Pokken Tournament Comes To Japanese Arcades July 16th And Features Charizard And Weavile

We have finally found out that the long-awaited Pokemon fighter, Pokken Tournament, will be coming to Japanese arcades on July 16th. As well as revealing the release date for the game, Bandai Namco has also revealed that Charizard and Weavile will feature as playable characters in the beat-em-up. These two characters will join Lucario, Machamp, Pikachu, Gardevoir, Suicune, and Gengar. Japanese consumers who play the game before July 31 using their Bandai Namco Passport Card will be able to use Jirachi and Whimsicott as support Pokemon.


    1. It seem that at least there ar going to be 5 more characters. In the arcades there 5 rooms left, but maybe they will add more slots after arcade/console release.

    1. Plaase no, I’m tired of 3ds fanboys wanting every exclusive in their console. Even if it’s all Nintendo, they already got Smash and Hyrule Warriors, now they are whining about Splatoon and every other Wii U exclusive for the 3ds.

      1. There are more 3ds sold than Wii u. Personally I wanted a Wii u (before knowing about NX)
        Giving you the choice about having it 4 Wii u or 3ds its not a thing to be mad. Not everyone have a Wii u, but most people have a 3ds. The Wii u looks better graphically and can handle more. But the 3ds allow you to play it out of home, on 3D and most of the pokemon fan base have a 3ds already.
        Besides, if the gpu/cpu its sort of a problem… There is the new 3ds (wich needs exclusives as well).

        1. By that logic, Nintendo should just drop home & handheld consoles & go all in with mobile since almost everyone has one. Now tell me why I should not get mad that Wii U games are getting thrown onto the 3DS?

  1. This looks so good. I played J-Stars over 12 hours in row last week and this has same vibe.

    1. Whats the prob if its a Wii u and 3ds game? They let you choose.
      If you don’t have the Wii u you can buy the N/3ds one. Or both…
      It’s not like everyone have a Wii u anyway…
      They can do it like Hyrule warriors or like the smash.

  2. Heatran is my favourite Pokemon so I hope it’s a supporting character! 😃

  3. I still don’t understand why the Arcade version and Wii u version didn’t get started in R&D at the same time and just release the Arcade version first. But since they were too stupid not to think about that in R&D probably want come out in time now.

    1. Because every Japanese fighter game starts off like that. Every Street Fighter game, including IV, started as arcade game before being announced to consoles. V is the first exception.

  4. Tekken always release first in arcades, then a year later with already balanced characters and adding new characters on consoles.

  5. This should obviously be coming to Wii U as well, are they insane?!?! Talk about a system seller! Fuck!


  6. Cool choices so far. Charizard was a given, though. Some of the movesets look a little weird to me, however. Charizard just kind of twists around and hits the opponent with his whole body instead of having precise attacks.

    Weavile grew monstrously huge claws to slash with, but didn’t seem to have much of a variety to his (her?) attacks.

  7. I really wish they would change the name of it for a console release. Yeah we get its based on Tekken’s game play, but no one is excited about it because of that, they are excited because its the first time we get to have actual Pokemon battles that could semi-feel like the ones in the anime/manga series.

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