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Splatoon’s Massive Update Is Out Now; Here Are All The Details

Now might be a good time to jump back into Splatoon if you’re looking for brand-new content to experience in the game. Splatoon’s massive update – version 2.0.0 –  is out now and implements a slew of new features into the game. Notable additions include two new matchmaking options, new weapon types, new background music, an increase to the game’s level cap and over 40 pieces of new gear. A full list of what Splatoon’s latest update brings can be read below:

Squad Battle

  • Users can create a squad with friends and battle against other squads in Ranked Battle.
    *Squad Battle can be accessed by players who are at level 10 or higher.
    *Once a squad is created, friends of friends will be able to join the squad.
    *Passwords can be set if users wish to only play with specific friends.
    *Squad Battle can only be played against other users who are playing Squad Battle. (Ranked Battle players will not be matched up with Squad Battle players.)
  • Users are able to create a Squad of 4, Squad of 3, or Squad of 2.
    *Squads of 3 may be matched up against Squads of 4.
    *When a Squad of 3 plays against a Squad of 4, the game will be set so the Squad of 3 respawns faster, but in general, the Squad of 3 will be at a disadvantage.
    *Squads of 2 will be matched up with three other Squads of 2, resulting in a match between “Squad of 2 x 2” vs “Squad of 2 x 2”.

Private Battle

  • In Private Battle, friends can play in private, customizable matches.
    *Friends of friends are able to join.
    *Passwords can be set if users wish to only play with specific friends.

Updated Levels:

  • Users are able to level up to level 50.
    *This will be unlocked once players reach level 20 and go to the lobby.

Updated Ranks:

  • Users are able to achieve rank S and S+.
    *Rank S and S+ can only be attained by playing Ranked Battle, not through Squad Battle.
    *Once users reach rank S and S+, the rank will no longer be affected by the results of Squad Battle.
  • Changed the calculation method for Rank Points based on the results in Ranked Battle.
  • Users will be sent back to the lobby when their ranks change in Ranked Battle.New Gear
  • New gear has been added, which will appear in the in-game shop at random.

New Background Music

  • New BGM has been added, which will play during battles at random.

SplatFest Update

  • During the results of Splatfest, the winning percentage will be multiplied by 4 rather than 2.

Stage Adjustments

  • Urchin Underpass: Overall layout has been adjusted in all modes.
  • Saltspray Rig: Adjusted stage layout in Tower Control.
  • Arowana Mall: Adjusted stage layout in Splat Zones.
  • Kelp Dome: Adjusted stage layout in Splat Zones and Tower Control.
  • Moray Towers: Adjusted stage layout in Splat Zones and Tower Control.

Special Weapon Adjustments

  • Adjusted the points needed to use Inkzooka from 180p to 220p.
  • Adjusted the points needed to use Point Sensor from 180p to 200p.
  • Adjusted the points needed to use Killer Wail from 180p to 160p.
    *The above numbers apply when users do not have the Special Charge Up ability equipped.Sub Weapon Adjustments:
  • Splash Wall: Correct the amount of damage done by bombs when they are thrown against the Splash Wall.Ability Adjustments
  • Tenacity: Adjustments have been made so the special gauge begins to fill up after the battle begins, rather than starting prior to the battle.
  • Special Charge Up: Adjustments have been made so the special gauge will fill up in amounts consistent with the amount of area inked.Sound Effects Adjustments
  • Adjusted the sound effects for Inkstrike so it can be heard when it is about to strike on the left, right, or back of the player.
  • Adjusted the sound effects for some of the longer range weapons so it can be heard from far away when it hits.


  • Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.


84 thoughts on “Splatoon’s Massive Update Is Out Now; Here Are All The Details”

  1. Am I the only one that would absolutely LOVE for there to be more single player stages added by DLC? I really loved playing the single player campaign on this game a lot, and I would buy a decently priced DLC pack with more single player levels in a heartbeat.

    1. I’ve had the game since launch and I still haven’t beaten the campaign. Don’t get me wrong I REALLY do like it. I just always want to play the multiplayer when I get on. And yes I do want more single player content, I would SO buy that in a heartbeat! Part of the reason I haven’t finished it is because, it’s short and easy, though the level designs are REALLY COOL! I feel if I play it now it will be all over, so I’m saving it for a time where I don’t want to play online. Only problem is that the online is so fun I haven’t not wanted to play it!

      1. I would absolutely love more single player! They could go in so many directions with it! I’d buy that DLC in a heartbeat.

            1. You don’t have to buy everything like a mindless tool to form an opinion about it.

              Keep failing. Just ’cause the truth hurts doesn’t mean it’s trolling.

              1. You are so right! Some of my favorite pastimes are judging the taste of food that I’ve never tasted or critiquing the writing style of an author whose work I’ve never read. Also, you are the smartest person I don’t know.

            2. Man this is one large update! It has all the stuff to really make this game seem almost perfect. The updated level cap is a real eye catcher because how long would it take to reach that level is beyond me. I wonder how long it will take for the update to download & implement?

                  1. And I would’ve paid full price for half of a game? I would be very stupid to do so and you wouldn’t even know if Nintendo would change their mind and actually charge that shit on you. Like I said, I would’ve used common sense before fanboy “logic” because gaming companies completely lost their fucking minds and touch with their consumers and do anything to cheat their money to keep themselves afloat which only spells an end for them. Can you stop being stupid for once? At least I think with my brain before my wallet. You wanna enjoy a 4v4 chat-less game? Be my guest.

                    1. Chat is pointless. If you see someone going on path, ink another place. If there’s a group fight going on, join in and help. It’s really simple. And who are you to judge me of an idiot?

                      1. You don’t like the game. Cool we get it. You sure spend a lot of time on articles commenting about something you despise. Perhaps you should put that energy into something you like. You’d probably become less of a troll/prick:)

                          1. Of their common sense and time. I want a complete package, not a fucking cookie cut product that I have to wait later WITHOUT a single notion that the so called “free content” could turn around and become a $20-50 DLC for all I know. Stop being fucking stupid on paying what you think you’re getting instead of what you’re suppose to get for your worth over the counter. I bet every single service cheats out of your stupid ass so easily. Pity.

                          2. Free or not, it’s still pretty shady. Disc locked content should not be praised whether it’s for free or has to be paid for.

                          3. Agree, the only difference is that Destiny actually charges you for these updates. If ninty ever releases a Game of the Year/Complete edition (were you don’t have to download everything) then I’ll pick it up. As it stands now, I can’t pay for an incomplete game.

                            1. EXACTLY! Either it’s free or not, it still doesn’t come close to excusing the fact that they rushed an incomplete game out while it contradicts their “delayed games” philosophy they previously mentioned which was barely a year ago. Thanks for actually understanding where I’m coming from. If a game is not ready, just push it back a little until it is and if the final product is bad, criticize where it went wrong. If it’s good, enjoy it for what it is. I swear to god, I can’t believe I was one of those naive retard fandorks defending any BS regarding Nintendo even from Nintendo themselves.

                              1. I’m still calling the game half baked, shit I remember when I first did I got so much shit from a lot of people here -_- well stranga, believe it or not, I used to sit right here when the 3DS launched and defended Nintendo for the lack of games, and blamed 3rd parties for it. I think as fans we hate to see what we love in bad lighting so we dont blame Nintendo for anything that we believe is wrong, or actually is wrong. but shit, if we don’t tell them, who will?

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>Except you can be civilised in doing so, instead, we have Stranga here crying and insulting everyone even if they said that they “hate” everything the empire has done wrong with the Wii U>>>

                                  >>>It’s amusing that he says he likes me and likes my comments and literally the next second insults me and is blinded by his rage thinking I support things I’ve already said I don’t or haven’t even mentioned at all>>>

                                  1. finally, the idiot finally noticed me. he tried so hard to insult me using words like “republicunt”. I am trying to talk sense to him, i tried to give advice to him, telling him to keep the calm. He does not listen and instead, he prefers to insult me, or at least trying to do so. That sissapointed fanboy is very funny :)

                                    1. The 3DS launch was so much of a fuck up that I was even gonna skip that platform until many more great games came in later. Wii U did more of the same shit but in the opposite for gaming library because it doesn’t have shit to warrant its $300 price at merely 32GB and held back the hardware evolution.

                                    2. Maybe they’re thinking of new Ideas throughout the process? and as someone pointed out, It’s free, there’s no need to complain

                                      1. Again, defending a half-game release at full price. It’s fucking stupid of you people to do. I would expect a product to be content ready for my buck. Stop excusing bullshit like that.

                                      2. Especially when it’s coming from a company that recently talked about rushed games being bad and they just went and did the contrast with Splatoon which is not complete.

                                      3. Free or not, they are holding back content that should have been on it from the start of it’s release. Sure they aren’t doing an EA & charging us for it but it still should not be admired. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

                                    3. I love this update so far. But, I have one question: Where can you get the Squid Girl gear? Other people have it, so I was wondering where you get the items.

                                    4. I honestly feel like this update doesn’t make splatoon more fun or less fun i feels exactly the same lol

                                      1. Its because they are minor adjustment for balancing, and slightly better pleasure, as being able to hear a spat is better do player feedback towards the game

                                      2. That’s because it’s a lackluster game. Doesn’t take a genius to see that: butchered crap pretending to be competitive by censoring speech–thereby protecting the only group that this game is realistically aimed for: little girls or basement dwelling pedos = garbage.

                                        You want a real online shoot ’em up that provides a better competitive experience without any censorship to avoid hurting the feelings of autistic, sensitive, sheltered, five year old, christfag pansies raised by lesbian femminist that think the world is similar to their kiddy cartoons? Get anything *not* on Nintendo.

                                        1. “Now might be a good time to jump back into Splatoon” LOL
                                          I never jumped out. My trinity of MK8, SSB, and Splatoon will never be broken. My Dark Passenger is thoroughly entertained.

                                          1. A lethal dynamic 3 for sure!
                                            Mario Kart 8
                                            Super Smash Bros Wii U

                                            I’ll put this 3 man tag team against ANY 3 GAMES ON XBOX1 OR PS4!!!
                                            & I’m not dissin M$ or Sony. They have some fun games that either came or are coming out this year. This is just how GREAT NINTENDOS DYNAMIC 3 ARE!

                                            1. And the delusional 10 million behind this embarrassment of a console can keep celebrating all they like. Only 3 decent games? While the others (exclude Xbox because I hate that pointless DRM POS) have shittons more that I can choose from? Wii U no longer has anything.

                                                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                    >>>Whether the Wii U is a failure or not, which it is anyway, just because you feel butthurt over that the empire doesn’t give us some of the games we want and because of their arrogant stupid decisions and zero marketing lead them to this misery, doesn’t mean that there aren’t games that are still great>>>

                                                    >>>Sure, nobody asked for games like DKCTP but it’ still a great game and I for one don’t feel cheated buying a Wii U or the games I have, unlike others, I don’t buy everything but just because you feel wrathful about it, doesn’t mean all Wii U owners feel as you do about absolutely everything which you apparently do>>>

                                                    1. And that’s how they’re failing fast. See how Sony did the opposite by offering what people want with PS2, it became the most successive gaming platform in history while DS did the same and came close to beating PS2. Now they’re going the other way and you’re defending that shit like the shitty fanboy you are? Stop agreeing and disagreeing at the same time. That’s hypocrisy in case your role playing ass forgot WTF that means.

                                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                        >>>Obviously nothing gets through your head since you didn’t understand a single word I said>>>

                                                        1. Commander, sadly we found a new lolcow in the form of stranga…what the heck…finding a new one is always fun. Now we need stranga memes.

                                                              1. Beyonetta 1&2
                                                                Super Mario 3D World
                                                                New Super Mario Bros U
                                                                Lego City Undercover
                                                                Hyrule Warriors
                                                                Wonderful 101
                                                                Zombie U
                                                                Kirby & the Rainbow Curse
                                                                Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
                                                                Donkey Kong Trpoical Freeze Rayman Legends
                                                                Tekken Tag 2 Wii U Edition
                                                                Need 4 Speed Most Wanted
                                                                Splinter Cell Blacklist
                                                                Resident Evil Revelations
                                                                Assassin’s Creed 3 & Black Flag
                                                                ………now include SSB, Splatoon, & MK8 to this library & tell me what list of games on Sony rivals this?

                                                                  1. * Best to be played only once
                                                                    * Already played the same shit on 3DS
                                                                    * already played the same shit on DS in 2006
                                                                    * No. I don’t want a fucking G-rated GTA game so again, NO. B(
                                                                    * Dynasty Warriors with Zelda slapped in it to temporary throat our actual Wii U Zelda game needs (which is now out of the window since it’s gone from 2016, Nintendo’s words) and it’s coming to 3DS (plus original) with all content and more for $40…a year later after spending $100+ for the same thing. No thanks for Zelda Dynasty Warriors on the Wii U, BTW, played the demo, got bored of the repetitive gameplay in under a minute.
                                                                    * Wonderful 101 or the Viewtiful Joe 3 that should’ve been? Either way, not even interesting in long term
                                                                    * ZombiU did where RE5/6 and Dead Island 1 failed but we ain’t getting a sequel aren’t we? NEXT!
                                                                    * Played the same shit on DS in 2005 and should’ve been made for 3DS to make any sense.
                                                                    * You mean that easy-as-shit $40 Mario 3D World add-on spin-off that should’ve been a $20 DLC pack for it? Nope.
                                                                    * Already played the same shit on Wii in 2010 and 3DS right now. Don’t need another game that doesn’t even let me play any fucking character I want without DK being a piggybacker.
                                                                    * FUCK UBISHIT AND IDGAF ABOUT RAYMAN DELAYED 9 MONTHS JUST TO FLOP TO GTA5
                                                                    * Tekken Tag 2? I don’t even care about the first or Tekken anyway. Same fighting as as SF in arcades
                                                                    * NFS is now COD on wheels. Don’t care. Burnout/Paradise is superior
                                                                    * Again, FUCK UBISHIT. Splinter Cell is a cop-out MGS game and Wii U version lacking offline isn’t helping. Also, FUCK U-PLAY, it’s UBISHIT’s version of EA’s Origin. I hate them both
                                                                    * Same shit I played on my 3DS now since 2012
                                                                    * For the final time, FUCK UBISHIT. ASSassin’s Creed is another COD with sword play, Wikipedia plagiarizing and confusing history lessons and didn’t the 3rd game suck ass? Why is that on the list? Don’t care about the 4th being a ripoff of Disney’s Pirates movies.
                                                                    * SSB4? Got it on 3DS and don’t need to double dip on the console version which it’s polygon graphic models are the same shit as the 3DS…why?
                                                                    * Splatoon? A $60 half-game with no voice chat FOR FRIENDS ONLY and only 8 players? DX
                                                                    * MK8 was good but it’s merely MK7 with anti-gravity but barely any wall driving and it fucked up Battle Mode. So, MK7>8 and again, played the same shit since 2011.

                                                                    Sony doesn’t have to rival this. They went and did their own thing back in PS2 days and became a phenomenon. Now they’re trying to rival Microsoft which is stupid because Xbox is pointless and offers nothing but scams only fools would waste money for. So at this point, Sony doesn’t need to worry or rival over Nintendo. Yeah there was their Smash Bros. and Nintendogs ripoff games but no one cared anyway.

                                                                    1. Have you no life fucker? Get a girlfriend/boyfriend, dog, make up an imaginary friend like Jesus/Zeus/Ra/Santa
                                                                      You comment on everything. Why? You get off on shit talking to people on a Nintendo site?

                                                                  2. @Anin: my condolences to you for your meaningless existence that is your life. maybe there is a very high bridge nearby you can go to contemplate it?

                                                                  3. Private matches has optional pass codes for specific friends to invite but no voice chat for friends even though THAT and the friends code BS alone already eliminated the “rude people chat” problem on the fly.

                                                                    1. You did not buy the game, so you did not support it. Maybe you are salty because you want to see your favorite company winning. Or maybe you are dissapointed because a small part of nintendo fans bought the game you wanted to see flopping. Whatever, get over it, It’s not sane for you. Don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself.

                                                                      1. Did I even want nor said I want Splatoon to fail dumbfuck? No. All I said was Nintendo rushing an incomplete game out at full price is contradicting to their “delayed games = good, rushed games = bad” beliefs and they always wanna brag about giving players options and yet cut voice chat because of rude players but utterly failed to see that friends-only chat with mute/block options and that newly updated but stupid friend code invites single handedly eliminates that rude people problem. Start fucking reading for a change and stop trying to twist words and reality, Republicunt.

                                                                        1. yeah, you never said you want splatoon to “fail dumbfuck”.
                                                                          Your insult failed so hard LOL !
                                                                          i see a heart attack coming to you :)

                                                                      2. Friend invite button is desperately need in all the rooms. This is just more incomplete online functionality from Nintendo. All of their games are missing this button. I setup a few private battles and squad battles with peopple on squidboards and it’s all just guess work

                                                                      3. Still no match customization? Wow. Are all of the updates done yet? I feel bad for people buying this game when it’s still not complete. Splatoon is a poster boy for creating false continuous media attention & false marketing. But it will run out when all of the updates are finished. Would this game honestly still be getting media attention and marketing right now if Nintendo wasn’t intentionally holding back content? I doubt it. But whatever. Nintendo has succeeded in keeping some people interested in the game by intentionally holding back content. This game is no better than games that intentionally hold back content so they can sell it later as paid DLC. Nintendo just did it the sneaky way by giving it all for free. The lesser of two evils is still evil, people. *activates flame shield as this will no doubt piss off some Nintendo fanboys*

                                                                          1. “Nintendo just did it the sneaky way by giving it all for free.”
                                                                            …….wtf ate you talking about?

                                                                            Look! If you love the current online approach (all inspired by capcoms milking if street fighter) then by all means: GET MILKED!!!

                                                                            But don’t piss in my cheerios because you’re upset Wii U owners (or Nintendo fanboys. Which ever designation you perfer to give us) have yet another AAA TITLE TO OUR IMPRESSIVE LIBRARY OF GAMES.

                                                                            You got a problem with content being held back just to be given to you at a later date “…..for free?” Is Nintendo the lesser of 2 evils? Maybe so. But
                                                                            as much as I love Arkham Knight I hate the $40 season dlc pack. Which brings your total spending to $100!!

                                                                            1. Where in my comment did I ever say I liked the current online approach? I hate both of them. That’s my point. Nintendo may not be on the same level as them but they sure are inching their way towards it. Nintendo is already chasing that money by trying to cater to the casuals when they named this console the Wii U, hoping the Wii brand going into the new gen would bring those fickle people back, & are now going into mobile gaming, the home of microtransactions. Just wait. This shit will corrupt Nintendo just like it has the others as long as people like you continue to defend Nintendo’s crap, just like people defending the crap from 3rd parties has corrupted them. No one is beyond corruption, especially a company.

                                                                          2. Splatoon was/is a fun game from the beginning and this just makes it that much better. To the people who cannot seem to stop whining about “the game is not complete” due to whatever the hell reason they want to pull out of their ass, I say: get the hell over it. Either play the game or shut up and let us have fun playing this game. Just because a game does not include some of the features you so emphatically state it must have to be “complete” it does not make it “incomplete” to everyone else who is having fun. YOUR OPINION IS NOT ABSOLUTE. I lurk on this site a lot and I cant help but roll my eyes when I see the same bull shit coming from the same few people always finding something wrong with Nintendo or Splatoon… blah blah blah. If you hate Splatoon that much WHY ARE YOU CLICKING ON SPLATOON ARTICLES STILL???

                                                                            1. I can say the same to you complaining about our complaining: get the hell over it. I’m not stopping you from playing the game. It’s not my fault you can’t help but read or comment about what I’ve said. You are the only one stopping yourself from playing the game by commenting. And we click on the Splatoon articles to express our opinion of it because isn’t that where we should be expressing it? But if you’d like, we can always go on Miiverse, go to the Splatoon community, & post our criticisms there.

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