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Here’s Some FAST Racing NEO Gamescom 2015 Gameplay

Tilmen from Nintendomination and his colleague recently got the chance to test out FAST Racing NEO at Gamescom which kicked off this week. As you can see the footage is off-screen but it gives a good representation of just how fast this game is. The futuristic racer is due to be released sometime later this year. For now just enjoy the footage and hopefully some more will surface.


50 thoughts on “Here’s Some FAST Racing NEO Gamescom 2015 Gameplay”

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              1. He is one of the biggest flip floppers on the internet, he said starfox looks like crap and later he is kissing platinum games staff asses.

                      1. Sometimes i can’t stand til men but i don’t understand why he says that he wants amiibo to fail and then promotes then on twitter. I found disgusting when he was celebrating on twitter that European amiibo incident.

                        1. Yeah. I think Nintendo missed a huge opportunity by not having any multiplayer or Vs. Battles, but as far as a single player Starfox goes, it looks pretty sweet. And I love the idea of the “pilot/gunner” mode. That will actually be a ton of fun.

                            1. IKR?? I guess the onky silver lining is that Pilot/gunner mode is kinda like 2 player Coop, which is why I’m excited for it. Very much in the spirit of Affordable space adventures. :)

                              But as far as no multi-VS at all…wtf?? Oh well. :/

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                                  1. The game looks good no hate here but the guy talking just makes it seem like he’s trying to convince himself it’s awesome lol maybe that’s just his regular tone of voice but that’s wt it sounds like to me. He talks like a retard just saying. But luckily the game is looking good so far =)

                                  2. Its great that Nintendo is getting another Wii U exclusive! Hopefully it will be so popular it can make it to the Nintendo NX too! The game play seems fast and the hyper mode boosts appear to be very smooth. I wonder if they will come out with another exclusive racer?

                                  3. but wiiu aint next gen LOL INDUSTRY NINTENDO HATE EXPOSED again

                                    60fps and use any controller motion or anolog stick NEXT GEN GAMING

                                    LIKELY A TINY FILE SIZE TO EASY DOWNLOAD

                                  4. So what I learned from this video is the game is “Todally awesome!!” and “Dexter Clank can do it! (oh my Lordness!!!)”

                                    “oh yeah.”

                                    The game looks pretty cool. I’m just worried that the tracks look WAY too similar and the backgrounds are the only things that change. Problem is the backgrounds are really cool, but the game moves so fast you can’t appreciate the work put into them. The game “could” be really fun at first, but looks like it could become stale very quickly. I will be anxiously waiting for the reviews to see how the tracks evolve as people gain access to the rest of the game’s content.

                                    1. Why was the fanmade F-Zero damned with a C&D but not this? This is totally an F-Zero clone too.. I’m eager to get FRN, don’t get me wrong, but I wonder why the discrimination.

                                      Also, hello, cute girl in orange! =]

                                      1. It was mainly due to poor advertising. The way they set up their kickstarter was just… bad, to be kind.

                                    2. Honestly…this looks WAY more fun than project cars ever did. It’s like…F-Zero and Pod-racing. Can’t wait for this one.

                                    3. Am I the only one here who think they should’ve released a new F-Zero with these graphics and create a nice new story about Captain Falcon, which was almost forgotten… this franchise deserve a real game… and they still accept similar games with other names.

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