in SSB, maybe he has games from Namco and stuffs, but remember that he’s NOT a VIDEO GAME CHARACTER, he comes from MANGAS and an ANIMATED SERIE. Just stop begging him to be in Smash, he’s not a god, he’s not a video game character, and his possibility for not being in Smash is over 9000.

    1. hehe, this will never going to happen, this is just some people having some fun adding those characters on the game, at least for me there is no way of dbz characters being part of SMB

    2. When I saw this video a week ago I didn’t think how cool it would be to have Goku in smash, but how cool it would be to have a smash style game but just dbz like this mod but better quality then the mod.

    1. I like anime and Japanese culture but despise Dragon Ball… so does that make me a weeaboo or not? Cool edit of words to give a humorous slap to reality but poor choice of ending insult but it can get under the skin. I rather just say Dragon Ball sucks or some blend of words like Naruto + Retard = Narutard.

    2. I don’t want him in smash, but I would enjoy a smash style dbz game after seeing this mod. Video game characters only for smash. I would say only ones who have been on a Nintendo system, but the vote they have going changes that rule.

    3. weeaboos are only those that watch it in japanese if in english dubbed the weeaboo bullshit is invalid

  3. Here’s the solution to all these retarded idiots who request the most absurd characters for Smash:
    Hack your Wii and play mods.
    There.Done.Simple enough that an 11 year old could do it. And you get what you wanted.All the ridleys,shreks,daisys,shadows,gokus and just about any other character you can think of,available to you with the beauty of mods.

  4. I never understood the hate towards Goku. What exactly is the problem that people have with him? It’s unlikely that he would ever join Smash but I wouldn’t mind playing as him.

    1. It’s more of a joke people like telling because he fits well in fighting games. He’s more 4th party (it isn’t really a term but it is used to address pop culture) the thing with adding a pop culture character is that what would stop them from adding more? Votes for characters like Naruto, Shrek, or whatever else would flood in now that there’s a possibility they can join. It would be less like a Nintendo fighting game then when they started add 3rd parties

    2. I think the hate comes from those that didn’t grow up watching it (younger fans of anime) for one reason or another it always seems to be the younger ones hating it. -_- oh well, I still enjoy it as much as any new or old anime.

      1. Dbz is so great I don’t see how someone could hate it. Even with the shitty funimation dubbing lol. Ocean was so much better for English and Japanese of course sounds great as well. But yea the story and everything is so good. Goku’s sacrifice with cell gets me every time lol.

        1. Yeah that’s one of the biggest moment in that anime, I also love the last fight with Kid Buu, he went from dominating to helpless in less than a few seconds and just seeing goku wave him goodbye made me feel bad for the guy.

          1. Yea Kid Buu was badass. The whole Buu Saga I would say is probably the funnest saga. Not sure if it’s the best, not sure if it’s not. But definitely the funnest.

        2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Too bad it meant nothing as Toriyama gave in to the huge fanbase for Goku in Japan & made a new saga afterwards that gave the spotlight right back to Goku. So much for ending the series on the high note that Goku passed the protector of earth status on to his son Gohan.

          1. Haha yea I read about how it was supposed to end at cell. First I read that it was supposed to finish after freiza when Goku first became a super saiyan but turns out that isn’t true.

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              Akira Toriyama should just have someone wish for Goku to have immortality & be done with it. It’s not like he’ll ever end the series with Goku NOT being the hero.

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              The Buu Saga actually. Apparently it was supposed to end with Gohan killing Cell, taking Goku’s place as Earth’s mightiest protector. Pretty much a pass the torch kind of thing. But a majority of the Japanese fanbase didn’t like the fact it wasn’t Goku, so Toriyama made the Buu Saga.

              1. really? Wow, I did not know that. Is that why Gohan was pretty much knocked down in term of power when the babidi saga came around?

      1. That’s the reason right there. I love Goku and dbz and I even like gt although it’s definitely not in the same league as ball or Z. But I wouldn’t want Goku in smash cause it would feel wrong.

      2. Oh I wouldn’t want Goku or any Anime character touching smash, I was speaking in general. If any other Namco IP/Licence comes to smash I still want it to be Lloyd Irving. I want his Smash to be his Hi Ougi. Lol on some OP shit XD

        1. Speaking of “OP”… Wouldnt they have to make goku like super OP?? And if not it won’t feel like Goku… Kinda like the whole re-sizing Ridley thing.

          1. Yeah they would, his Kamemeah wave would have to be drastically shrinked as well. I really hope he doesn’t end up in smash though. Same as Ridley, I love Ridley as a character, but seeing him shrunken down would only make me look at him in a different light. It’s just me though, I know a lot of people want him in smash.

              1. Well yeah but that little birdie is pretty much an infant of what Ridley is ultimately turning out to be. Although, if they get that little birdie in it, I would try to main that little sucker XD

                1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                  >.< I love how they did Ridley in Other M. It's probably the best thing about the game. For some, it's the only good thing. And for some, it's probably the worst thing the game ever did next to Samus' portrayal. "Oh no! It started off as a cute little birdie type creature! Ridley is wuined!" (A little Stewie Griffin humor.)

    1. Please Goku would knock out the entire naruto cast at their strongest with two fingers while eating a bunch of food.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      I’m a Naruto fan but even I know that even the weakest Z Fighter would kick most of the Naruto cast’s ass.

  5. Slow day or something? The video may only be about a week old, but I’ve seen these mods made from start to finish on the KC-MM forum posts, and they’ve all been out for a long time.
    Anyway, the mods are well made with how limited Brawl’s capabilities are. Just getting auras and energy beams showing up the way they’re supposed to is a challenge.

  6. as well i want to thank our new blogger for adding a Youtube Tab to this news i sent in thanks everyone i will show more news if i can find it. it won’t be all smash brothers it will be Nintendo and Mario link everything else that’s part of Nintendo

  7. I’ve never like dragon ball Z. Always looked real cheap and corny to me. Cheap animations and cheap voice acting. I honestly don’t see why it has such a cult following. I don’t see what people like about it.

    1. If you haven’t watched it and followed the story of course you won’t understand. And things that are cheesy or corny are sometimes the best things ever, regardless if dbz is or isn’t either of those two things.

  8. Dbz kai baby. Only thing better in my eyes is Full Metal Alchemist, then the greats like Space Ghost Coast to Coast, SEALAB 2021, Squidbillies, and Harvey Birdman.

    1. Fuck, FMA is such a great anime as well, too bad Namco/Bandai couldn’t save its dick if it meant them making a good FMA game.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        Both FMA anime are great. Too bad the original anime had a somewhat lame ending with that movie. :/ Poor Winry & Rose. They could have both been Ed’s wives. xD

  9. Looks terrible. I love hacking Brawl though. Just yesterday I edited my Project M game to include the songs and characters from Mother 3. Nothing to change the movesets though, I like to keep it competitive.

  10. Before hating on DBZ, read the manga or watch the anime with subtitles (the English dubs suck big time).

    Anyway, even if this even come to fruition and they make a Dragon Ball Brawl, Bandai-Namco will most likely release it to the competition like most of their titles.

    1. I actually prefer the original unedited dub. I usually watch anime subbed, as that’s how it was intended to be seen but I can’t stand Goku’s japanese voice.

  11. I’ll stick to Xenoverse, it has it’s flaws but it is pretty fun overall. It is really fun online.

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