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The World’s Largest e-Sports Group To Start Drug Testing

e-Sports are serious business with plenty of money up for grabs, therefore the Electronic Sports League will soon introduce policies to keep drugs out of it. The news comes on the back of the revelation that a number of professional e-sport players have been abusing ADHD and narcolepsy medication, Adderall. The medication helps improves people’s reactions and alertness so it is no surprise that some gamers have been using it. The latest move from the Electronic Sports League should help stamp out the misuse of drug taking by some e-sport players.

69 thoughts on “The World’s Largest e-Sports Group To Start Drug Testing”

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                                      1. I remember in evo that the commentators said that they players weren’t allowed to take energy drinks doing the days of competition, which is why you only see people drinking water

                                        1. If they have a legit disorder then they would obviously be allowed to take it, so long as they provide documentation. The same as is any professional competition.

                                          These are professional competitions with tens of thousands of dollars on the line, Adderal is a performance enhancing drug… What is stupid about drug testing? Explain please.

                                          BTW, this testing is coming as a result of the winners in a Counterstrike tournament admitting to taking Adderal. It was $250,000 dollar tournament.

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                                            1. Just a move to make eSports appear more like “the other sports” where doping is a very serious issue. ESL are a joke, they don’t give a shit about the players’ health, they only care about their wallet getting bigger with the eSports phenomenon and the next marketing move they’ll come up with.

                                            2. I have absolutely no idea what any of this is even about? So I shouldn’t be commenting. Yet I did. Go figure.

                                            3. This is some very important Nintendo news we have here. This obviously relates to Nintendo in every way.

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