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Tengami Only Made 10% Of Its Revenue On Wii U And PC

Tengami, the creative interactive title that was developed by a number of ex-Rare developers for iOS, Wii U eShop and PC, saw the vast majority of its revenue come from iOS. The Wii U and PC version of the game only accounted for 10% of the revenue. The news was disclosed today by Nyamyam co-founder Jennifer Schneidereit during the Develop Conference in Brighton. While 90% of the game’s total revenue came from iOS the developer says they don’t regret making a Wii U version.

“A lot of developers ask me about the Wii U, whether it’s a good platform for independent developers. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a good platform for independent developers, but I don’t regret releasing on the Wii U.

“We decided we’re going to do a Wii U version, I worked under the assumption it would sell 10,000 copies – it sold a little bit more by now, so that’s okay.”

“Speaking to other independent developers, there seems to be a consensus that the average indie game on the eShop has sold 10,000 copies in its lifetime – we’ve sold 11,000 now, and I think there’s more room to grow. I think our lifetime sales will be closer to 20,000 in the end.”

– Co-founder Jennifer Schneidereit

8 thoughts on “Tengami Only Made 10% Of Its Revenue On Wii U And PC”

  1. Release it much later, charge much more, at least their expectations were realistic.

    Another thing that didn’t help them was by the time it was out on Wii U it was thoroughly reviewed and the shortness of the game turned me away from buying it.

  2. The game is $9.99 in the Nintendo eShop and $4.99 in the App store…..there are hundreds of millions of iOS devices out there….which one would you think would sell better?

  3. They did a terrible job of explaining Tengami on the eShop.
    I have no clue what it is, so I’m not spending money on it.
    The 11 000 who did took a leap of faith.

    Can’t be alone on this, pretty sure more people would’ve bought it.

  4. The iOS version was also like 4 dollars and worked perfectly fine on iOS compared to Wii U or PC.

    There was NO REASON to buy it on Wii U if you really wanted to play it and knowing that it cost way more on Wii U (10 dollars!), OF COURSE the iOS version would sell better.

  5. The devs are happy with the sales numbers.

    “Seeing a bit of mixed interpretations of Tengami’s current sales figures. I consider 11k on the Wii U a good number. Whereas 11k on PC is obviously not that great, but also not that unsurprising considering that the game is best suited to touch. All in all we are really happy with how Tengami sold on all platforms and hope that revealing our sales numbers is beneficial to other devs.”

    (Twitter, @nyamyamgames)

  6. I was going to buy this game because I love the music David Wise did for the Donkey Kong Country franchise. But then I heard this game was selling for less on everything BUT the Wii U so… fuck that. I wasn’t suckered into the Mass Effect 3 for Wii U bullshit so I won’t be suckered into this.

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