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Nintendo Says They Received Many Proposals For “Joint Initiatives” From Third-Parties At E3

We heard last week that Nintendo had discussed the NX with various third party developer at E3 and had received positive feedback regarding the system. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has basically reconfirmed this and that they they have received “joint initiatives” from third party developers during E3. Hopefully the NX platform is interesting, or powerful enough, to continue to gain interest from the many third party developers out there.

“On the other hand, Nintendo is collaborating with various software publishers. At E3, which was held in the U.S. and is the largest trade show in the video game industry, we received many proposals for joint initiatives. In addition, Japanese software publishers have close relationships with our licensing department on a regular basis. As for collaborations with software publishers or their games, please consider that there are various ongoing projects below the surface.”

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56 thoughts on “Nintendo Says They Received Many Proposals For “Joint Initiatives” From Third-Parties At E3”

  1. Pretty hard to believe in projects with appeal to “hardcore” fans. All the 3rd party support Nintendo has been having this generation stands for stupid casual games like Skylanders and Just Crappy Dance.

    Also, this has been said for over one year before Wii U’s release, and we all know how the story ended.

    1. But to be fair the Wii U had solid 3rd party support at launch and post launch then shortly thereafter the 3rd party support got very sparse. Maybe this time they made a system (NX) that’s agreeable to 3rd parties from a game development standpoint. I feel they do have to have more deals in place for 3rd parties and market and advertise their titles better so they can stay for the long term. With Nintendo having problems getting their games out on a timely manner, it would be wise for them to make sure that the NX is very 3rd party friendly

      1. It all started with the Rayman Legends debacle… That was quite disturbing…

        Right, I do agree with your arguments. But making the NX 3rd party-friendly would imply turning the NX — which is probably a home console-handheld chimera — into a x86 hardware, what makes me wonder how prone is Nintendo to ditch the PPC architecture.

        It is hard to predict anything, isn’t it?

    2. This seriously worries me . People buy Nintendo platforms mainly for Nintendo games . Relying on 3rd part developers/publishers means that Nintendo would not focus on making their games as much as they should . Something we saw in the first 2 years of the Wii U life cycle , which the system never recovered from , even with it’s awesome line up this year and the previous . I really hope this generation acts as a wake up call and makes the “Big N” focus on making at least 10 games a year for their system and not rely on 3rd party to fill the gabs . The time when they could get away with making 3 games a year has long gone ….

      1. NES and SNES would like a word with you, you idiot….

        NES and SNES had the third parties AND they still focused alot on their own titles as well…

        1. Wowww good job using decades old systems as a point like they are still relevant.

          This comments only has likes because of the girl username.

          1. ALL of Nintendo’s classic consoles are still relevant. Bite your tongue man (or, your finger that typed those words).

          1. It’s not. There’s nothing else this or next year and the only 3 big heavy hitters fans want; Animal Crossing is another fucking Mario Party 10 with Amiibos as its only means to play which you’re looking at a price of $200 max for one fucking game that you’re gonna get bored of in a week and BTW, MP10 sucks ass anyway.

            Metroid…oh god, they just pulled another Other M on the series but much worse than Other M. Not only its a 3DS game while the possible home console one is now on NX which Nintendo again lied about the presence of 2 Metroid games being currently worked on but the 3DS game is a fucking Chibi soccer mini game that looks worse than a DS 3D game and…HAS METROID PRIME’S NAME ON IT WHICH IS NOT METROID/PRIME!

            Zelda Wii U..or should I say “NX” ported game which is gonna be the superior version and coming in less than a year later with better visuals output and more content for the same price making Wii U’s version pointlessly muted.

            There’s nothing left people. Face it, Wii U is DOA in less than half of its life.

            1. What about star fox? Or Mario Maker? Both of those are “big heavy hitters” aren’t they? Also, so many people keep saying that federation force is just a sports game. It isn’t. While I agree completely that it isn’t a true Metroid game, blast ball is a completely separate mode. Even though it is unfortunate that we aren’t getting a new Metroid game, we should at least give it a chance. And don’t even get me started on the petition.

              1. Star Fox Zero kinda looks like an HD remake of 64 when I saw the comparison video. Mario Maker is good but I now lost interest since Nintendo pissed me off.

                Blast Ball is a shit micro minigame that no one asked for and no, I will not be as stupid as you and accept that trash for a “Metroid” game, meaning you’re no fan and never played a real Metroid game in your life. Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission, Metroid Prime Trilogy, that’s what you call Metroid games.

                1. Fed Force isn’t even a Wii U game and shouldn’t even be brought up when talking about Wii U…
                  The only “big” games left for the Wii U(imo)that have at least been announced are: Devil’s Third,Fatal Frame,Pokken Tournament, #FE,Star Fox Zero,Zelda,XC:X and that’s about it(for the U.S anyway)
                  There will probably be a few other games they’ll reveal in a Direct or something down the road,but those games will either be more 3DS games,take too long in development to be relevant by the time NX is just around the corner or be made for the NX altogether
                  Support it or not,Nintendo pretty much left the Wii U to die just like Sony did with the Vita

                  1. No shit and I said instead of Wii U getting an actual Metroid game we were promised when they said there were two ( which is bullshit because only 3DS gets one) but the 3DS one is a fucking joke.

                    Oh and I’m sorry. They didn’t even mention any of those games beside Fatal Frame and Star Fox Zero (64 HD) which I don’t care about. E3 is suppose to be an important conference to deliver big and surprising stuff but only Nintendo fucked it up because they got nothing and they don’t give a shit about what their fans want anymore.

                    1. That’s what pissed me off.Nintendo DOES a good amount of games they could have talked about,but instead they talked about games we already knew about (I’m sick of wooly world at this point),spinoffs and a bunch of annoying and boring developer stories. They’ve been out of touch with the fans and developers for a long time and I doubt it’ll improve until they get new people into their board of directors

                    1. Yeah this article is misleading. I read “joint proposals” as “give us the rights to your IPs so we can develop using your popular Nintendo characters, btw we hope you go third party soon!”.

                  2. “we received many proposals for joint initiatives but we decided against it because it doesn’t meet our vision for a console that belongs in the early 2000’s and we refuse to use anything modern.”

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>If they would turn into a civilian nonsense empire then yes, but for now I’m not doing anything other than being on standby being disappointed but not entirely betrayed yet since I like the Wii U and the games I have and will buy later>>>

                          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                            >>>The empire cannot survive with Spin-offs and civilian nonsense alone, we need th real weapons and the NX better deliver ot the empire will no longer be a power to be reckoned with, at least not for 2 generations>>>

                            1. do realize just because they are creating spin offs now doesn’t mean they will keep making them forever they will obviously still make the main games. plus spin offs are just a way to expand the empire

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>We need to attract warriors, not civilians, without warriors, I have to do more myself>>>

                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                    >>>Leave this base at once, we don’t want hateful slaves like you in here>>>

                                    1. Hateful slaves?! Sounds pretty silly and hateful yourself there Computer Boy. And you as in one person doesn’t want me here (count your ram before it loads much?) know the words are hard, but keep going you’ll get there fellow HUMAN.

                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                        >>>They aren’t unless they’ve been tested by me, well at least the cattle on this base and in my territory>>>

                                    2. “we received many proposals for joint initiatives but we decided against them as it doesn’t meet our vision for a console that belongs in the early 2000’s and the proposals included such things that are now normal for this current gen such as voice chat or online multiplayer.”

                                    3. It means they didn’t like it and they wanted to impose their own plans onto it, such as the usual “better power, better graphics, better yet simple console design, and no gimmicks.”

                                    4. They will have to put their games on it because there won’t be a ps5. Sony is completely broke going as far as asking the public to crowdund their new products. Sony is done.

                                      1. Maybe you should actually read about what happened from the developer of the game, instead of repeating what every moron thinks on the interwebs.

                                      2. I’m almost certain that these “joint initiatives” are deals to make crossover games or to let third-party studios take a stab at creating a game based on Nintendo IP. I’m not sure it has anything to do with third-party support for the NX.

                                      3. All these tidbits of random information are weak. Not believing or falling for any crap until Nintendo releases specs and what’s going on with NX.

                                      4. That statement doesn’t say ANYTHING ABOUT NX, for all we know, this is about licensing their brands to other mediums.

                                      5. pink0crystal0midbus

                                        What are “joint initiatives.” That is a weird phrase that I have never heard before. Are they talking about 3rd party devs wanting to team up with Nintendo or just third party support in general?

                                        Seems pretty vague to me.

                                      6. Considering third party support isn’t the best on Wii U this is big news. I’m excited to see what it is that’s causing them to want to jump on board again.

                                      7. I hope those “join initiatives” are not all crossover stuff like the Skylanders and Hyrule Warriors. Hopefully a lot of these are companies actually wanting to create new entries for series that Nintendo wont.

                                      8. ha. Of course 3rd party devs will say they’re interested – they did the same for the Wii U, but “interested” does not equal “we’re gonna make games for it”. If they have yet another stupid bullshit gimmick, you can quickly count them out.

                                        1. After the “strong 3rd party support” Nintendo said there would be and the “strong support” these 3rd parties showed the Wii U,I can’t expect nor trust either Nintendo or 3rd parties to bring multiplat games to the NX
                                          And you can bet NX will have gimmicks. Nintendo loves “doing its own thing”. I’d have no problem with this kind of thinking from them,if they would just do it right for the long run

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