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Perfect Dark Sister Title Velvet Dark Was Planned For Nintendo 64

Rare developer Gregg Mayles has revealed that the company had a sister title planned for Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. The game was called Velvet Dark and was apparently early in development. Not much is known about the game, but there is a design document floating around somewhere at Rare HQ. The game was also meant to be compatible with the Game Boy Advance, according to the design documents tweeted.

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18 thoughts on “Perfect Dark Sister Title Velvet Dark Was Planned For Nintendo 64”

  1. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

    If only shooters were still made this way I wouldn’t have abandoned the genre ya

  2. Most people have such different taste than I do in games. I always HATED these particular games. I rented Goldeneye once, and totally hated it and made fun of it ever since. While others have always praised it. Never made sense to me. Then again, I just can’t stomach first-person shooters. They’re my least favorite genre.

    1. Can I ask how old you are?
      Also, is your name “Collector” as in, you collect things, or the Mass Effect species?

  3. Rare should have made Velvet Dark as their first GameCube game rather than Starfox Adventures. That would have been a better send-off for that once spectacular developer.

  4. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    I’m curious. Did anyone else use the yellow buttons to run and the joystick to aim? I remember that being my preferred control method. There was a weird thing all shooters had where if you’d hold C-up and C-right (or left) at the same time, the characters would run a little faster. This was especially true for Perfect Dark.

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