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Platinum Games Are The Confirmed Developers For Transformers Devastation


Looks like a number of sites were correct when they reported that Transformers Devastation was being developed by Platinum Games. The news has been officially confirmed via Best Buy Canada who have revealed the developer on the product page of their site. Gamekyo, who reported this earlier, only had the game listed for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Face off against Megatron and battle it out with the Decepticons in Transformers Devestation. Equipped with fast action capabilities, this game allows for instant robot to vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos for a unique master combat system. Five difficulty levels also deliver hours of intense gameplay.

More Information

Autobots face off against the Decepticons when Megatron discovers a way to harness the enormous power of plasma energy to cyberform Earth

PlatinumGames signature fast action allows instant robot to vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos for a unique master combat system

Features 5 playable Autobots including Optimus Prime, Bubblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock

A deep customization system and 5 difficulty levels with overhauls in enemy composition deliver hours of intense gameplay

Actors from the original TV series reprising their roles include Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Dan Gilvezan (Bubblebee), Frank Welker (Megatron and Soundwave), and more

83 thoughts on “Platinum Games Are The Confirmed Developers For Transformers Devastation”

    1. I will definitely get this game. It is the Transformers game I have always wanted. I didn’t like the High Moon games and any of the games that dealt with the movie Transformers.

    2. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

      At least it’s the true AUTHENTIC transformers. Everything original is the best! 80’s batman movies, 70’s Star Wars, 90’s die hard, 90’s ninja turtles. Fuck ALL remakes! If you are under 25 and enjoy all new iterations, you are ok. Anybody over said age, you are the reason why the world is where it is! Producing shit because people that should know better continue to support shit!

      80’s baby forever!

      Good thing, as was mentioned, this is old school transformers, not that bullshit starting that faggot!

      1. “Everything original is the best! 80’s batman movies, 70’s Star Wars, 90’s die hard, 90’s ninja turtles. Fuck ALL remakes!”

        As much as I love the Burton/Keaton Batman movies (especially having watched them both in theaters w/ my grandpa), those movies were remakes/reboots based on Frank Miller’s mid-80’s rendition of Bob Kane & Bill Finger’s 39/40’s Batman. I find it difficult to enjoy the original Batman; just too dates, though I would prefer a return to a more detective-like Batman. I thought Nolan did very nicely, & Batman vs. Superman looks very promising. & so far, the only Batman cartoon for me is The Animated Series.

        & as much as I loved the 90s TMNT cartoon & the 1st movie (which I also saw in the theater w/ my grandpa; twice), the cartoon was way different than the original 80s comics, & the 1st movie was sorta in-between the cartoon & comics. Anyway, Nick’s TMNT cartoon is also better than the original in many ways imo.

        I also watched G1 Transformers & its movie (yep, in a theater w/ my grandpa), & I collected Transformers until recently. But Robots in Disguise & Prime were pretty good, in some ways better than G1 imo. I had actually hoped the live-action movie was going to be more like the 1st live-action TMNT movie: being more about the Transformers; Optimus being the John Wayne-esque, fatherly figure (or the “Splinter-bot”); Peter Welker reprising his role as Megatron; little to no sophomoric humor, that the sophisticated visuals would match the storytelling; more canon; etc. Alas, the CGI was too costly [the more realistic, the less it followed the Transformers]; Optimus was impatient & violent & had a mouth; there was very little attention to morals & existentialism; there was hardly the right amount of attention given to Jazz; etc. But I guess Michael Bay was authentic to the commercial & pop aspects of the franchise. & the 1st movie quickly killed off quite a few beloved autobots w/ little remorse, & to make way for new figures in the toyline, including some big 1s. Still, I thought animated toy commercials/morality plays would be treated w/ some panache.

        I felt the Thundercats reboot was better than the original (& Snarf was put in his rightful place). Wish it wasn’t cancelled, but it was apparently too expensive & there wasn’t enough merchandise to generate über profits.

        G.I. Joe: Renegades was in many ways better than the original (though I still miss Sgt. Slaughter & Serpentor). But I felt the focus on a smaller team was more intimate, & using the A-Team formula was both cool & fun. I thought the 1st live-action movies was horrible, though the 2nd was alright.

        I watched He-Man growing up, & the live-action movie, but just about any remake would be better. Sorry, Orko.

        But I did feel that The Real Ghostbusters was way better than Extreme Ghostbusters. & even though TRG itself wasn’t exactly the original, it complements the movies nicely (yet again, I saw Ghostbusters 2 in theaters w/ my grandpa).

        Yep, the 80’s were great. But some franchises there were hardly original, & very few feel fully realized upon retrospect. & in some cases, those franchises have been improved upon, or simply taken in different directions.

        1. Oh yeah, I also watched G-Force in the 80’s (though I’ve yet to see the original cut, Battle of the Planets). But I bet the Gatchaman OVA & Gatchaman Crowds might be on par, perhaps better than the original, even the uncut version.

          As for Star Wars: while the original trilogy is better (though I wanna try machete order [IV, V, II, III, VI; ignoring I altogether]), I’ve always felt the movies weren’t hardcore enough. I like Star Wars, but its full potential seems to be hampered by too much action, & that its technology puts some of the more mythic elements in the backseat. Certainly, letting the studio change Endor’s wookies into ewoks is a bit insulting, & again, too commercial (the change was meant to appeal to children).

          1. Oops, my wires were mashed together:

            *; Peter [Cullen reprising his role as Optimus (which happened)], & [Frank] Welker reprising his role as Megatron (which didn’t happen for the live-action movies);

            Reminds me: Frank Welker was in so much of my childhood: Transformers, G.I. Joe, The Real Ghostbusters, Pirates of Dark Water, Darkwing Duck, Inspector Gadget, Scooby Doo, Aladdin, The Golden Child…

            & aside from Transformers, Peter Cullin was the narrator for another show I watched as a kid: Vultron. & I’m not too fond of that remake.

      2. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>For the most part it is, Lord of the Rings however is better now than the 90’s in terms of movies>>>

        1. If you’re referring to those dreadful rotoscoped LotR movies, I still have them on VHS. I also still have The Hobbit animated movie on VHS, which I actually enjoyed.

    1. Disappoinment? Why? The last two transformers games were absolutely awesome and if this is made by the guys that could make metal gear interesting with MG: Rising, this could be absolutely awesome! : D
      A yes its a disappoinment because it is not on wiiu : (

      1. Not because it’s not coming to Wii U. I agreed that Tranformer games are good but we expect a more mind blowing game from Platinum such as MSRR2 or maybe Vanquish 2 or a new IP. I want something which I can be really hype with same like what I feel for already released Bayonetta 2 and upcoming Scalebound.

        1. Platinum games is a terrible overrated developer my son.
          He has produced nice games but all fall into the same action games/new beat em ups/brawlers except the wonderfull 101 which adds somes pikmin-esque feel that chages the game play.
          Yup their only game that i find original and mindblowing was the w101 the rest of their games are PRETTY WELL CRAFTED games but they lacked the WOW factor.

          1. Yeah I know. But honestly, I expect that Platinum will reveal a game which is more attractive/exciting and over to the top action packed gameplay. I’m not a fan of Transformer therefore more likely I will not get this game. Anyway, I hope that this game will not get fund restriction from Activision or it will be bad.

  1. gotta wonder why they gave reference o Nintendo in their last tweet, just like the dummies at activision putting the Nintendo network logo on the cod 3 website.

    1. You forget they were partners from time to time and respect each other’s work. That Wii U logo was left over from Black Ops 2 and Ghost, i think a similar thing happened with Assassin’s Creed

  2. Hopefully this isn’t the ONLY game Platinum has in the works, hopefully it’s like the Legend of Korra game they released. (Which lets be honest was nothing more than shovelware, much like this looks like it will end up being.) Why didn’t Activision just have High Moon Studios work on this title like they did for War and Fall of Cybertron instead of wasting Platinum on a game that well…just doesn’t, in my opinion, fit their’ style.

    1. Actually the way I see it they can bring lightning quick moves and combos to this like Bayonetta. It’s going to be interesting to see wt they do with this. I do get your point on the legend of Korra part tho hopefully it doesn’t turn up like that Lol

      1. Oh yea for sure, if this ends up being fast paced quick action like Bayonetta this could defiantly be a interesting title. I’m totally not against a Transformer game that plays like Bayonetta or just has Platinum Games’ signature style of gameplay because like you said it would be interesting, but if this ends up being a shovelware game. Activision once again wasted the full potential of Platinum Games. I guess we will have to wait and see some gameplay of it.

  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>If no other exclusive Wii U game from them, waste of time, resources and talent>>>

    1. What do you mean? The game is OBVIOUSLY coming to Wii U systems everywhere. Get ready to play it dude.

      1. So Vita is a bitch and it eat shit which is 95% of watered down PS3 games at higher price with ridiculously overpriced memory cards? Yup. It does work to eat shit and your wallet..moron. lol

        1. 1. I highly doubt all of the ports are watered down and several most likely have added content now which ones idk and would have to look that up
          2. I’m not getting good the games at a higher price I am getting good whatever games I get at a cheaper price because of eBay
          3. I got a 4gig for 10 dollars and I could have gotten an 8 gig for 10 dollars but it was already too late I already ordered the 4gig and I could still get an 8 gig but for how much now idk I would have to check but until I need a bigger memory stick then I will check
          4. Paying 84 dollars rounded up for a vita with a charger and 2 games possibly 4 games i have to check if they are full games or demoes is really good instead of paying 150 to 300 easily lol are you seriously this stupid why would I pay that price
          5. So keep eating shit you whiny bitch

  4. That’s not fair. All Bayonetta 2 and W101 Revenue went to make a PS4, PS3, 360 and Xbox One game? So I’m investing buying 3rd party games for future PS4 tittles.

    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      To my understanding Platinum makes games with the money from the publishers, for example Sega funded MadWorld, Bayonetta1, Vanquish etc. Konami funded MGR, Nintendo funded W101 and Bayonetta2. Atleast to my understanding they do it that way.

  5. Why does Activision make these guys do licensed games and exclude a Nintendo version? Are they not aware what they are really capable of? Nintendo does

    1. Better question is why doesn’t Ninte do do something about it. Microsoft got GTA on their platform. Nintendo just sits there doing nothing.

      1. Well you have a point but it is really up to the 3rd party whether or not they want to develop for Nintendo consoles. We wouldn’t want Nintendo forcing or begging developers for support, affecting their perspective on the company. GTA V was considered but the sales must have dropped the decision, maybe the next console would get it

      2. We probably shouldn’t mind this as Platinum is also making Scalebound for Xbox One meaning this game could end up like Korra, a game pale in comparison to a much better with more time and resources put into it. I would laugh if it was Platinum’s decision not to release for Nintendo predicting it would suck

    1. Yeah lets sequelisize everything!!!!
      Thats the fucking problem for nowadays gaming… You like something and all you begg for is a sequel even if the story ends in number 1 you want a numer 2… Even if the gameplay cannot be improve more (bayo2 cannot be improve by now…) and then when the sequel is released you all say meh is more of the same… Obviusly you morons!! There wasnt room for improvemen… But you asked for it… Thats why nintendo never lise

  6. I’ll rent it on PS4 if the reviews are good. Major letdown, though. Vanquish 2 or Bayo 3 would have been great.

    1. Go to that link and you’ll see my reaction to this news. WOOOOWWW Platinum…….just woooowww

  7. Good thing I had my hopes low about Platinum’s next project. But I guess the same couldn;t be said for a certain friend who had his hopes too high. The salt is real with him and having his hopes high on that Kamiya directed Murasame Castle game is to blame. XD

  8. It’s going to be a good game. Sega has nothing do with it which makes it good.

    Sega sucked even before 1995

    Loser fanboy fags can suck and burn with sega

    1. Sega hasn’t really done anything bad with the company they just publish their titles. Yes they suck but Activision has possibly the largest library of bad titles for a well known 3rd party with their refusal to quit the license business. Korra could have been a better game if Activision gave them time and this would likely follow with Scalebound also in development

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        You know. Platinum games is almost ALWAYS partnered with some publisher and whatnot. Does Platinum actually “own” any of the characters they create?

    2. But Activision are the developers… and they are just horrible with external companies and their games.

  9. This game got no voice chat. Such a disappointment.

    I need voice chat so I can talk with little children.

  10. seeing the names an comments here.. shows WHY there’s no voice chat. Sorry you can’t make “little kids trying to have fun” cry for shits and giggles.

  11. I’m a big fan of Transformers especially the G1 line. But why the heck are we going to be stuck just playing as the Autobots. They should at least give us a Decepticon campaign or something. ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nobody knows if you can play as deceptions yet.. I would guess you can, or at the very least dlc will make it possible..

  12. this looks truly unspectacular. I can’t wait to ignore this on shelves even after it hits the bargain bin 3 months later. what a serious waste of talent. Nintendo just needs to buy these guys already and end this farce

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Activision offered them a deal and Platinum probably stood to make a LOT of money off the deal. Platinum Games does contract work to stay alive. Doesn’t mean they can’t keep up the quality.

        Legend of Korra was a mistake. I’m betting that PG can rectify this mistake and make this Transformers game a real masterpiece.

  13. pink0crystal0midbus

    It’s not for Wii U :(

    I’ll have to buy it for the Xbox One, it seems. At least I will FINALLY have a game to play on that thing… Let’s hope Platinum Games can redeem themselves since heir release of Legend of Korra. I am hoping they never make the mistake of creating a bad game again.

    Platinum Games is one of my most beloved developers. It pains me to know that they have a flaw..

    1. Dude, Nintendo has flaws too. You have flaws, your parents, your neighbors.. Everybody has flaws… Get over it..

  14. Ok, wait a minute now. This game is made exactly like the original tv show, and even has Optimus Primes original voice actor!?

    SOLD! Must buy for me… Holy shit I take back everything I said, this game will be amazing…

    There are so many shitty transformer movies and games out there my first reaction was negative… But now… Yea, amazing..

  15. All graphic whoring aside, I happen to like cell shaded games. Killer 7 is a great game. This at least has that child hood look to it.

  16. Well that sucks, Platinum could have announced this ages ago to be honest because it just looks like a game that you’d announce just to tie people over with.

  17. Then why on earth does this game have full article? It’s not in any way going to be on the Wii U, so why?

    The news should just be a single sentence after that headline.

    If this is a brawler, I’ll pass. If it will be anything like the previous games, why not. But there are better games on the Wii U coming on that schedule so I’d pass.

  18. Ok. I’ll be one to say it. Several of you ass clowns should be eating your words after trashing this blog for “false” news and even mentioning gamersgate. Platinum and Transformers IS a thing. Ugh. Glad that’s settled.

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