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Video: Nintendo Reveals How The Slosher In Splatoon Works

One of the new weapons coming to the ultra-fun Splatoon is the Slosher. You can use it to scoop up large quantities of ink and cast it at the terrain and at your deadly opponents. It covers quite a large area with paint and also has height and reach at its advantage so it should be an interesting weapon to wield. You can check out the Slosher in action in the video embedded below.

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63 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Reveals How The Slosher In Splatoon Works”

    1. I mean, it could’ve, but there was already plenty to choose from, so there was no need. When they release small updates like these, it extends the games life ten fold, theres always a reason to comeback, and there is never a better time to purchase the game. I know you probably dislike this game for your own reasons, but believe this: Releasing small updates like these was a GREAT idea.

    2. Nah, bun that. It’s better this way. At launch I was hyped because I could play Splatoon for the first time – that’s true regardless of how many weapons/maps there could have been at the time. Yet, by doing this, the hype never stopped. If everything was in since launch, how do you extend the hype? I’m still just as excited by this game as I was months ago when it was released. How do you achieve that without a slow release of new content like this?

            1. It isn’t a difference at all. I’ll tell you why further along in great detail, but it is not different.
              Developer locked content is developer locked content, and this concept is something entirely new to the industry. It is not good, no matter how you people try to spin it, and there are ways to extend the life of a game without doing it in this manner, as games did it just fine before any of this nonsense.

              In no way should it be okay to pay for a game only to have content you cannot even access yourself in any way. I’m not necessarily saying Nintendo had to have it all unlocked at once as soon as you start the game, no game does that really, but the fact you cannot even progress through the game yourself to unlock it, is not right. It is completely controlled and up to Nintendo when they unlock content you paid for.

              Pretty sure when Amiibo were first announced as well, and people were concerned about Nintendo using them for content other than small items or costumes, Nintendo said they would not put any significant content behind Amiibo. And what did they do with Splatoon? They put in single player content that can only be unlocked by purchasing all three Splatoon Amiibo.

              People keep saying it’s free… No, they’re making you believe it is free. You paid for that disc locked content when you paid full price for Splatoon, and they gave you no way to unlock it by yourself, the person who paid for it. Only for you to wait for them to unlock it for you, or needing to pay even more money to unlock some of it with Amiibo. Now if they didn’t charge full price when it had released or still weren’t charging full price in certain territories at retail chains, that would be an entirely different story. Yet they are, so they aren’t any better than any other company who has done the same practices and charged for it, Nintendo just went about it in a much sneakier way.

              Splatoon was and still is incomplete. The August update is proof enough of this, and as people have pointed out, Nintendo said they would never do this kind of stuff and were against the idea of releasing games in this state, to the extent of calling out competitors who did. Now they’re doing the same thing, in a slightly different way to make you believe their way is better, when in actuality it is the same exact thing.

              As soon as Nintendo does the same bad practices, you people start making up endless excuses for them just because they went about it differently, when the end result is the same.

                1. I know, right! Michelle is one person I do not want to get into a debate with. Like the fast food/junk food subject I was on with someone else a few articles back. When she got involved, I read everything she said then ran for the hills. xD

                    1. I bet you’ve already seen the two anons attacking Michelle like little children because she is slapping them with some cold hard facts. Got to love the younger generation when they think they know more than us.

                    2. I had fun at launch day, I has fun when they released nee maps and new weapons, I’ve been having fun until now and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to have fun.

                      Also, I love how you completely miss the point of why some parts of the game are being limited, they didn’t want to dilute the number of players on a new IP entering a succesful, huge genre, so they limited options at first, letting people get accostumed with the basic stuff on the game before unlocking the more complex stuff.

                      It’s also lovely how you ignore the fact that many games are incomplete at launch and then they charge you money to make them complete, while I haven’t paid a single penny apart from the game’s actual price for all the content that has been unlocked, I’ve gotten everything I paid for and I haven’t been charged extra for it, that’s a gigantic difference.

                      I don’t see how the game’s programming, amazing aesthetic design, music, gameplay, variety, customization, etc weren’t worth full price, when I was basically getting a free Season Pass with my purchase of the game.

                      New content creates hype, and like I said, Splatoon is a new, creative IP entering a field of microtransaction-laden, broken, unfinished, gray and dull garbage, it needed a strategy to forge ahead, and I’m glad Nintendo found a strategy that does just that without nickel n’ diming the player, oh, also, this update isn’t on the disc, it’s a download, so it doesn’t even fit your stupid, unrealistic, close-minded definition of disc locked content.

                    3. If the content came in small updates that you had to download, would you be ok with it? Because if so, it would show how much of a close minded, hypocritical bitch you are, I’m going to play Splatoon and have fun, you have fun bashing a great game that doesn’t deserve it!

                    4. No, there is a difference: people buying Splatoon after the update in August will not have the problem you mentioned, i.e., they pay the price, they get the full game. It is different from those games where one has to pay extra money to access full content no matter how long after its release. If you don’t see this, you are fooling yourself. The games before ARE JUST FINE, while some, if not many, people including me think that Splatoon released in the current way is better. I am going to tell you why further along in great detail.

                      Splatoon is a online-orientated game. It needs players. Gradually unlocked contents helps Splatoon as a new IP to lower the starting barrier and to maintain the momentum and attentions. Gamers are looking forward to the new weapons, new maps, new modes and higher levels. In consequence they spread excitements and attract/bring new players. I really doubt whether Splatoon could achieve such a success otherwise. As a gamer I’d like to see more people joining the online battle. So both Nintendo and us benefit from such a marketing idea. I am not saying this should be the standard way to release new IPs, but for Splatoon it works very well.

                      Of course, all of the success is based on the fact that Splatoon is a good game on its release, otherwise no one will pay attention on any further updates.

                    5. I like how thought out your comment was it was pretty good but I just wanna point out one detail about the splatoon amiibos. the content on the amiibos had nothing to do with the really at all, all that was on them was small little fun single player level that are in no way connected to the completion of the actual single player campaign,and in completing those small levels received some interesting outfits, to me that is worth the what 20 or 30 bucks you paid for the three pack

                          1. Am I a racist to my own people? No. Do I worship CoD/Battlefield as I suck at those games? No. I am not like that prick and wish with every fiber in my being that he dies in a horrible “accident” involving a bus/truck ending him quick.

                            1. You have lots if things in common with that bitch and the main one is that you like to tell everybody what to buy. If people are enjoying the game, then good for them and if you have any issue with the game then be constructive, there are no reason to say that people who have been enjoying the game are fools.

                              1. Sadly, Splatoon did ignore that advice when they released it unfinished in May. Sure they aren’t charging for the updates but it’s still bad. It’s like giving a starving person only a little bit of food that doesn’t even fill them up & spread it out over months. All the while, they are still starving.

                                But hey! At least the starving person is being fed for free! *sarcasm* The lesser of two evils is still evil…

                              2. All those updates were disc-locked. So… Yeah, if the game looked barebones before them for you, then it really was not. Just a smart way of keeping interest in the game.

                                No one complained about Team Fortress 2 updates before it went f2p. That one also launched with only a few maps, weapons and hats and they kept adding them with each update. It’s the same thing.

                              3. THEY CHARGE OUTRAGUS FEES FOR THERE DRIP FEED DLC


                                1. MK8 keep its run high the right way. Splatoon is a sign of Nintendo sneaking into the same dark side as EA by pulling this shit off slowly to see the reaction or none of it and it’s working thanks to retards like yourself. All fanbases have a lot in common than they think; they share the same level of stupidity with slightly different skin of allegiance.

                                  1. Just shut the fuck up already. I’m tired of you Bitching about how the game should of been. Just be happy people still play this!

                                        1. Because nnx is an idiot. He spends most of his time on here making all caps posts going on a rant about how Nintendo is the best ever & is beyond making mistakes. Oh & he spams roughly the same thing sometimes. Then goes on to insult people that don’t agree with Nintendo. So nnx is really not worth defending.

                                      1. GUESS WHAT GUYS?!?!

                                        YOU HAVE BEEN TRICKED!!!! Those who have thought that pinwheel made a return, well guess again. It was really ME!!! ANUBIS!!!

                                        Gotcha :D

                                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                >>>You never did dog, would I really think that was that real Pinwheel when you brought “her” up the minute you asked me about her? Too simple and too easy to figure that out doggy>>>

                                              2. *claps* You want a reward, Nintendo? Well fuck you. You deserve to receive the gold poo award for ignoring your true fans while listening to the stupid rabble fanboys that would suck your dick even if you offered them a game with a bag of shit as the hero & it was the worst thing ever. They’d call it a classic & continue on their deluded way.

                                                      1. They obviously have selective hearing. They only hear the praises coming from their delusional fanboys.

                                                      2. Hmm. I don’t remember the last time Nintendo DIDN’T use their OWN advice. Seriously, bud. Nintendo doesn’t listen to many in the bunch. They make their own decisions, for the better and the worse. Anonymous below made a valid argument, too.

                                                      3. We’re all pissed Nintendo is swirling down the mobile/casual toilet bowl. It’s not like they are even actually going to die, so we won’t get closure.
                                                        Like, if your best friend turned into a zombie, and he wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t alive. They just exist as something else and part of you wishes they were the way they used to be, but part of you knows they are gone.
                                                        We’re just all dealing in our way until our voices are completely drown out by the mass-thunder clap of the new gen of Nintendo followers who will never understand why the original gen of Nintendo fans are/were so angry at Nintendo.
                                                        They never played Eternal Darkness, PN03, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Experience Metroid as it combined 2D and 3D elements to create an Universe that was dark but had a badass Samus exploring it.
                                                        Now it’s all rainbows and squirt guns and Mii/Amiibo half-assed games and the whole sense of adventure has been traded for a quick thrill and cheap tricks.

                                                        Nintendo and it’s new gen of fan have pissed so much in our Cheerios it would be cleaner to eat our cereal from the toilet.

                                                        Hope that helps clear things up!

                                                        1. Yes because just ate up on games like paper Mario sticker star, they’re more people out there asking Nintendo to make a new ip than a metroid game (which by your name is what I assume you are upset about) people don’t just buy what nintendo puts out there, there’s many games that flop

                                                          1. The ones that don’t give Nintendo a pass every time they do something that pisses off a shit ton of a lot of people.

                                                            1. The only thing that comes to my mind is the Metroid Prime FF and every metroid fan deserves to be pissed off though they should be happy that its only on 3ds

                                                              cant think of other games though. Just the ones that pissed me off like Mario 3d Land & Mario galaxy but then again im a Mario fan

                                                              I’ve always thought that nintendo fans being a little hypocrites i remember last e3 they asked for more games and star fox they got what they asked and started to complain anyway. I’d say these nintedo fans doesn’t know what they really want

                                                          2. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

                                                            And go to school to learning how to spell ya

                                                            *maiming = maining ya

                                                          3. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

                                                            The old version of Sasori Obinna was retarded. I am the new improved divine version ya

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