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Rumour: Dark Pit Isn’t Exclusive To Best Buy In Canada

Despite what you may have heard the Dark Pit amiibo won’t be exclusive in Canada. A Nintendo Canada representative has reached out to us to say that you will be able to purchase the amiibo from other retailers. Toys R Us are one such retailer that’s apparently due to receive stock. However, if you are in the United States you will only be able to purchase the amiibo from Best Buy.

8 thoughts on “Rumour: Dark Pit Isn’t Exclusive To Best Buy In Canada”

  1. It would be a weird thing to do…..unlike the target exclusives and their non-exclusivity here due to the lack of targets, we have Best Buys all over the place….But hey, I’m not complaining.

  2. It says rumor in the title and then you go and say it’s 100% true and confirmed by Nintendo in the article. Which on is it! Is it a rumor, or 100% true!

    1. I’m fairly sure it’s true, but I put rumour just in case. The person has emailed me before and has the appropriate email address. I can’t 100% verify it though so it’s a rumour at present.

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