Nintendo America Partners With Facebook For Super Mario Maker

Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that they will be teaming up with the leading social network Facebook to promote Super Mario Maker at launch. The company also mentioned that Facebook employees will create levels in the game and that these will be distributed via download. The newly created levels by the Facebook team will be absolutely free to download.

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    1. It’d be weird to have paid dlc in a game where you could essentially just create any level, including whatever is in the dlc. You could just watch a video on youtube of the dlc level and create it yourself. Time consuming, but possible.

        1. How is free DLC a hint that paid DLC is on the way?
          The game’s whole online structure is being able to share levels freely among one another.
          It seems very unlikely that there would be paid DLC, unless it’s not in the form of levels, considering you could essentially create the level DLC yourself.

        2. Even if it was a hint, how is it a bad thing? Everyone is going to have the same content so if you don’t want to pay for said DLC, you can remake it yourself. I would understand getting mad if the FB employees were using content not avaible in the final game.

          1. The DLC would likely include new parts or something like that to make the stages cooler. It’d be like paying to win, only not nearly as bad.

            1. See that I wouldn’t mind, a single item could change the whole game and add even more possibilities to an almost endless game. I just hope that they bundle the items if or when the DLC releases.

  1. I love the way they are marketing this game an getting on FaceBook is a great move if people try it an have fun with it then more then likely they will buy it

      1. And you know, Google is more then Google+, like the creators of the biggest smartphone platform, biggest video sharing website, biggest search engine, and so much more…

        1. Well I know that google is more than google+, and it is strange that they didn’t go with YouTube. Maybe they’re trying to market to the casual gamer again. Well Google+ might have millions but its a mere shadow compare to the Goliath that is FB and its 1+ BILLION users.

            1. Lol touché, I should’ve said, ‘maybe they’re trying to actually market now’

              After how successful splatoon was, because of how they market it, maybe they finally realize that Marketing helps lol

  2. Getting the game pushed on/by Facebook is a win. 1.2 billion active users is a huge market to tap into. Well done Nintendo for finally realising what marketing is in 2015.

  3. Honestly no one would buy Premade levels as DLC and Nintendo knows that I mean you could easily just recreate it can’t you?

  4. What they need to do is partner with Youtube. This game can become a Youtube hit, but it will struggle with the Nintendo creator’s nonsense in operation

  5. This is why I felt Nintendo should’ve saved Super Mario Maker as a December release. It would’ve sold a boatload of Wii Us based off the hype and the constant praise it’s been receiving. I still think it will sell well but this was certainly a missed opportunity by Nintendo to not take advantage of the busiest time of year with this gem

    1. >>>But then the haters and trolls would start to get even louder like the useless cretin they are>>>

  6. I thought the thumbnail meant a facebook app for wii u until I looked at the title, lol.

            1. >>>Even so, why do you care? Do you have that much time to spend on Miiverse?>>>

              1. you got him!!. Miiverse has potential, hope it becomes better because sometimes it feels empty. Since thestrangablog loves miiverse so much, he should take all his rants to miiverse

                1. He can’t. The admins, being the tyrants that they are, would most likely censor him like the assholes they’ve shown themselves to be when they delete perfectly safe posts/comments.

                2. >>>Miiverse is nice for the civilians but it’s too naive for veterans like me, only useful to when someone wants to organise a gameplay with me>>>

                1. >>>I’m talking about ever since Miiverse was released, did you have that much time to spend on it?>>>

  7. Why would I even want a stage created by some FB employee. I like that they’be partnering with Facebook, but this may be a wasted opportunity.

  8. Facebook, one of the biggest social online sites on the internet, is working with Nintendo, the ones that hate social online interactions to the point they are destroying their very own version of it known as Miiverse? Nintendo apparently is already starting to troll people even without Masahiro Sakurai in charge of the company. lol

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