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Iwata Talks Briefly About The Nintendo NX And Says It Will Delight And Surprise Consumers

We’ve finally got hold of the Nintendo Investor Q&A which is now available to read in English, rather than Japanese. What everyone is interested in is the NX, which is Nintendo’s next generation platform. Iwata says a fair bit about the console without actually revealing very much. One of the interesting things is that he believes the NX will surprise and delight consumers and also uses the word “magic”. No doubt the system will be unlike one we’ve ever seen before.

“Since the word “NX” has been mentioned, please let me elaborate. When Nintendo announced the collaboration with DeNA on March 17 of this year, I mentioned that Nintendo is currently developing a new dedicated video game system codenamed “NX.” The reason I mentioned this was, at that time, there were more than a certain number of people that thought that Nintendo would give up on the dedicated game system business and concentrate on smart device application development, or that Nintendo should take that path. In addition, such tone could be seen frequently through the media. I felt it was necessary to communicate that Nintendo is not pessimistic about the future of the dedicated game system business but rather more and more eager to continue it. On the other hand, details on the new platform essentially should come later. This is because the entertainment business has an aspect where there is value in surprising consumers. It is not convincing enough to the consumer if we describe how the magic works before actually showing it to them and then expecting them to be surprised or delighted. Having the element of surprise or doing the unexpected is the premise for introducing new ideas and having them welcomed with surprise. That is why I have been repeatedly saying that the next news on NX will not be announced during 2015 but will be announced in 2016. Nevertheless, since NX has news value, when I am interviewed on various occasions, I am asked about it almost every time. I will not share details on NX today but with regard to the launch of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U not necessarily having progressed well and not acquiring sufficient support from software publishers, we intend to offer NX through a Nintendo-like solution. Thank you for understanding that we are making various considerations and preparations in order to avoid what happened with the previous generations.”

158 thoughts on “Iwata Talks Briefly About The Nintendo NX And Says It Will Delight And Surprise Consumers”

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            You must undergo corrective maintenance.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>No, we are not made out of biological garbage but a robot is way more primitive than a cyborg, and me being a cyborg made out of non-earthly components, now upgraded with the essence of Dark-Samus makes me a God compared to a normal silly robot>>>

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      1. “I will not share details on NX today but with regard to the launch of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U not necessarily having progressed well and not acquiring sufficient support from software publishers, we intend to offer NX through a Nintendo-like solution. ”
        Can someone tell me what this means?

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>I’d like to see the “Nintendo-like solution” as a solution based on the success the 3DS had after the drought, meaning releasing a solid collection of great titles at a regular basis for its entire lifetime, surpassing the golden 2 years of the 3DS>>>

    1. I’ll believe it when I see it. Wii U has been the worse console Nintendo ever made in terms of quality games.

      GameCube, which was a financial mess, even managed to have an amazing lineup of software.

      Sorry Nintendo. I’m very skeptical about your next console.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Most of us veterans are on standby at minimum to see if High Command really learned their lesson once the NX is released>>>

        >>>Only the civilian cattle and some other misguided groups within the empire thinks the Digital Event was good>>>

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>I am too, I recently bought Yoshi’s Woolly World, it’s so adorable and the platforming is decent enough so far>>>

            >>>Unfortunately, the empire needs new recruits and they can’t get them with silly spin-offs>>>

                1. Very well- I’ll admit that what gameplay they showed during that DE made me want to try it. At least it’s not like Kirby’s Epic Yarn where it’s impossible to die?

                  Any more word on your acquisition of Splatoon?

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Splatoon will have to wait, Yoshi seems to be a more challenging if you play alone>>>

          2. I know a lot of people felt the gamepad was a gimmick, but I love off-screen play. For that reason alone, I love the gamepad.
            I also like having my own screen whrn cooping Black Ops.
            I think it would have been nice if the Pro Controller could operate the menu, so people who don’t like the gamepad wouldn’t have to use it, but I love it!

              1. Same here. I love my Wii U. Despite it’s failures, I enjoyed it very much and believe it to be the most underrated console ever. I believe the gamepad is still amazing and I use it very much as it was intended. I play so much off-screen. It really saved me as I live with roommates. Would simply love to have both the the large screen and gamepad. I have even played using the pro controller and watching the screen on the gamepad.

              2. I don’t. It’s not even as evolutionary and useful as the Wii Remote and I rather use that and Pro Controller above that shit and even the 3DS itself for some games like Smash Bros.

          3. Like what? Another Mario 3D Land? Smash Bros. 4 which got eclipsed by 3DS? MK8 that ruined Battle Mode? Star Fox Zero that suspiciously looks like an HD remake of Star Fox 64? Animal Crossing that’s turned into another Mario Party with Amiibos as expensive DLCs and sole purpose to play it? Or how about the complete lack of third party support which either side still hasn’t explained shit? Wii U delivered a lot of great games? lol GameCube fucking delivered shittons more beast games from both worlds even if it didn’t sell well. Wii U is worst than GameCube.

            1. Oh I forgot to mention. Hyrule Warriors as a temporary fix for the next so called “Wii U Zelda” game that’s gonna end up on NX anyway as the superior version in visuals and content for the same price within the same year timeframe. So buying it on Wii U makes no sense now.

                    1. Can’t you just enjoy the gamew qnd just shut the fuck up? Splatoon is great, MK8 is still great, fuck battle mode! Smash Bros is the best one so far. Bayonetta is incredible, I don’t know why people complain about Star Fox and its graphics, when Miyamoto has said like 5437828386464467 that is a REIMAGINATION, let me repeat that, REIMAGINATION of Star Fox 64, so he wanted to give it that classic old look but in HD. That was his decision. The only thing I’m missing is a Metroid game, and I would love to see another Baten Kaitos and Geist game, the rest has been fine. Hyrule Warriors was just an experiment and it’s VERY addictive, Zelda Wii U is still coming to Wii U, they said the delay was because they want to add MORE FEATURES, not because it’s also coming to the NX. All your points are just troll hating and whinning crap.

                      1. Splatoon is an unfinished $60 half-game that’s still missing tons of content and standard options. MK8 ruined Battle Mode which is its best and fun mode which puts competitive games like COD to shame. Smash Bros. 3DS eclipsed Wii U in every way with exclusive stages, modes and portability. Bayonetta 2 is good but only played through once and there’s nothing else left to do. So I was right. The so called “new Star Fox Zero” IS ANOTHER REMAKE of 64. Don’t worry about defending that garbage Federation Force because I know you don’t know what a true Metroid game is. Hyrule Warriors, it’s just a filler game for hungry fans who are waiting for a new Zelda on Wii U which will now be disappointed to know its gonna be on NX, a much superior version for the same price within less than a year’s time after Wii U gets it so getting it on Wii U is almost pointless now. Speaking of Hyrule Warriors, 3DS getting the port with ALL CONTENT that costs people a total of $100+ for only $40 that has more free bonus content within a year, that’s a bullshit move.

            2. It sounds like Iwata-san is saying that the NX will be the system that gamers have been wanting for a long time from Nintendo.

              ” Thank you for understanding that we are making various considerations and preparations to avoid what happened with the previous generations. ”

              I’m loving what I’m hearing and I really hope it comes to fruition. I think the NX will be a power focused console this time but it will use a new but useful innovation that’s never been done in gaming before but of course we have to wait and see if that is indeed the case. Damn the suspense is killing in knowing what type of system the NX is gonna be

                1. Nice sarcasm but you know damn well that E3 Direct was utter garbage. Just like the Commander has told you, no self-respecting Nintendo fan can damage control that and if they are they really need their heads examined. I’m just hoping that Nintendo has corrected the many problems they had with the Wii U with the arrival of the NX. As a hardcore Nintendo fan even I know they can not afford to go through another generation like this. The NX must be a success

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Do I have you on my Wii U list? If not, it’s an abomination that we don’t>>>

              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                >>>The only thing I ask for is that they rectify the biggest problems both the 3DS and specially the Wii U had/has and of course improve the marketing by 5600%>>>

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Anything goes until proven otherwise, and sure, recent history “harmed” many but everything evolved can change and the empire showed that countless of times during different times, even though they have made the most bad decisions the last 3 years>>>

                1. I feel that since the original Wii was so successful that Nintendo really didn’t try that hard with the Wii U. They got arrogant like Sony did when they released the PS3 after the PS2 dominated and just thought that 3rd parties will flock to them because of their name. Nintendo knows that a lot of gamers are upset about that abysmal E3 showing and that the Wii U is a major failure. They know that they have to do whatever they can to gain back gamers trust again which is why I’m thinking that have learned their lessons and will hopefully shock and wow us with the NX. Of course I will not try to raise my expectations too high but even Nintendo knows that the NX can’t flop, it has to be a instant hit

                  1. I can’t agree entirely with you. The 3DS was DOA and they shock-paneled that fucker back to life. They learned a hard lesson with the 3DS launch, and Nintendo said the same shit they just said before. They said the WiiU launch would not be like the 3DS. The promised no game drought.

                    I agree the Wii made them lazy, but they knew that without software, they could not sell hardware like the old days (when people knew if they bought Nintendo hardware, it would be a beast) And they made the same statements to make us all feel better and trust them, then we got fucked over again as per standard Nintendo Style.

                    No more fucking words.
                    No more lipservice.
                    Nintendo has lost their reputation and public trust of anyone over the age of…maybe 18-25? (Kids have no idea what’s going on, can’t blame them for being blindly happy)

                    Nintendo has to EARN through ACTION our trust back, or they will lose the generation of core gamers that kept them in business through the tough times. We were all fanboys back then because Nintendo kicked ass. Gamecube was a fucking awesome system. I still have mine, and it defines hardcore gaming in my opinion.

                    No more words. We need to see Nintendo get their shit together or they can have fun with their new, casual/mobile fanbase. – But they will never be as loyal as we were. Casual gamers are fickle (they are allowed to be, it’s their money, they just want entertainment, they aren’t driven by brand loyalty as strongly)

                    Once the core fans leave, it will be a new ballgame for Nintendo, and they will have to earn ever cent, because we won’t be throwing them our wallets like we have for the last 20 years.

                    Sorry, I hate super long posts. :/

                    1. It’s always funny when I see people (now more than ever) claiming the Gamecube was some kind of hardcore gamer paradise. The Gamecube came out when I was in high school and I was anticipating its release for quite some time. But during the time leading up to Gamecube’s release it was being mocked by several classmates of mine for being the “purple barney system” or “lunchbox”. The image problem alone made me hesitant to even admit I owned one even though I loved the thing. (This was high school, remember). And yes, even though the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 it never got to be fully realized because of Nintendo’s stupid decision to use mini-discs instead of DVDs.

                      So yeah, I see this praise of Gamecube more and more now perhaps due to nostalgia or whatever, but at the time it was bashed and mocked relentlessly.

                      1. it’s funny because i had the exact opposite experience when I was in High School with the GameCube launch. Everyone fucking loved it

              2. that last line is really key I think. it sounds like he is focusing on the issues rather then creative avoidance. I love the gamepad, and I love miivers, I love amiibo, and I love the eshop, and I love the new UI….BUT it was all creative avoidance to address things like online, cloud, T and M rated tittles, third party priority. they need to move to X86 it well please developers and make ports easier. they need to let games that have local multiplayer simply have online. they need to let games have the option of voice chat. they need more demos of there own games on eshop. they need to only really about AR/VR when it comes to the “whats next” other then that they should just focus on making new versions of the controllers they already have. a good way to solve some of the game issues is to partner with more outside company’s. let them make the games and Nintendo gets a cut because its their IP.

              1. Then Nintendo might land themselves into a bigger mess that they put themselves in and will most likely end up like SEGA.

              2. If it is something like that, Nintendo is going to mess its market — I’ve said that in another thread. Imagine the following situation:

                Nintendo representative: “Oh, we’ll be releasing this casual game *shows actual kiddy boxart* which is a collection of minigames, most of them unlocked through amiibos, next Friday, but it’s not playable on the Wii U, only on the NX Wii U”.

                *mums and pops running to closest Best Buy and grabbing the game for their kids which have a Wii U, not a NX Wii U*

                Also, Nintendo would be taking a non-return path: who would dare to be an early adopter for any future Nintendo system? Heck, the DSi and New 3DS are the biggest examples that Nitendo has achieved the magic of performing hardware microtransitions.

                1. At this point, the only thing that would make me a day-one adopter of Ninty’s next system is a lineup of games we, the loyal fans, want at launch- Mario Galaxy 3 (or at least a Mario game in the vein of 64), a REAL Metroid game that isn’t Mega Blocks Soccer, perhaps a glorious revival of a lesser franchise like Ice Climber or Custom Robo, and, in my personal case, a brand new F-Zero game.

                  I’ll be keeping a close eye and ear on news regarding the NX, but unless its starting lineup consists of most of those games, I’m not getting it on launch.

            1. Yeah, a NINTENDO-like solution is a little unnerving. I mean, their solution for Amiibo in North America alone has been ridiculous. Well, let’s see how this goes.

              1. I want to be wrong, but… You know, nowadays I don’t see anything good or even reasonable coming from Nintendo.

                  1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                    >.< Confusing a true gamer like Rootgamer to a casual gamer like yourself, eh? *hands him a pie* It's made of Nintendo's shit so I'm sure you'll love every bit of it.

            1. Exactly! Thus makes me hopeful because it sounds like Nintendo learned a few lessons and hopefully won’t repeat what happened with the WiiU. They have accepted the commercial failures of the WiiU. This is why I can’t stand the bull shit that keeps coming out of Reggie’s mouth lately. He keeps peddling the same shit over and over. Talking about how the WiiU is performing exceptionally well. Nintendo consumers/fans are not dumb Reggie. We can see that Nintendo is struggling to sell WiiUs and the need a fresh start fast with the NX and hopefully the do it right this time around and listen to what fans, gamers and third parties want.

                1. So someone can’t be excited for a system?

                  Lets face it, your lil face lit up when your parents bought you that PS4 for Christmas last year :3

                  1. Yes, it is allowed to be excited in life. This makes life, life.

                    That being said, some people here is taking the lies said by Nintendo as facts — just revisit gaming blogs and such to see what kind of news were published before GCN’s, Wii’s and Wii U’s launch.

                    What we’re facing now is exactly the same situation. The same thing. All over again.

                    And to finish this conversation: My parents don’t buy anything for me, just to make things clear.

                    1. Honestly, I agree. Nintendo fucked up E3 majorly, saw the negative reaction from their supporters, and now they’re bringing out their best business-lingo, making promises and just saying what people want to hear – and the gullible ones fall for it. We heard things like this very often before the launch of the WiiU, and we can clearly see how those promises turned out.
                      Talking is easy. I want to see actions.

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>It doesn’t matter much though, if the NX is another Wii U failure, they’ll lose about 90% of their veteran army and will become another useless Appling civilian nonsense empire>>>

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                I miss the optimistic feelings I use to have when hearing about Nintendo’s plans for their next console that will fix the problems of the last one. With that said, I only liked your comment because of everything after the optimistic parts because Reggie is an idiot & Nintendo does need to do things right next time around & listen to what “We the Gamers” & 3rd parties want.

            2. I’m super excited :D

              Hopefully, if I beg for them to at least give me a go on the dev kit so I can port my game and make it exclusive to Wii U, I’d be super happy

              1. Pardon?

                I didn’t know focusing interest in the company was fanboyism?

                I know you think I’m going to ignore you PlayStation, Xbox and PC fans but fear not, the game I’m currently working on (might take 4 – 5 years) is a PC exclusive for now and I’ll consider making a port to PlayStation and Xbox but at the moment I’m focusing all my attention on PC for the time being.

                Also, you do know you can use the little “reply” button, it’s okay if you don’t know how to use it, some new people barely know how to use.

                1. It seems that YOU don’t know how to use the reply button since my reply was not towards you.

                  Good luck with your PC game, though.

          4. Sounds like their preparing an ambassador program. Or hopefully allowing wii u owners to trade in their wiiu-eshop for a cheaper nx

            1. I had this exact same thought. Because if the previous article is true it would explain why they are working to produce 20 million in the first year. Even the insanely popular PS4 didn’t move those numbers in the first year. An ambassador program would explain why they would need 20 million units in the first year.

          5. “We are making various considerations and preparations in order to avoid what happened with the previous generations.”

            I really hope you’ll do it right this time Nintendo.

          6. I’m cautious, but then again, I don’t think Nintendo gave those kinds of descriptors to the Wii U.

          7. It seems that they are making a console that won’t have bad third party support based on their comment that they didn’t want the NX to be like the Wii U and “not acquiring sufficient support from software publishers” which is what I want. Nintendo first and second party amazing exclusives + 3rd party games = best console on the market.

          8. Anubis, Son of Osiris

            Basically the NX is what the Wii U should’ve been. Well I’m not believing shit until they prove it.

            1. Except for being 4 years late.

              Heck, Nintendo is so lazy and reckless that they cannot do anything properly.

              Be the gamepad burned in Hellfire and exposed as the worst gimmick ever created.

          9. Nintendo will just move on from all the money I invested in the Wii U and I’m supposed to be looking forward to their next (gimmick system) I mean great system. I’m good. If I do buy a system in the near future it sure the fuck will not be Nintendo’s. I just bought the Wii U a year and a half ago. I’m not looking forward to any new Nintendo system. They need to stand by the products they already made. Like I’m going to cover all Nintendo’s fuck ups with my wallet. Pass.

            1. Sir, it’s not their fault you recently bought the system. Everybody knows nintendo releases systems every 5-6 years. Don’t get mad because you took too long to upgrade. I understand you want to get the most out of the wiiu, but they can’t just wait on you. Hopefully nintendo learned from their mistakes. I want them to do well but, they have to prove to gamers that they are willing to change and grow.


            WE WANT SOME INFO NOW Or Iwata’s precious banana’s are going to get a bruising

          11. The NX will be great without a doubt.The WiiU is great.The console suffered because of jerks like EA stabbing Nintendo in the back and all but completely ruining the image of the WiU by openly putting it down in the media.WiiU sales are very low,but Nintendo still found a way to make it profitable.The success of the NX will largely depend on marketing and how Nintendo deals with crappy third party devs like EA they need to have a good plan in place to not repeat the same mistakes the WinU suffered from.

            1. Crytek had Crysis 3 ready for U (an game which would have showed everyone at launch that Wii U truly has some power under the hood) but EA decided that the game is not released.

              This is because Nintendo said no to EA’s origin taking over Nintendo’s own network. Nintendo’s decision to not submit to EA was crucial because when EA left, many others followed.

              FUCK EA!

              1. The wi u sucks it has last gen specs no 3rd party support kiddie games now nintendo is pro homosexual with fire emblem fates for 3ds Fuck kiddie faggit Nintendo

                1. What do you mean with “pro homosexual”? The game is not incentivizing anyone to be homosexual. It only gives you the option to be homosexual if you want. It’s completely optional. It even helps increase homosexual influence. Don’t be a homophobe. That’s wrong.

          12. I hope all goes well with this. I don’t want to hear any more salty fans crying their asses off because of some mishap with the NX.

          13. Peanut Butter KitKat

            So they’re going to strongly support the new console from launch and not rely on third parties. Sounds good to me.

            1. Where did they say they weren’t going to rely on third parties?

              They’ve been doing that for years now with the Wii, 3DS and Wii U, and so far the Wii U is lagging way behind. So the third party support is needed.

          14. “Thank you for understanding that we are making various considerations and preparations in order to avoid what happened with the previous generations.”

            Better be true, but as people are saying, he did kind of scare me when he said this right before…

            “we intend to offer NX through a Nintendo-like solution.”

            So far Nintendo has really sucked at resolving any of the problems they’ve had. So I honestly don’t even know what they mean. They talk a lot, but they never actually do enough, and actions speak louder than words.

          15. To clarify, project “NX” will likely be $350. Project “NX” will be very similar to the PS4, both in architecture (X86), and graphic fidelity.

            Unfortunately due to this, project “NX” is not yet backwards compatible with the Wii U. This may change with a system update and hardware update(read further for more details).

            The reason the “NX” is designed this way, is so developers may port their games to the console. The “NX” is designed with upgradeable parts. This is to allow the console a very long lifespan, and it also means developers can stick to the same type of architecture. Each upgrade kit will cost around $200-$400 and will allow previous games to play better, and future games playable. Though each kit will be released every two or three years, so don’t think that you will need to be constantly buying parts for the “NX”.

            Now let’s talk about controller. The console will allow use of previous controls (assuming a future update comes out that allows backwards compatible, though at this time please remember it is not possible. I remain committed in a future update). The ” NX” has two controllers, such as how Wii U has two controllers released. The first is the so called “hardcore” controller. It’s like a Wii U pro controller but with pressure trigger Z buttons. The “main” controller is not a touch screen controller. Rather, it is a touch controller, that allows the use to know how hard they touch the “touch area”.

            Virtual console is of course coming day one of the release, but what games? I’m not sure.

            Finally let me wrap this up by talking about the ” donut shaped screen device”. It’s Nintendo’s QOL platform, and is unreleated to “NX”. Sorry I don’t know much about QOL platform, that’s not my department of expertise.

                1. The “>” is most commonly used to quote someone on the internet.

                  Who are you quoting? Or are you just incorrectly using”>”?

              1. I work for Nintendo of America.

                Specifically I help translate console languages. If you own a Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS, chances are me and a few of coworkers are the reason you can read the console language.

            1. That could actually work…but given how badly we’ve been fucked by Nintendo and traded for casuals, I might just buy a PS4.
              Thanks anyway!

          16. “Thank you for understanding that we are making various considerations and preparations in order to avoid what happened with the previous generations.”

            Finally! Iwata gives us some comforting words to hold onto.

          17. Please dont put butfucker and bull dyke satan child brainwashingvgame Fire embkem fates on NX you Japanese Fuck!!!!

            1. Whoa friend WHOA, WHOOOAAA!!! CALM DOWN!! Of course I am shouting while telling people to calm down, it’s perfectly logical.

          18. Nintendo apparently got positive feedback from 3rd party developers concerning the NX hardware, so its quite possible it will finally be a successful system for once again.

          19. I’ll hold off being delighted and avoid being surprised until I see concrete evidence on what the hell the NX is.

            I get all the hoopla he mentioned but what does he mean by “magic” exactly? I hope the NeXt controller is NOT a wand…

          20. Without Nintendo, we’d be stuck with nothing but games where you go around shooting people/things. Nintendo adds a much needed variety and breath of fresh air to gaming. Even the Wii U is a great console, but third party companies are just too lazy to try making games centered around the Gamepad. Like, they just can’t be bothered.

            Anyone (consumers) who abandons Nintendo just because they make a few mistakes now and then are just the casuals. Being a gamer since before the NES, I can’t even imagine a world without Nintendo’s amazing games and consoles. When I imagine being stuck with only Playstation and Xbox (two companies with roughly the same games and very little immagination), it makes me very depressed. With that said, wherever Nintendo goes, I go. I wouldn’t be a gamer anymore if it wasn’t for them.

            1. That’s not true anymore.
              Other Consoles have great games, not just FPS’s anymore. And with Nintendo making all their IP’s party games…

            2. This statement is so stale, and has never been the case on another console. It’s obviuos people like you who say such ignorant things have never bothered giving anything a chance outside of what Nintendo makes… So why try and act like you know so much about other consoles, when all you’re doing is repeating what every dumb fan says.

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                Yeah. He doesn’t get out much. And apparently when he does, he hates everything about the world that’s going on. I use to think he was just highly opinionated but then I saw him in the Fire Emblem Fates articles after the reveal that gay marriage is being allowed in it and realized it’s worse than that. *shrug* Oh well. It’s his problem, not ours.

          21. This better be good, because we all KNOW what happened with Sega when they said things were going to be better after the Sega Saturn. Except the difference is that Nintendo only fucked up once with the Wii U and not multiple times like that lost cause who is now making mobile crap for the thirsty casuals to play.

          22. to be honest the wii U is a good system with few games. I will for sure buy lot of Wii U games I still don’t have: like super mario 3D world, Zelda, xenoblade, captain toads, donkey Kong return, bayonetta, hyrule warriror and if not too much expensive by then one piece unlimited. I AM not interested at all in the NX. I will seriously wait until I either have a certainty Nintendo doing they marketing and there is an interest from 3rd party.

          23. I dont really care if their next system is a successor for the Wii U, a new handheld or a hybrid of the two as long as they dont fuck up and make it a digital only system and dont go full modern gaming retard mode and start pumping out even more DLC.

          24. So, in essence – since Nintendo isn’t doing stuff with VR, it’ll be another stupid gimmick. Hokay.

            I theorize the return….of the POWER GLOVE. NINTENDO IS BACK ON TOP.

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          26. Gordon the Serial Cereal Eater

            Me think Nintendo should make console of flesh woman. Adult games with peach and Zelda many adult perverts already buy the games of Nintendo for women boob and guy scrotum. Make a realistic person and fuckfuck yes?

            Or maybe the controller has hole lined with cocaine? Es sell well no?

          27. Gordon the Serial Cereal Eater

            Maybe the company make the food like waffle and for on cereals like cocoa pips. Kids but game on cereal and play while watching the cartoons and playing Mario in their Mario cereal bowl with holograms and lighting jack and boxes hot plate freedom fighting and also Zelda hotcake game you stack them up and syrup to defeat Ganondoef maybe he has pebis between legs maybe you do it’s a mystery but a magical mystery. This is magic behind NX. Get the baseball back in the home field with the ass ruin and not the back of the tennis court like Mario tennis in your waffles and you butter peaches ass and drench her with egg yolk fuuuuuyyyyyyxk

          28. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            Talk is cheap, Iwata, and we all know you are full of cheap. We’ll believe it when your actions speak louder than your mouth!

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