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Yooka-Laylee Got A Publisher Deal With Team17 For Retail Release

Update: They are looking to bring the game to retail which hopefully means it is coming.

Yooka-Laylee has already gotten off to a good start with an immensely successful Kickstarter campaign and now the team at Playtonic are looking to bring the 3D platformer to retail. The company announced today that Team17 will be publishing the game at retail and it will be released next year. Team 17, the team behind Worms, will help Playtonic out with localisation, certification, QA, marketing and other business matters.

“Team17 has significant experience in making the most of releasing a game,” explained Gavin Price, creative lead and studio head at Playtonic.

“Personally I feel it would be a great shame if after our great Kickstarter success, we delivered on our promise of a great game and then it underperformed sales-wise because we didn’t have the knowledge, or made a mistake in the way we released or marketed the game.”

“Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we’re on a really positive trajectory and Team17 is acting like a booster for us on top of that by handling non-game dev tasks.”

“[This partnership] is probably more significant than either Team17 or Playtonic fully realise right now,” she says. “They are friends of ours and we want to help it make sense for everyone.


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24 thoughts on “Yooka-Laylee Got A Publisher Deal With Team17 For Retail Release”

  1. “To clarify on one point: there are still no plans currently for a physical release.” is it that hard to read?

      1. I’m actually happy for them.
        This means that a retail version of the game can reach people who don’t have the space on their consoles/PC to store the game and gives it more exposure.

        Plus, Team17 are actually one of the best Publishers and most underrated as well.

      2. As should be. Let the ones that have knowledge of how to do marketing and publishing do just that. Let trolls troll, and xbots plus sony drones drool.


      3. Fucking hell Playtonic what are you doing!!!! Publishers always end badly. Now with these pysical releases unless we Kickstarter backers get our free digital copy upped to a pysical we got fucked over.

        1. Too soon to tell, though. This isn’t Bandai Namco & I’ve never heard of this publisher before. If they are mostly unheard of, I doubt they’d be stupid enough to do something that would keep them in the dark. But again, too soon to tell. This could be bad or it could be good. Either way, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

        1. Game journalism today, all speculation and confirming rumors with no evidence. Sick of these fucks jumping the gun.

        2. It better get a physical release or it will have all been a waste. I wanted to give money to the kickstarter, but the “physical PC edition” they were offering was basically just a fucking Steam installation disc BS. Smaller kickstarter games that offer a physical release for PC actually are delivering a completely DRM-free version of their game entirely on the disc (like PC games fucking should have stayed) and its such BS when these big projects from well known creators cant even promise something as simple as that.

          Still have not heard back after 8 messages sent if the Red Earth physical PC release is going to be DRM-free or not. Guess they dont want more money, cause that’s the only way I am going to be giving them any unless the PS4 version is on disc.

        3. pink0crystal0midbus

          Oooo good! This is why I didn’t want to back the game, because I was anticipating a retail release. So now I can just buy the retail version without having to pay for the kickstarter and getting a digital copy.

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