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PETA Offers Statement Regarding The Tragic Death Of Satoru Iwata

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have sent across a statement in which the group says that they are deeply saddened by the death of Satoru Iwata. The statement says that members of PETA grew up with iconic Nintendo titles and have celebrated certain games in the past. They say their thoughts are with Nintendo employees and Mr Iwata’s family.

We at PETA are deeply saddened by the death of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. Many of us grew up with Nintendo—we’ve celebrated games such as Nintendogs, which PETA Europe named Best Animal-Friendly Video Game, and our love for these games powered the parodies we’ve made, such as the Super Mario Bros.–spoofing Super Chick Sisters, in which players try to save Princess Pamela Anderson from the evil Colonel Sanders, and Pokémon Black & Blue: Gotta Free ‘Em All, in which players battle to free Pokémon from human enslavement. Our thoughts are with Mr. Iwata’s family and everyone at Nintendo today.

67 thoughts on “PETA Offers Statement Regarding The Tragic Death Of Satoru Iwata”


    A statement from them feels very sour, especially if they list those awful parodies they’ve been ridiculed on about.

    1. I want to believe they’re doing it from the goodness of their disgusting hearts, but it’s hard to see this as anything but a PR stunt. They know that trying to insult Iwata or Nintendo right now is a really good way of getting their sorry asses kicked.

    2. Remember that article they posted about Mario being a Tanooki killer with blood coming out of his mouth or something? That’s all I could think of as I read peta.

      1. Lol i think it’s hilarious how they included their games because that’ssssss not making them look good at all. Whoever wrote that statement needs a muzzle

    3. Coming from the people who believe Pokemon promotes animal abuse, I don’t think they have the right to say anything. That’s just me tho.

      1. Yep. Last time I checked, the Pokemon Trainers weren’t torturing their Pokemon. If anything, they were treated as family as any pet should be treated.

      2. Okay, in their defense, I don’t think they believe Pokémon promotes animal abuse. That parody game they made was using Pokémon as an analogy for real world animal abuse, but the game itself wasn’t actually anti-Pokémon. In fact, it was pretty clear that the creators of the game were pretty big Pokémon fans. That being said, I do agree that they have been very disrespectful in the past and frequently act out of line, and it makes this seem very inauthentic.

  2. Jon Johnson McJansen Jeensen

    Wow Peta talked about Iwata’s death to advertise their shitty parody video games. I WANT TO PLAY THEM NOW. AWESOME JOB, PETA! THEYRE PROBABLY BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL GAMES THEYRE BASED ON. #FIREIWATA

    1. PETA has new console coming out soon. Can’t wait to play Super Animal Lovers 4 Beach Party Edition Deluxe. 9/10 game.

  3. This feels like a weird apology. I understand; them wanting to talk about how he inspired them and all, but lots of this feels like a weird self-promotion sort of thing. At least they still made tribute to Iwata–a great man, indeed.

  4. I think it’s kind of uncalled for to elaborately mention the full names of their parodies, and even write quick summaries of what they’re about. Was that really necessary at that point?
    But either way, it’s still a nice gesture of them to express their condolences at all.

  5. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    Terrible apology. When I started reading it I thought it might be heartfelt but I was wrong. I shouldn’t have let my guard down.

  6. “We’re sorry about Iwata’s death. By the way we like Nintendogs, which supports our own cause, and we also made these parody games which also support our cause…. just sayin’… Oh but yeah… Iwata… just tragic…”

    Eff you in your animal arsehole Peta.

  7. Seems almost like free promo to them… But if they’re heart was in the right place then I guess it’s a nice gesture.

  8. “Our love of these games powered our parodies”.
    The parodies don’t exactly put the source material in too good of a light.
    The gesture was nice nonetheless

    1. “Is PETA right? Or CRAZY?” Crazy. They think they are saving animals when in reality they kill more than they save.

  9. -.- I want to blast these motherfuckers so bad for the fact they kill more animals than they actually fucking save. But I’ll hold my contempt back. Huff, huff, phew… Huff, huff, phew… Huff, huff, phew… Okay. This was a nice gesture from them… Wait a minute. *recalls Namie’s post about them actually going on to promote the parodies they mentioned* GO BURN IN HELL, YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS ANIMAL KILLERS!!! HOW DARE YOU FILTHY FUCKING INSECTS DARE USE THE DEATH OF IWATA TO PROMOTE YOUR OWN BULLSHIT!?!?!? *right eye twitch* Grr..!

    1. Google “daisy’s destruction” You’d wish that there’s no heaven on earth for these sick fucks!

      Even PETA wouldn’t do shit like this.

  10. I can’t stand people/organisations who club someone around the head all through their life, and then pretend they’re sad they’re dead. At least be true to your miserable ideals PETA if nothing else.

    1. I hate what those self righteous bastards stand for but I have to agree. I’d rather they tell the truth & hate on the man than actually try to promote their bullshit.

  11. This doesn’t feel very genuine. It sounds like Peta wants an excuse to spit in the face of Nintendo… It feels very “forced”. Here’s what I got out of Peta’s statement. “We are deeply saddened by Satoru Iwata’s passing. ALSO BUY OUR GOD AWFUL PRODUCTS AND PLAY OUR INTOLERABLE GAMES. REMEMBER SAVE THE ANIMALS BECAUSE WE’RE NOT!”. If it felt more genuine and as if it came out of pure niceness, I might actually respect Peta for once but because of the overall sound of this statement sounds very distasteful.

    1. And that’s how we’ll remember you, PETA. As a big fart. Good bye, big fart. (Family guy reference.)

  12. Oh why don’t you just go f yourself PETA ? If you were really sorry for our loss, you wouldn’t promote your shitty games. Which is SLAPPING IN THE FACE OF NINTENDO.

    The last thing I wanted to see before going to bed is seeing FREAKING PETA kissing Nintendo’s shoes to make themself “friendly”.
    Or see any news linking PETA and Nintendo together.

  13. Are you fucking serious PETA?!? Promoting your shitty parody games? And using Iwata’s death to do so. I’d say rot in hell, but hell’s too good for you.

  14. Fuck off, you animal-killing, terrorist hypocrites. Any sincerity was stripped out as soon as they started listing their own garbage that shits all over Nintendo and its fans.

  15. While I hate PETA, you have to understand it’s an organization made up of many people. They are not all the same. I am sure there are some people over there sincerely saddened at Iwata’s death. How could they not be.

    But yea, fuck peta.

    1. I understand that. But if you hang out with the wrong crowd, you are going to get lumped in with them. That’s like hanging out with neo-nazis & expecting people to actually think you are not one.

  16. To hell with peta. First they complain about Mario wearing the tanuki suit and now they use Iwata for cheap advertising of degradating games.
    Get this out of a nintendo site

  17. At least I got a laugh out of the irony of all this.
    Iwata-sama’s death is a terrible thing, and I’ve been sad since I found out yesterday. It’s good that PETA is trying to cheer people up with self referential BS and saying that they are fans of Nintendo even though they constantly oppose it.
    Thank you, PETA, and it is good that you are also mourning the death of a great man.

  18. i understand everyones respects…its the best for a great person like iwata himself….but seriously fuck PETA yea thats right…FUCK YOU! ive always hated you!

  19. Space Pirate Initiate

    “our love for these games powered the parodies we’ve made”

    Love? I thought they hated those games, hence the parodies. PETA really need to hire a new PR person fast because I think the current one has just about given up on them.

  20. PETA is full of crap. they have been against Super Mario and Pokemon for years and now Iwata dies and they use it to gain popularity. its sick

  21. Oh fucking please. Let’s not forget you tried to talk shit about Mario inspiring killing of animals like the Tanooki when the game never shown anything of the sort and then they went out of their fucking hypocrite way to go and make a flash game doing exactly what they’re pointlessly bitching about.

    STFU and die by a shark attack already PETA.

  22. Eew why would this site even have this article? We have plenty of great comments on iwata’s death already, we don’t need PETA’s nonsense. They’re just trying to get any inch of publicity they can. It’s disgusting.

  23. “We at PETA are deeply saddened by the death of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata. Our thoughts are with Mr. Iwata’s family and everyone at Nintendo today.”

    There. PETA, that’s literally all you needed. Save yourself a couple hundred keystrokes AND make yourself look a little better. Their condolences feel more like them trying to capitalize on the situation and it makes me hate them even more.

  24. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>These imbeciles rather waste time on trying to “save” digital animals than real animals>>>

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