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Myth Busted: The Legend Of Zelda TV Series Not Heading to Amazon Video

It seems like this rumor was, once again, to good to be true. Last week we reported how the previously squashed rumor of a live action The Legend of Zelda television series may be heading to Amazon Video (instead of Netflix). This rumor was made off of some hasty assumptions (please understand).

Amazon had listed that it was working on a Zelda project, currently titled “Z.” However, it has been cleared up that this Zelda series is actually about novelist Zelda Fitzgerald (writer of Save Me the Waltz and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald). In other words, don’t expect to see Link on the small screen anytime soon.

23 thoughts on “Myth Busted: The Legend Of Zelda TV Series Not Heading to Amazon Video”

  1. “to good to be true”? I honestly don’t think a Live Action Zelda series or movie would be good, first reason is that it’s a world with too much fantasy in it, so it would go way better as CGI. Second, not even CGI, because the “magic” of Link is that he’s a “mute” character, because YOU are Link in the games, it’s just the way it is, and people will never be happy with any voice he’d be given, no matter what voice it would be. I think there ARE some games that could be made into movies, Metroid for example, MAYBE F-Zero, just opinion though, don’t take my comment as a “law” of any sort.

      1. And F-Zero movie would be the Bee’s knees. Since so much of the lore has yet to really be explored, and their are seriously tons of characters, you could have a whole Game of Thrones thing going on with it where different situations are going on on different planets focussing on different characters. I mean, if we were talking about a TV show, that is. I’m glad I’m not the only one to think about this.

      1. Sega is having moderate success with the Sonic Boom TV series. I actually like it, except I still can’t get over how much they fucked up Knuckles’ character. I think if Nintendo made series out of its four most recognizable franchises, they’d have their bases covered. Donkey Kong could be a Saturday morning cartoon aimed at kids. Mario could be aimed at kids and young teens. Zelda could be aimed at older teens and young adults. And Metroid could be aimed exclusively at an adult audience. Despite many people in the community thinking it’s a bad idea, I think there’s a lot of money to be made, and I, for one, would be happy to see these TV shows come to fruition.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Considering Nintendo tends to be pretty cautious & protective of Zelda games, I can see them doing the same in regards to Zelda TV shows/movies. I’d rather they try & fail then never try at all.

          1. At all — the timeline has been this:
            1. Rumor it is coming to netflix
            2. Iwata claims there is nothing in the works
            3. Zelda show seen on Amazon upcoming list
            4. Turns out this has no connection to the legend of zelda

            1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

              Oh & keep the idiots responsible for many other video game TV shows/movies that flopped as far away as possible. Especially anyone that wants to turn Zelda into the corny as hell shit that was that horrible Zelda cartoon! I can’t stand corniness at it’s negative extreme!

          2. LOL!!! “Zelda” Oh, my word, this is funny.
            And I’m glad there’s no live action show, we won’t have to worry about possibly seeing Zelda go down the tubes.

          3. It’s nice to see this place posting rumors as news with the least amount of proof possible. I mean all the information involved was the name “Zelda”. Is that really enough to go off of to assume it was a Zelda TV series? Even after Iwata said that it wasn’t happening?

            1. “As of now, I have nothing new to share with you in regard to the use of our IPs for any TV shows or films, but I can at least confirm that the article in question is not based on correct information.”

              Based on Iwata’s quote, it seems like there is a decent enough chance it could have been produced elsewhere. I don’t think the rumor is completely implausible.

          4. Aaw… Nintendo could really get a boost from a TV series, even a mini-series would suffice. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to gamble on some of your IP Nintendo…

          5. Zelda Fitzgerald? God, these people are just BEGGING for their productions to fail.
            I mean, who gives a fuck about that?
            Just do what Netflix and The WB did, negotiate a contract with Marvel or DC to make a series about a superhero; boom! Instant cash cow.

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