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I’ve Got To Run: Complete Edition! On Sale For One Cent To Honour Iwata

In a rather kind gesture, the developer behind the I’ve Got to Run! games for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has put her game on sale for one cent to respect the tragic passing of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. I’ve Got to Run!: Complete Edition for Nintendo 3DS is available for 10 cents, while I’ve Got to Run! for Wii U is available for one cent for this week only. The developer actually wanted to make the games free, but sadly that wasn’t possible. The proceeds of the games will go to charity firm Cancer Research.

“Hello. As some of you may have seen, I’ve Got to Run! (Wii U eShop) and I’ve Got to Run: Complete Edition! (Nintendo 3DS eShop) are $0.01 and $0.10 respectively in North America. I just wanted to take a brief second to explain why. Nintendo was not only the reason I got into making games, but they were the reason that I grew to love games as a passion as a kid. From Mario to Zelda to Metroid.”

“Nintendo’s games have always had an immediate appeal. I’ve tried to apply many of Nintendo’s own game philosophies as well. The late President of Nintendo Co., Ltd, Mr. Satoru Iwata, once said that “Games are to be one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone.” While games can be more than fun – they can make you think, make you cry, and bring people together, the core of every game should be an enjoyable experience. It is with this statement in mind that until 9 AM PT on July 18th, both of my games on Nintendo’s platforms are available at their lowest ever prices – and the lowest prices on the eShop period.”

“I want to completely remove the barrier to entry for enjoying a quick game. I hope you pick it up, and if they bring you even one minute of happiness, I’ll feel I’ve done my job. I appreciate all of your support, and hope that my humble games can bring a smile to your face in these tough times.”

Thanks, Syrenne McNulty 4 Corner Games.

Props to Portaldark and Resstario for sending this in.


      1. Iwata brought last gen specs and gimmicks to nintendo ….and gameing died in 1995 and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

  1. Need more developers thinking like this. Not so much referring to the 10c pricing, just the philosophy this person seems to follow when making games. respect

  2. I have no idea if this game is actually good or not, but I have absolutely no reason not to get it. It’s at a cheap price, its low price is to honor Mr. Iwata, the proceeds will go to Cancer Research, and the developer seems like a very kind, thoughtful person. Will definitely pick up both versions.

    1. I just got it and it’s absolute crap. But for $0.01, can’t complain. Well… Actually I have one complaint: it takes 100Mb on my HD.

    1. Why would ubi soft hounor iwata…he brought last gen specs abd gimmicks to nintendo…gameing died in 1995 and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

  3. 1 cent is a bit out of my price range. I’ll have to get another job. Ha Ha Ha Ha jk i got it

  4. I had 11 cents on my eshop account. I downloaded the 3ds version, and I’ll get the Wii U version later. I appreciate the cause and I want to give back.

    1. Ness you pussy…i told you Eartbound is overrated my the media…sure its good but not that damn good….breath if fire,lufia,7th saga,secret of mana,final fantasy 2 and 3 all better than eartbound mother…and this is a fucking fact son…play these games then youll know..

  5. Supporting Iwata. Supporting cancer research. Only paying a cent. This deal is a win win WIN!

  6. I wouldnt pay one cent fir this trash game iwata brought gimmicks and last gen specs to Nintendo this game aint worth one cent …i could use my one cent to pay the tax on me sum beer..,and btw gameing died in 1995 and if you dont like it you can kiss my duke ho.

  7. Nice gesture, and a fun doofy time waster. Great addition to the ‘bus ride’ game library on my 3DS.

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