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Terraria Confirmed Again For Wii U And 3DS And Playable At Gamescom

After months of rumour and speculation Terraria the action-adventure sandbox video game has been reconfirmed for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. If you are attending Gamescom next month then you will be able to go hands on with both versions. Guess all we need now is an official release date.


Thanks, Conor P

16 thoughts on “Terraria Confirmed Again For Wii U And 3DS And Playable At Gamescom”

      1. Minecraft is a lot more sandboxy. Terraria’s almost like an RPG game with Metroidvania elements (it’s still technically a sandbox, but it’s still more focused on progression than Minecraft). I prefer Terraria, but I still like and play Minecraft occasionally (mainly just building stuff in single player creative mode).

  1. All right! I’m definitely getting my hands on the 3DS version! I hope it isn’t stripped out of too much content/graphics if any.

  2. FUCK YES! Super hyped for this game! Is it going to be full retail, eShop or what? Is it 1.3? So the 3DS version has no online? We need details goddammit.

  3. Awesome, right after I got Minecraft pocket edition for my Fire. If the 3ds version doesn’t get online features like playing with other peeps, count me out.

    1. Looks like local wi-fi only: “The 3DS version offers local WiFi play supported for up to 4 friends, while the Wii U takes that even further, with up to 8-player online multiplayer or 4-player splitscreen using classic Wii Remotes.”

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